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  1. free-to-play and 27 April Release Date https://www.(URL not allowed)/n21016/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodhunt-playstation-trophies
  2. https://investors.remedygames.com/announcements/remedy-entertainment-enters-agreement-with-rockstar-games-for-new-max-payne-12-project/
  3. Everything can be done in coop?
  4. Hazard Zone is Dead after few month, im searching match over hours and weekend nobody is playing this mode shit EA
  5. Online Servers is working, you can play. im playing rigth now, today i earn many trophies with my friend, Just i need drive 10 miles bike in full 8 players lobby.
  6. @cedom02830PS5 upgrade available tomorrow 20 august, i have read on ps store
  7. No, Just turn on crossplay matchmaking and try to matchmaking again, dont wait more than 100 second, im searching new lobby in a max 100 seconds later.
  8. Yes im running for double platinum, yesterday i played first time ps4 version i have complete all multiplayer trophies in fireteam.
  9. Absolutely, first GTA V than RDR II but i want to see GTA IV Complete Edition Remake..
  10. If you have PS4 disc you can play both version PS4 and PS5, free upgrade available for PS4 disc but there is no such option for PS5 disc
  11. Can we get all trophies if we play on PS5 first? like a Destiny 2, Hitman 3...
  12. on sub account cannot use network features if i change parental settings No limited nothing work, sub account can play offline but network features not available.
  13. in Team Deathmatch if you play good and won you can earn 900 920xp but normally in Deathmatch you can earn 750 820. If double xp on we must earn 1200 1800xp depending how you play but no double XP for now.
  14. No double Xp. Maybe will activate tomorrow?
  15. i have same problem before, when im changed my İnternet settings NO problem after changed, never dont play with a Wi-Fi connection, always play with a LAN cable