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  1. I got this today. As topper said I recorded a score for both players. I also completely finished the event by letting the timer run out just to make sure instead of hitting options to go into game. I had player one and player two on opposite teams. I got all ten of the skill games in ten games without any repeats.
  2. Any luck with this method?
  3. Are the general non EE trophies possible with bots?
  4. Hey Christine. If you have no use for the code I'll claim it! Haha.
  5. I already had access to the blackout beta since I participated in the MP beta. Activision and Playstation both sent me additional beta "friend" codes that I do not need. Have fun! 9k9n a3nx gal7 F2hj pank ljrx F2hj ldnx xb3c F2hj hdnt rbt2 98j3 7qna than F45n jfnr p79q 537q 5en2 pjn4
  6. Thank you for this. So helpful!
  7. I had the same issues with some of the trophies being buggy. Some didn't pop the first time and had to redo them. Some popped like five minutes later. Some popped in-game but didn't show up on my trophy list. The EU version I played last week worked perfect. I had to restart a few times on the NA version.
  8. Here's a 20% code: L3KGB52ML8
  9. Overall I enjoyed the game but I agree with many of your points. For me I didn't like the pacing of the game. The action sequences and set pieces were great but it seemed like I was constantly getting bogged down by long, boring, and repetitive puzzles. I know this is personal preference; many enjoyed the puzzles. For me it broke up the momentum from the story and the immersion I felt while in the game.
  10. Couldn't resist!
  11. Congrats on plat #10. Great list!
  12. Arcade mode is back in this year's game.
  13. I'm struggling with goodbye old friend too. I've got almost 15 hours in and no broken bats. It's the last trophy I need for the plat. I remember breaking bats left and right last year. I know it will come eventually but didn't think it would be this difficult, especially when over 53% of players have it.
  14. I think I read they were charging $30 for this year's edition as they added "enhancements"; a basic franchise mode, HR derby against a.i., and legends.
  15. Exophase has posted the trophies for MLB The Show 18. This year's list looks extremely easy without anything requiring really any grinding or luck like in previous editions. I love the platinum trophy image. Anybody on the forums picking this up this year?