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  1. I may as well put it here. I have 4 x PS4 and copies of this game. I need a lot of base stuff done And DLC if anyone’s interested jwill_55
  2. You can collect items multiple times yes , and as a reward for Full collections sold , sometimes you get items from other collections you need. The rewards are pretty good.
  3. Just a thought , and a painful one at that .. BUT.. can you delete the game and reinstall it offline and play it unpatched ? Because I assume that would work.
  4. I’m just fresh from finishing this. I am not great at pvp combat , so I went the collectors route along with the moonshine missions , story missions a few animal hunting (mp) events. I flew up the ranks pretty quickly and in fact reached level 50 without realizing. Along the way I also killed any animal I saw , any rider that came my way for some cheeky XP.
  5. Any chance you could elaborate on that or point us in the right direction? I too wish to rank up quickly but not sure which glitches still remain and are best to use
  6. I found two of them at Solomon’s Folly at 11:39am right next to the abandoned barn by accident.. I was heading to Gaptooth Ridge above Admadillo to look for it (coming from island on the river / below rio bravo).
  7. wow.. i have 4 playstation 3's and use 2 for a beach house use (bluray and kids playstation)... both somewhat linked with my psn.. I had this game installed on both of those ( i own actually own 3 copies ). We didn't have internet down at the beach house, so I generally don't put on updates etc.. so today I thought I'd check this out (no longer had the beach house),so I loaded the game, and there's an update.. loaded up and wow.. trophy pop.. did it with the 2nd ps3.. there's another.. I feel guilty doing this.. hadn't touched the game in years..
  8. If i can do it .. you can do it.. I have sausage fingers for Vita and I struggled hard.. I could always get 3 double kills but the 4th was lucky today. If you miss the first 2 soldiers , restart i then luckily got the 2 guys running out of the building (I’ll attach guide I used) i then got the next 2 guys downstairs and I missed the next 2 easy double kills and was lucky to get my last double on the guys jumping out of the truck. previous to this , I thought you could only use 4 bullets and after that the stat would reset.. so I’d restart .. I was so wrong.. 4 doubles and as many bullets as it takes
  9. Removed
  10. Are you talking about the trophy you need to kill 5 people in a mp game? removed
  11. Needing assistance with; - Criminal Mastermind - Elitist (Both doomsday DLC) hoping I can run with a group JWill_55
  12. Yep... this .. no need finding them again.. finish your challenges (just checked the date on this post .. but for those who do the same thing)
  13. The grind isn’t actually that bad if you do pikes basin repeatedly .. that’s the biggest xp earner and its pretty quick considering.. not worth going anywhere else.. I have 4 ps3 consoles and the game and even doing pvp or gang games didn’t earn as much , even when I was killing 3 players constantly p.s I could not find a glitched lobby and I tried a few hundred of them let me tell you... the time wasted I could have leveled up a lot earlier (pikes basin)
  14. So I finished the game. Can you craft everything but the sniper in the first run through then 2nd run through craft only the magnum bullets and build the sniper rifle / fix it and craft the sniper rifle bullets ? Or must it be all in the one playthrough (new game +) ?
  15. I had this problem and thought I’d never get to plat it.... until yesterday. You have to rebuild the PlayStation database. This sounds dumb but I was willing to give it a shot. I saw this a long time ago and didn’t believe it. But it worked for me (check my trophy my nba starter and the date of this and my last trophies for proof). I hope this makes sense to you.