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  1. still works in 1.04?
  2. is platinum posible?
  3. 3rd chapter release->15 th january 2019
  4. how to get this trophy -Drink no alcohol -Read all unholy books (the 3 books for the trophy) -Kill Bradley -Save Drake in the shambles section with the lamp. -Always choose R’lyeh speach options -Accept Leviathan’s knowledge, struggle when speaking to him, accept to drink medicine, but refuse to eat flesh and kill Dr. Fuller
  5. they will not repair glitched trophies
  6. Erik's Journal 3 is currently unobtainable. This is why the all collectibles and read all texts trophies are at 0%. Also open all doors trophy seems to be glitched. I know I got them all. This trophy is also at 0%. Any news about?
  7. Any news about it?
  8. Can anyone answer to me if usa version includes spanish subtitles ? Thanks
  9. It's official, Episode 3 will be launched on 20th December
  10. Bedtime for Juno Be bad and mean to Juno and Support Tola Don’t defend Juno and don’t give him food when u get on the bridge .. Save Brutus the gorilla and let Juno die
  11. Can anyone explain 'Bedtime for Juno' trophy?
  12. Can anyone explain Bedtime for Juno trophy?
  13. Any platinum guide??
  14. When i exit from the game i press ps button and close app. I played in multiples sitting