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  1. This is true, I bought Muramasa Rebirth with all the DLC for £6 and Ray Gigant for £8 in a sale this year. However, they never show up on the Vita store unless you actively search them, so I usually use this site and the PS3 store, which oddly, advertises them in the deal section.
  2. I can't speak on how other people unlocked this trophy, but I played the original game offline from the start when I plat it a month ago. Someone suggested it on here and I had no problem with any of the glitched trophies. I got Pop, Pop and alot of other combat trophies grinding out an early main mission, before even starting the DLC, so I'm certain it unlocks anywhere.
  3. Nice surprise, these Lego games are a guilty pleasure and I don't know what a Ninjago is, but hey, it's free.
  4. Arkham Asylum. One day I'll do those damn combat challenges.
  5. I assume because they gave The Uncharted Collection and Journey free for everyone as well, the PS+ games this month are...questionable.
  6. I don't care about any spoilers for this game, the rabid outrage, any "political agenda" really, I'm more interested in the leaker who is rumored to be an ex-developer at ND and wasn't paid for doing crunch. That's not acceptable. The leaker could have gone about resovling these issues in a better way, but the damage is done. If it's true, pay your goddamn employees properly. Just a thought.
  7. They really should go back and remake FFV and VI, I don't expect them to be on the level VII is getting, top down would still work I think.
  8. The first two Metro games are easy first person shooters to plat, only require 2 playthroughs for each game. I've not played the third one yet though
  9. Alien: Isolation...because I loved the game 😂
  10. Sniper Elite 3
  11. Biggest one for me was Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD as one of the trophies, "I Regrow Nothing", is glitched. Using the workaround didn't work for me, so it's a full playthrough again to unlock it. I think I gave up after the 4th attempt.
  12. Ahh that sucks. I struggled on the 100% with easy racing games like Driveclub, Bikes and all the DLC, this game probably isn't for me.
  13. At this rate Cyberpunk will be delayed as well.