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  1. I think I’m doing the strategy one with raiden v Kahn for the 5 hot combo .. what’s the deal with this ? Seems to be a long pause between the first two hits and the last .. I can’t get this bs figured out. Edit: figured this bs out
  2. Can you confirm is battle station is also 12?
  3. How many players does it take to start all dlc modes? I have 4 consoles and wanting to try get these done.
  4. haven’t played much else in a while other than this , but to note I even set the DMZ and port forwarding on the PS3 or PS4 and would still get the msg.. I put it down to Australia connectivity , but with you saying this I say it’s a possible EA thing. I had the rented server error and no error, had to reboot... but I had between 4 and 10 other PlayStation’s connected when that happened so had to boot up one at a time. ** sorry quoted wrong person..
  5. Check their rockstar accounts (find them in social club) ... you’ll certainly know for sure.. though ranking up can be done easy with [RP] Simons garage Playlist so be mindful.
  6. I think you need to rent a server. I saw it as an option (I’m sure) when setting up a rented server.
  7. I smashed multiplayer over the last month and had similar issues.. in from Australia so playing on a server in the US / UK or anywhere but Australia is a problem for me and I had that message quite a lot. When renting a server it was fine apart from the game freezing on me from time to time (mp and story). Rebooting is the only way I could get around it.
  8. May I ask where it was noted about ps3 battlefield hardline? I can’t find anything about it. I know it’s mention for test your mettle trophy , but trying to find out if other servers are going down with it (multiplayer).
  9. I really do think this is a lot worse than MK 9 and MK X combined.. im finally over the 100 hump , and have a handful of battles left.. such a damn grind, and I’ve been grinding recently like mad. there’s a good workaround for battle mode in the the thead above this, delete the patch and use Superman’s heat vision (attached thread). I’ve got a lot further than I thought I would , with a bit more ease.. though the flash is the only one still beating the heck out of me with this method..
  10. Ooh this is interesting.. I’m up to this right now. Thank you for sharing.
  11. So I had this happen to a friend on mine , someone ranked him up 5000 ranks (Unintentionally / was hacked) , and he was worried he’d have to start again. I mentioned to him before he does that , rank up at least once from his hacked rank.. keeping in mind that the rank trophy doesn’t pop until you get to 101-102. He ranked up and it popped for him. Hope this helps anyone else that gets their ranks hacked. @Fiikra75 I hope it’s not too late for you to try this.
  12. Yeah I played with this a bit more since posting this , had no problem matching up with my alts. Also checked, the game is the UK version, so that makes sense what you’re saying.
  13. I have 5 x PS4 if you want to hook up.. actually looking for 2 or more for some of the 8 player trophies
  14. This has me wondering how PS4 to PS5 is going to behave.. I don’t particularly want to do elitist or mastermind again.
  15. All good.. it’s been a while , I just had this feeling it was back to front.. bummer it’s not popping for you guys.