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  1. Days Gone sent a platinum theme.
  2. In this game pickoffs are not the "traditional" pickoff. I read somewhere before launch that you can not throw over to a base and get someone out returning to the bag. This may be because you can not manually change your lead-off (take larger lead off) like you can in The Show. To get a pickoff you have to throw over to the base the same time the runner attempts a steal. Once you get the runner caught in a rundown and tag him/her out you get the trophy. It's a very luck based trophy. I had bad luck as my players missed the tag the first two times I got someone caught in a rundown. When I decided to go for this trophy it took me 2-3 hours (would have been quicker if my players wouldn't keep missing tags!). I tried changing the ego levels to see if it would make the AI attempt more steals but I did not notice a difference. The AI very rarely attempted steals but the one player who I got to attempt a steal many times in those 2-3 hours was Dolf Steak from the Sand Cats. I would intentionally walk him then go to a full count on the next batter, giving him plenty of opportunities to steal. I would throw over between most pitches but not all. Once you throw over twice in a row your mojo goes down which affects your ability. Once you make a regular pitch it goes back to normal. There were times when he would run on the one time out of five I didn't throw over and it was frustrating, but if you keep at it you will get it eventually. The Sand Cats are a speed team, so while it didn't work for me, I would intentionally walk every batter with speed and hope they would run. That way the game didn't become a snooze fest waiting for Mr. Steak to come up to bat. Hopefully that helps!
  3. I had a small update today. Was this the patch that fixed this trophy? I still don't see anyone earning this. Is it still glitched?
  4. Since I am in the playoffs for my current season in which star studded offense glitched, I wonder if it will retroactively pop if I don't complete the playoffs the season? I know the trophy is for the "regular" season but it still shows the stats for the season even while I'm in the playoffs....and technically the season is not completed. Was just hoping this may be a workaround instead of having to complete another season. I was hoping to move on to franchise and online.
  5. I appreciate your updates. Keep them coming. It seems like you and I are the only ones chasing trophies on this game. Lol
  6. I just had this happen to me. It has to be a glitch as my player won the triple crown. I got the pitching staff one like you did.
  7. I just got this in a season game with a standard team. I wonder if this trophy requires it to be done in a season or franchise game---even though it doesn't specifically state that.
  8. How do I get in on this action?! Haha. Feel free to send me any items as well!
  9. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the new Cyberpunk 2077 theme that came out just recently. It's really nice---and free!
  10. You can complete a mastery card for the repeater easily. Just focus on one of the barrel types. The only things you have to do to complete card is upgrade that specific barrel to +10 and earn 3,300 weapon experience. The weapon experience will come naturally and you will get to 3,300 weapon experience way before upgrading it to +10. If you do this just know the trophy may not pop immediately. Mine didn't pop until the next time I logged back in.
  11. Last November Sony stopped giving reward points for trophies---at least for those of us in the United States. Looks like they grandfathered in current members until this November. Having said that I haven't received any rewards since last year for trophies.😢
  12. I watched a streamer yesterday who had an early copy and he was getting team based trophies with AI teammates in adventure mode.
  13. After I finished the campaign I was missing one ambush camp. I received a side quest for it shortly thereafter asking me to clear it out. If you don't receive the side mission their are many sites out there and videos onYouTube that show the map and where all the camps are located. You could always just find it yourself and clear it.
  14. Does anybody know generally how many hours of content the game is supposed to have? I haven't seen this mentioned in any preview I have read.
  15. I got mine today. The avatar is nothing special (like the HZD one having the platinum trophy behind Aloy), but the theme I find quite nice. It has good background music and the image is nice but static.