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  1. If Sony is now saying that the PS4 cannot support an external hard drive, are they saying just that you can't load and save to and from it while playing the game or can you not even use it to back-up your internal hard drive. I see this as a huge deal if you can't use it to back up your internal hard drive. If I want to replace my hard drive how will I back-up all of my data? I'm assuming we could still do it tot he cloud but I imagine that saving it to the cloud and pulling it back on the new hard drive will take a lot longer than backing it up to an external drive and restoring from that.
  2. I was wondering this myself but if you go to a games trophies there is an option to view the trophy guide at the top. It's not exactly what you're looking for but it might be helpful.
  3. Alas I only have 2. NHL 10- 1.8% Unreal 3- 4.2% Pretty happy with some of my very rares though.
  4. I don't see this being a big problem. The more people the better and maybe if they join the crew they will look up the site and join.
  5. The crew stays open indefinitely but has a max player limit. It is open to join for anyone and can be found at the link sly posted
  6. I think I'll enjoy a nice quiet game of golf