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  1. hey sorry , I see your video is no longer available , are you taking about the “online wins title” shown in the roadmap/trophy guide for entitled - 75 online wins? I’m confused about that too.. had that changed at some point and is no longer a title ? Assuming that’s what you’re employing but where did you find that info? Anyone clarify? I know I’m years too late.
  2. Thanks for this .. this will help. Appreciate it.
  3. Thanks all for the comments. I’m used to a fight stuck , I used to have street fighter 2 the dedicated arcade cabinet , MK 1-3 arcades and the fight stick for MK 9… but yeah this looks like something that may need to take a while.. I’ve done all the online , so I’ve got time to burn now. Just wanted to git gud on this thing. Thanks all.
  4. Hey all was wondering if anyone had one of these. I bought one in an effort to help me with the trials. There’s a lot of buttons on it I’d like to take advantage of but it didn’t come with instructions. Anyone have a copy of them or are a familiar with this fight stick?
  5. Hello all please search for / like / heart etc my 2 maps. Name: JWill_55’s Trophy Helper(please heart me and level) and 1SEC - TROPHY p4p / H4H / PSNP you can find my maps from my user ID JWill_55 I’ll happily do the same. I’ll be going through the above posts to help those out too. I’ve gone through a lot of the above already , but if I’ve missed you please add or contact me and hope to help each other.
  6. Is that suggesting that feature is no longer available on LBP1 or are the dlc all missing ? Can they still be created ? I imagine they’re still working on it
  7. I’ve been wanting to revisit this game after around 10 Years.. got everything set , just need stability.. I saw this today. https://twitter.com/littlebigplanet/status/1387119377502416905?s=21
  8. Noob question.. just getting back into this game after 10 years .. but how do I send an invite / request to an arcade fight ? I can’t figure this out. I’ve got fight request toggled on but how does the opponent / alt in this case on another ps3 send the request ? Do I need to finish arcade mode for both of these accounts ? I can’t find anything on this. Edit: never mind , found it. I was searching for a different version than what my main account was playing.
  9. I’m a tad bit disappointed in this , not sure what it is.. the MP felt lacking and 3 players doesn’t bring much excitement. A game like this I thought the MP would be the highlight. I prefer 2016 but can’t put my finger on why. It wasn’t hard , but it wasn’t easy ..I had to force myself to finish this game. The platforming was a bit repetitive and mostly unnecessary. Anyway , I don’t hate it but.. it could have been better.
  10. Ok sorry.. question trying to buy all my games / dlc I need to backtrack my unfinished games that are still possible. I have SSF IV on disc.. no dlc. How do I update this to ultra? Buying ultra on disc is impossible here so I’m ruling it out... so I go to the store and I don’t see an option to buy ultra , but I see an option for the SSVIV update kit... and I see an option to buy the arcade edition.. do I need both of those or is the update kit enough ? A little confused as the description. In the upgrade kit doesn’t give much away to what it is or does. edit: if I’m not mistaken , perhaps I need arcade to upgrade to ultra.
  11. Thanks for this. I managed to get a Korean account via; https://www.obtgame.com/review/product/list/id/129 works a charm.. I got all dlc etc... just need the servers to come back 😞
  12. I think I have these , but worse case any idea what countries may still have these?
  13. Thanks for the responses thus far.. I forgot I even had this and saw some friends earning trophies to this day so wasn’t sure what was going on. I’ll park it and keep an eye out.
  14. Hey all doing a mass backlog trophy cleanup thanks to covid and plenty of time on my hand. I can’t remember what dlc I purchased back in the day and what’s installed. But before I bother with it , I just wanted to know if this was 100% achievable still ?
  15. rookie 😂