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  1. Is the plat time around the same as most other POWGI games--a couple hours?
  2. How do I get in on this action?! Haha. Feel free to send me any items as well!
  3. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the new Cyberpunk 2077 theme that came out just recently. It's really nice---and free!
  4. You can complete a mastery card for the repeater easily. Just focus on one of the barrel types. The only things you have to do to complete card is upgrade that specific barrel to +10 and earn 3,300 weapon experience. The weapon experience will come naturally and you will get to 3,300 weapon experience way before upgrading it to +10. If you do this just know the trophy may not pop immediately. Mine didn't pop until the next time I logged back in.
  5. Last November Sony stopped giving reward points for trophies---at least for those of us in the United States. Looks like they grandfathered in current members until this November. Having said that I haven't received any rewards since last year for trophies.😢
  6. I watched a streamer yesterday who had an early copy and he was getting team based trophies with AI teammates in adventure mode.
  7. After I finished the campaign I was missing one ambush camp. I received a side quest for it shortly thereafter asking me to clear it out. If you don't receive the side mission their are many sites out there and videos onYouTube that show the map and where all the camps are located. You could always just find it yourself and clear it.
  8. Does anybody know generally how many hours of content the game is supposed to have? I haven't seen this mentioned in any preview I have read.
  9. I got mine today. The avatar is nothing special (like the HZD one having the platinum trophy behind Aloy), but the theme I find quite nice. It has good background music and the image is nice but static.
  10. Days Gone One Percenter Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone
  11. MLB The Show 19 trophies were just posted for those interested. A few recycled from last year (including plat name and image) sprinkled in with some new ones. Doesn't look too difficult. I would have posted them here but had trouble formatting it. What does everyone else think about this year's trophy set?
  12. Sackboy gets my vote.
  13. Love the "trophy addict" milestones!
  14. I got this today. As topper said I recorded a score for both players. I also completely finished the event by letting the timer run out just to make sure instead of hitting options to go into game. I had player one and player two on opposite teams. I got all ten of the skill games in ten games without any repeats.
  15. Any luck with this method?