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  1. No worries thanks for the info I may try that
  2. Hey I saw another thread where you said you had a skater with a logo on it. Any chance I could add you to import it?
  3. Even creating a team or does that not work?
  4. Anybody else need the talking about team practice trophy and sellout? Those are the two I'm missing
  5. Skate 3 as I only have the logo trophy and the 6 player team free skate session trophy left but I'm pretty sure it's impossible to do it now. Unless there's another fix and the servers work I'll never get this plat. Unfortunate as I still really enjoy this game
  6. As boring as it sounds replaying that chapter is the most efficient way to do it. You'll be able to do the mission so fast that you'll get it down to like 2 minutes or less per run. You might fall asleep like I did a couple of times but just occupy yourself with something else while doing it and it'll go by super quick. Also as a side note I'm not sure if this is for everyone but the level 40 trophy popped for me when I reached level 40 while doing the chapter runs but once I reached level 50 I had to actually join an online match for the trophy to pop.
  7. I'd say bioshock. Still a great game imo to this day and a pretty fun plat if you're going for it