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  1. Don’t do any of that , but instead play offline. You can do that by disconnecting your network cable / turn off wifi / keep yourself signed out or cancel online connection in game. From there , create a local match and play offline. It’ll accumulate over multiple games. If you happen to die. Playing offline is the only way to go if you’ve already platted the game on another console with the same account.
  2. You can use the “distraction” action that you use to draw sniper fire at regular enemy that allows you to take them down very easily. what you can’t do is fire your weapon or allow their grenade to hurt / kill another enemy.
  3. edit: ok so I played locally on ps4 and thought I’d put it into standby to continue with kills, this didn’t work too well as the party was no longer available and the game ended , I thought I lost my progress… turns out I didn’t , and it’s accumulative , in fact grim reaper popped at about 7000 kills from my estimate.
  4. Do they accumulate in multiple offline sessions or does it have to be one sitting? Even online , they accumulate right ?
  5. Yeah I’m wanting to know the same thing. There was some fixes recently so I was hoping it would be part of that. edit: no they don’t auto pop for zombies
  6. This.. in fact there’s numerous areas you’ll find it around , but particularly around the waterfall area.
  7. Wouldn’t think so.. I play it for fun, plenty of free roam missions / mp races / roles / fishing challenges etc still active or fine to do solo (depending on what). Should be fine. It doesn’t take too long to do, I’d recommend doing a few things daily such as daily challenges to get your gold up to make it easier and buy better weapons / horses etc…. check this out too https://jeanropke.github.io/RDR2CollectorsMap/
  8. Wow!! 😂 this is part of the reason why i stopped quite some years back. I thought rockstar support was rubbish, I had 3 tickets with 2k and none of them even looked at / resolved or responded to post their initial canned text response. This is a new low kind of response, though surprised they didn’t ask you to start a new character or delete / reinstall the game at a bare minimum.
  9. You need to buy it. When you open GTA it takes you online, then you need to quit online to the story (or a main menu if I recall correctly) and when quitting to story you’re prompted to buy it. When you buy it , you can access it and it’ll prompt you to load a save (that you uploaded) or skip the save (to start fresh) Then and only then do trophies pop for SP , should you choose your save. Happy to be proven wrong.
  10. Had anyone tested this on the latest patch PS4 and PS5?
  11. so I’m doing some reading because I think I’ve hit these trials. Did you get past it?
  12. what if you watched a video guide and went to the locations they should be at and see if there’s a prompt? (Or better yet skip the ones you know you have). Sometimes I found even when in front of them I wasn’t getting the pickup prompt. Just a thought.
  13. This felt like a grind to me.. probably because it seems too soon from when I did prior versions.. it wasn’t bad but I got a bit bored of it. I’ll space out the PS5 edition for a while.. I did find something of interest. I finished everything but the freight missions and 50 arrests for the 100% (after the story). So I did the freights first then the trophy for 100% popped. I’m glad because I didn’t want to go for those arrests because it’s quite tedious. I didn’t get busted once. But why is it in social club as a requirement if it’s not needed for 100%? Seems unnecessary. Anyway so there at least one thing you won’t need to do. Hope this saves someone from doing it for no good reason.
  14. Can’t say I’ve had that happen.. I’m normally pretty quick going to safe houses and save to avoid crashes .. my crashes seem to happen more when checking the map to put down a marker say for car locations , oysters or horse shoes etc.. wonder if that’s a similar thing , not rendering properly. It’s definitely better than previous versions but the rendering is still there. Interesting theory.
  15. Thanks guys. Will look at those options. This gives me hope. Did you happen to have the issue where it suggests previous attempts showing with 1st (place) rather than N/A? Does that make sense? It seems to suggest I’ve done it already, where I clearly haven’t. edit: doesn’t matter , once I finished military service I got the $$ and recognition that I finished all races. I was worried I was hitting a glitch.