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  1. The devs just said " HOLD THE MAYO" for the EU.......
  2. Im a big Double Dragon fan, back to the days of playing the original in the arcades.. Is this worth buying? Is it good? €11.99 in EU store so just thought i'd ask. Thanks.
  3. Hi Q, hows it going?

    See you've been playing Witcher lately, any good? I got it at Christmas in sale but havent started it yet. Looks like a good long game.


    IcemanEire B)

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    2. IcemanEire


      Its going good mate, Happy New Year :)


      yeah ive heard good things about it... ive been trying to get through some of my back log of games before starting it as i heard its a long game. I got the game of year edition for €30 in gamestop, so happy days!



    3. QuinlanLJ


      Happy New Year to you too ... even though it is a bit late :D

      30€ is a steal! Especially since you get the expansions I hear are even better than the core game. By the way there are a lot of Irish accents in the game, but I wont tell you were, so I don't spoil anything :D

    4. IcemanEire


      Well it was Chinese New Year :D


      yeah i thought so too, couldnt turn it down for that price. oh really are they, i didnt know that... happy days.

      ah cool, Irish are everywhere...haha

  4. Project Cars is a good one for free! Wouldnt mind that.
  5. hey, you seem to know your stuff about it all.... im just a simple gamer who likes to play :-)
  6. I would play it on the ps4... think they would look unreal on the ps4.
  7. Hi all, Im from Dublin and if anyone around this litle island of Ireland plays online or wants to add to help boost, send me a request. BTW , Happy New Year again
  8. 910 not too
  9. Happy New Year to all the Irish gamers here on PSN and all others around the world... Happy Gaming in the New Year!!
  10. I've none of these games and was going to buy Grim, so its all good... more to add to my backlog
  11. I love G1 series and have been thinking about getting it... I just seen its €19.99 on psn january it worth that price?
  12. M.A.S.K / Transformers / Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors / HE- MAN (80's) Batman / X- Men / Justice League (90's) More recent- Simpsons / South Park / Futurama / Family Guy / American Dad.
  13. As much I enjoyed playing this game and getting some nostalgia from my days of playing this in an arcade.... I thought the game was longer from back in the day..... any else find it quick to finish?
  14. I find some of the trophies can be a little bit difficult but have sussed out the rewind mechanic and Im really enjoying this game a lot. Well worth a try if anyone is on the fence about it.
  15. Fair play Parker, nice to see some good people online. Iceman