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  1. Overall I enjoyed the game but I agree with many of your points. For me I didn't like the pacing of the game. The action sequences and set pieces were great but it seemed like I was constantly getting bogged down by long, boring, and repetitive puzzles. I know this is personal preference; many enjoyed the puzzles. For me it broke up the momentum from the story and the immersion I felt while in the game.
  2. Couldn't resist!
  3. Congrats on plat #10. Great list!
  4. Arcade mode is back in this year's game.
  5. I'm struggling with goodbye old friend too. I've got almost 15 hours in and no broken bats. It's the last trophy I need for the plat. I remember breaking bats left and right last year. I know it will come eventually but didn't think it would be this difficult, especially when over 53% of players have it.
  6. I think I read they were charging $30 for this year's edition as they added "enhancements"; a basic franchise mode, HR derby against a.i., and legends.
  7. Exophase has posted the trophies for MLB The Show 18. This year's list looks extremely easy without anything requiring really any grinding or luck like in previous editions. I love the platinum trophy image. Anybody on the forums picking this up this year?
  8. I have not played it but have heard Defense Grid 2 is a good tower defense game on the PS4.
  9. After close calls with Soldier and Bastion I got it with Reaper a month or two after the game released.
  10. Dumb question...but is the daily challenges the daily orders? I haven't seen any challenges except for the initial HQ tutorial.
  11. I have 15 exotic guns and armor but only 11 unique ones. The trophy didn't pop for me either. I'm thinking duplicates don't count?
  12. I play fantasy football every year. I'm definitely in if there is any more room left.
  13. Mr. Massagy. 48 mins, 4 seconds...and I would do it again! Haha.
  14. Same for me. Had to buy multiple outfits....and they don't count ones you already had before the DLC pack.
  15. I just started playing on 8/3. I am looing for a veteran I can partner with as a referee.