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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. Sounds fun.
  2. That’s kind of the amount you get with the pray and spray method… is it really worth it?
  3. can’t comment on that , likely, but I used this method and it took about 2 hours all up (getting materials etc..) was pretty easy. I set up at red rocket and you can move anyone that’s there (if anyone) away. I stored all my companions there before I set this up , which was about 8 at the time, so sending them off to sanctuary worked fine. To speed it up when I woke up from Sleeping , saw my happiness had gone up, stood outside until it went up a little bit more (about 2-3 minutes) went back to keep , rinse and repeat.
  4. I’m pretty keen on this , didn’t play much of the beta as ps5 had some really bizarre issues. I have some questions. What’s this hazard zone / clean exit trophy? Is that a game mode like war zone kind of thing ? can you create a bot filled lobby? Reason I ask, I’m sure it’s fine , but the 20 headshots and 20 melee kills in round.. considering it’s cross play with PC gamers and the likes , sounds a bit rough. the beta games I did play , multiple pc players were getting kills into the hundreds frequently. can you rent a server ?
  5. That’s the fix they gave for RDR2 when online wasn’t loading. Must be a randomly generated response they have waiting for things like this.
  6. Put in the effort ? When the story , side missions and activities are all over and you’re still 1/4 of the way there , what else is there to do to rank up that means anything and keeps you interested? You could 99% the game over 2 more times and still have more to go..
  7. don’t you need x amount of money also? I recall this on the last version.. just can’t recall how much. 10 Million maybe ?
  8. I really liked the PS3 (disc) version.. was so easy and fun to use. I liked it better then PS4 version for some reason I can’t put my finger on.
  9. Edit: never mind , I got I in a method that took about 2 hours.
  10. you don’t need to do those.. like most people I hadn’t played this for so long , so those traverse stages I kept falling and failed.. I even missed those bonus enemies in one section.. you won’t miss any weapons or anything. As long as you finish the main missions you’ll get the trophies.
  11. Is the mp cross gen compatible? PS4 and ps5 users in the lobby (a private one at that)?
  12. Thanks guys.. that’s worth considering holding out, at least for now.
  13. Hi all, so I find this game a bit of a drag and I just want it over and done with. I don’t mind it but it gets repetitive. I started the game on normal difficulty but looking to change it to very easy. I’m a good 8-9 hours into it. Does this upset any collectibles such as rarity of pickup items , level up points or anything like that? Any problems switching difficulty ?
  14. So question… what’s the link to LA Noire PS3 social club? I know GTA V PS3 link still works , assuming this does too.
  15. They should make base game maps p2p if anything.