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  1. seeing as it has no bearing on the first 2 seasons (and no plat) im going to wait until the summer sale.it will probably be on there for 9.99 or less
  2. i keep my ps3 in the sitting room and mainly use it as a dvd player.also your + subscrpition stays on ps3 so if theres any good free ps+ games that come out you can download them onto it
  3. ive seen people do it on youtube in about 50 minutes
  4. all ya got to do is play thru the game.all the trophies are story based
  5. King In The North Battlefield 4 Ultra Rare 0.01%
  6. i played a few online games and i seen that there was no KM's being added to the wheels i was using
  7. 1.Far cry 3 2.Far cry 4 3.The walking dead im so dam close to that rocket league one aswell
  8. olli olli 2
  9. HA i wish 19?
  10. far cry 3
  11. Bioshock trilogy Dead Space trilogy Metal Gear collection-every game(even the handheld versions) in chronological order CoD4 and MW2 Crash Bandicoot 1 and 2
  12. PSN yankdotcom System PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests No,just say your from here and were all good living in ireland so preferably uk and and western europe but if your east coast of america its fine currently playing driveclub,borderlands the hansome collection,destiny and battlefield 4 also have rainbow 6 siege and the division preordered so will be needing players for when these come out ive also got a mic and usually party chat while playing
  13. downloaded the ps plus version of driveclub this would have been such a great game if it was a release title pre ordered rainbow 6 siege,the phantom pain and fallout 4 last week
  14. Borderlands the hansome collection you get borderlands 2 and the pre sequel games plus all their dlc content for the price of one game,great value for money great re playability.ive put in over 100 hours just in borderlands 2 Witcher 3 a game of the year contender,good story,loads of side quests and good free dlc content telltale:game of thrones and tales from the borderlands 2 very good story based games,ive always liked the games telltale have put out but the fact you can be waiting 2 months or more for each episode can be annoying
  15. ill trophy hunt on games i enjoy,even then im not a mad fan of some of the multiplayer trophies especially in fighting games (some guys on them games are insane)