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  1. Never heard of them, honestly. Left Handed or Right handed
  2. Obsidian
  3. Sorry for the lack of being alive here, I have returned for a little while. I might make a Discord server for this, perhaps. Unless there is already one here.

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      one large pizza and the apology will be accepted ^_^

  4. Yeah! I have Skullgirls?
  5. Chimera Thor or Loki?
  6. Rocket League
  7. Chocolate Sleep during the day or the night?
  8. Pfft. No. Green Heart?
  9. Deadpool Guilty Gear or BlazBlue?
  10. Afrojack
  11. I love how I say I'm only gonna take a 2 hour nap and I end up falling straight to sleep most of the day.

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    2. Sigma999


      That happens to me when i'm feeling ill like headache or stomach pains , just to sleep a 1 or 2 hours to rest and feeling better and end up sleeping like 6 /8 hours straight .

    3. Krooki_


      @Phil, getting over a cold slowly, still got it, but it's not too bad as of now

    4. WidthOfACircle


      I have a tough time with this, but I try to limit my naps to 45 minutes. There is a point where if you sleep too long it throws you off and you have a harder time waking up since your body thinks you are doing a normal sleep cycle.

  12. that escalated quickly