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  1. So I've paid Premium up to 2025, however after downloading both RDR2 and Minit, when I check "Information" it says remaining time is 12 days. Shadow Warrior 3 is 13 days as well, but I understand that's getting removed from the service soon. Is this normal? I don't want to start a huge game like RDR2 and be locked out because of some system bug. Edit: Oh wait, I assume it means remaining time before you need to log in again to verify you have Extra/Premium. I'm stupid. Ignore this 😬
  2. Definitely Grand Kingdom, It's impossible to get now
  3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I see the reboot and Rise on your list, may as well add the third one.
  4. This video is so good, thank you for posting it, I'm surprised it's not in any guide. Here's the rest of the cards as well so there's no need to hunt aimlessly for any enemy card:
  5. I did this recently, both Daredevil and By My Hand Alone are rather difficult. I found a few tips on other forums for these and also some personal tips: - For Daredevil, switch up the control scheme on your console. Go to Settings - Accessibility - Button Assignments - Custom and change Jump (X) for R2. This will allow you to keep your thumb on the right analog stick at all times which helped immensely with movement in mid air. - In the trophy guide with the video provided, the purple coloured jump 5/6 in the image, she only uses one Blink, I could never get this down. Instead I jumped from the platform, immediately Blinked forward, aimed downwards and just had enough time to Blink again. - For My Hand Alone, I used the Whale Oil Tank method, I placed 7-8 tanks in the Tallboy locations to make sure they died. In this forum, a few posts down has a good description for the harder waves: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/topic/203953-by-my-hands/ Good luck, you'll need it!
  6. I agree with this. I personally found The Dark Descent to be tame, but I see you have Resident Evil HD on your profile, maybe attempt that first if you scare easy. It's less on the atmospheric scares, has more puzzles, you can fight back and even run by a decent amount of enemies.
  7. I'm currently playing through this and my god, it's a slog to get through. It's probably 40 hours rather than 30 hours. I've had no glitches or bugs yet, but as people have mentioned, there are so many different mechanics but all of them are poorly implemented. It's also insane to me that none of your items or stats carry over to the next character. Having to unlock the ability to run and go out at night in the main cities more than once over one playthrough is so poorly designed, and having to reloot everything. I can see why most people dropped it. Edit: Managed to 100% this, all 3 DLCs are more fun than the main game.
  8. I can't see to get this working, do you have to hold down the analog stick in the bottom right once the firefly is in place or let go? Does it only work with a certain control scheme? I feel like it's hit or miss if it works. I'm playing the digital EU version, but not from the bundle. Plat done, I had to do it legit in the end. Good luck anyone going for this.
  9. I got the same results. The same thing happened when I sent a friend a tower challenge and I only got the trophy because I "won" by billions of points. My PS4 crashes when he sends me a challenge and the invite just vanished twice when I sent him one. This simple trophy is a mess.
  10. I've never played a proper MMO before, is this worth playing and getting the plat before the possible shutdown? Is it easy to learn, soloable, etc? Thanks for the honest replies, I think I'll leave this one, FFXIV is definitely on my list. Good luck anyone going for the plat.
  11. I enjoyed the reboot, Rise and Shadow. I wouldn't mind a TR2 remake with classic Lara though.
  12. Yeah it's deceptively difficult, but I'm finally done with this mini-game, the last three songs were so much easier because they're all slow. I just mashed my way to victory with the fast songs.
  13. I finally manged to get 900 on three songs, learning the slower parts, then mashing the buttons when the song starts to speed up 😬
  14. Out of all the mini-games, this is the hardest for me. EX hard battle cage, golf, pool, Minamida etc. I found to be so much more easier. The highest I've got so far is 830 points on the first song "I Wanna Change" on Hard and still have 5 more songs to even attempt. I think I've tried about 20+ times. Is there any tips to make this easier for someone who sucks at rhythm games?
  15. I don't have PS Now, only PS+, but have 3 years left on my subscription. Do I pay in full another year just to upgrade? Does that upgrade then transfer to my current 3 years? Unless I'm missing something, It's not clear.