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  1. 15 wins and counting. Extremely close on a few others; literally seconds left and lost tail in royal fumble.
  2. Up to ten wins. I would also like to know if winning fall mountain counts as first place in a race. I'm getting close to the track star trophy but that's only if fall mountain wins count. I have like 4-5 wins on that race.
  3. That's crazy! I'm level 37, eight wins, and "Veteran Status" just popped my last game. Would be nice to have stat tracking in the game at least for a few things.
  4. Level 35. 7 wins, none back to back though. One on hex, two on royal fumble, four on fall mountain.
  5. I have five wins. Make it to the finals a lot, but seem to always draw hex-a-gon. I suck at hex-a-gon.
  6. My second win was royal fumble. I literally grabbed the tail with less than a second left. There was a huge dog pile with five of us and I was on the bottom. I kept mashing the R2 button and out of nowhere it said I won. Very lucky indeed!
  7. I just won my first episode and immediately I lose connection to the server. My heart jumped a beat but after logging back in I got the trophy and rewards. Four more wins to go!
  8. Any guesses on what a Fall Guys trophy list may look like? Trophies for making it into each each round and another for winning? Trophies based on overall level progression? For customizing character? Interested in everyone's thoughts.
  9. Luckily I got it yesterday morning. Going to add it to one of the summer sale deals. Have been a plus member for nine years if anyone is trying to figure out how Sony is handing these out.
  10. I am one of the few people who hasn't played this yet. In the guide it says to not spend the challenge tokens and to save them for the all suits trophy. Otherwise you may have to get max scores in some challenges to have enough tokens to have enough for all the suits. Does the DLC content offer any ways to earn challenge tokens to help with this?
  11. On the bright side, after downloading the DLC, I just noticed I have a pet parrot to go with the pet chicken I got with the hero edition! 🦜
  12. I did these on season mode. They popped for me right after the regular season ended, before the playoffs started. It did it at the same time both times for the season stats trophies as I had to play a second season because of the star studded offense glitch.
  13. Days Gone sent a platinum theme.
  14. In this game pickoffs are not the "traditional" pickoff. I read somewhere before launch that you can not throw over to a base and get someone out returning to the bag. This may be because you can not manually change your lead-off (take larger lead off) like you can in The Show. To get a pickoff you have to throw over to the base the same time the runner attempts a steal. Once you get the runner caught in a rundown and tag him/her out you get the trophy. It's a very luck based trophy. I had bad luck as my players missed the tag the first two times I got someone caught in a rundown. When I decided to go for this trophy it took me 2-3 hours (would have been quicker if my players wouldn't keep missing tags!). I tried changing the ego levels to see if it would make the AI attempt more steals but I did not notice a difference. The AI very rarely attempted steals but the one player who I got to attempt a steal many times in those 2-3 hours was Dolf Steak from the Sand Cats. I would intentionally walk him then go to a full count on the next batter, giving him plenty of opportunities to steal. I would throw over between most pitches but not all. Once you throw over twice in a row your mojo goes down which affects your ability. Once you make a regular pitch it goes back to normal. There were times when he would run on the one time out of five I didn't throw over and it was frustrating, but if you keep at it you will get it eventually. The Sand Cats are a speed team, so while it didn't work for me, I would intentionally walk every batter with speed and hope they would run. That way the game didn't become a snooze fest waiting for Mr. Steak to come up to bat. Hopefully that helps!
  15. I had a small update today. Was this the patch that fixed this trophy? I still don't see anyone earning this. Is it still glitched?