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  1. Hi, The description (https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/3147-grand-theft-auto-v/47-crew-cut) says Join a crew in the Rockstar Games Social Club or create one on your own. It has to have two members in total, though. When you complete the first job (race, deathmatch etc.), you'll get this trophy, regardless if you win or lose. I've been in a couple of crews already (joined, left etc) and have done quite a few jobs. However I noticed that this trophy never popped. Is there a certain way you have to join a "job"? I mostly queue on random jobs maybe that doesn't count. Does the job needs to be created by a crew? My profile: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3147-grand-theft-auto-v/Leejjon My current "crew" https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/leejjon
  2. I finished first light story on expert and it was not that hard. But if some of the challenges are really hard I might consider switching to easy for them to get that extra health.
  3. Picked up Child of light the complete edition physical copy yesterday.
  4. They stopped selling vitas in my country (Netherlands), so I ordered Batman Origins Blackgate, Assassin's Creed Chronicles, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time and Metal gear solid HD collection. Still haven't finished Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 either so I'll be fine for a while.
  5. Awesome port. It plays nice, it looks good, has a good framerate and the soundtracks are great. Just beat Doku at the end of chapter two in hard mode after 30+ attempts and unlocked very hard mode. I'll probably go for platinum even if it takes forever.
  6. It's awesome to have a real AC game on the Vita like liberation. The game isn't as good as the console versions, but it's not a totally different type of game like the AC game for the PSP and AC Chronicles. The graphics are good for a handheld and the soundtrack is awesome. The combat and frame rate isn't as smooth as on consoles. The story started up fine but the ending felt rushed. If you want to get a platinum, the multiplayer trophies really suck (slow and repetitive tapping) and takes many hours. I would recommend Killzone Mercenary and Ninja Gaiden Sigma plus. Ninja Gaiden plays very smooth and has become my favorite vita game. It's not for everyone, as it is extremely hard (but like Dark Souls, it feels awesome when you finally succeed).
  7. I've just bought it for 30 euro. Gotta give some credit to Ubisoft for bringing this to the Vita. Will play this once I'm done with Ninja Gaiden, in a year or so....
  8. The price of freedom - Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII
  9. Hey, I'm pretty far into the story (on PS4) (but have not completed the final mission yet) and I'm trying to round up all strangers and freaks missions. Besides some Tonya missions I missed (but you can fix by calling her up) I'm missing the Mary Ann mission for Trevor. I have done them for Michael and Franklin. Is there a certain thing I have to do with Trevor before this mission unlocks? Maybe training my stamina or something. Hope anyone can help.
  10. I did all online trophies legit. Managed to get a 15 kill streak after a little practice. Here's my advice. Choose the silence machine gun. Secondary weapon a rocket launcher with lock on (forgot the name). Loadout supply armour and mantis engine as special weapon. Go into warzone (or even team deathmatch) and make a few kills with your silence machine gun. You can see their red arrows on the minimap whenever enemies shoot, but whenever you shoot they can't see you. So if you kill somebody you won't have the entire other team chasing you because they saw you shoot on the minimap. After a few kills you'll unlock the mantis engine. Search for a quiet location with only two entrances and seal both entrances with proximity mines. Put them right behind a door so the oponent can't see them without entering the door and thus activating them. Make sure you're around a corner so you don't suicide if an enemy runs into your mine. Now activate your mantis engine and you should be able to get 5 kills easily. If before this happens the enemy activates a vulture, find a relative safe open area and take down the vulture ASAP with your rocket launcher. Just lock on and shoot, it will be a one-shot. If after this you haven't got 10 kills yet simply play careful and get the last kills with your main weapon. Good luck to others who haven't done it yet.
  11. I don't know why you all think the multiplayer is dead. I can easily still get into every type of game mode and play as many rounds as I like (I live in the Netherlands). Sure there isn't really a community with clans and all that but I wouldn't expect that on a portable shooter. I have gotten all trophies except for the 10k kills, 1 million cash and 100 multiplayer games without boosting. I'm at 500k cash, 6k kills and 37 multiplayer games played. I think I'll just keep playing multiplayer until I have the three others since it's pretty fun anyway. I have finished the single player over five times now, and even though it's really good I don't want to farm kills in the campaign, rather challenge myself at multiplayer. Overall I'd rate this game a 9/10. It's the best handheld shooter by far.