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  1. I can't seem to get it. I start a raid and I hit the bell. A lot. I even joined a trophy realm and still can't get it. Is there any trick to get this unbugged? I see people earned it as recently as today,but I can't seem to get it
  2. I tried to join the realm and I spawned and instantly popped a totem of undying. Then I was teleported into a red wool wall, is that supposed to happen? I can't escape the wall to do any trophies. Is it possible to set the world to hard so I can starve?
  3. I just got to the 3rd ep and although I'm still not hooked,I can't say the game is as boring as I thought it was when I made this thread. The beginning of the 3rd episode foreshadows some complications that will shake up the story if they pan out, but I've only just started this so i don't know. Looking back to LiS1, I bet I had the same feeling in the first episode or 2, until the game actually hooked me and became one of my favourite stories in a game. I guess I've been playing games that give me an instant dopamine hit for a few years now that I forgot how to give games the chance to tell an impressive story. I'll finish the game before judging it fully.
  4. I guess it's hard to give a kid any realistic and interesting personality trait without making them obnoxious
  5. I was a huge fan of the first one and my friend gave me LiS2. I had heard negative things about the game but my friend said he loved it, I'm on episode 2 and I find it hard to get invested into the story. Maybe it's becuase I can't relate to the characters but I couldn't relate to the first ones either lol. Anyways I'm going to force myself through it for the plat regardless, I was just expecting more from the story
  6. I wanted to play this game but I remember seeing somewhere that the platinum wasn't obtainable anymore but I'm not sure. Is it still obtainable?
  7. Others have said it's 'Far Cry' not 'FarCry' so maybe that's why you're not finding it. Not sure as I don't have my ps3 to check
  8. I've tried that too and it didn't work but I will try again when I get moonball on that map,thanks!
  9. What method did you use for earning miles?Im jumping on the boost pad near the stage and gliding to the middle of the garden but it isn't working. Also, how do you see your stats in this game?
  10. Hello, i have this issue where part of the screen is not used in the game. Not sure what I'm doing wrong as this isn't an issue in the menus.. Anyone have a fix? I don't think anything in the in game settings helps Nevermind it was the display area in the ps4 settings
  11. great idea, thanks!
  12. damn I didn't think of the possibility of retiring minecraft lol. I was at 81% and thought there was no rush in completing it since they'll release more expansion trophies anyways, but I kinda wish I had finished it and retired it like you did
  13. what do you mean when you say 'place a squid'? Can we do these in creative mode?
  14. I was just watching the trailer on youtube and then I came here to see this.. it's a bit annoying to have a seperate list for it but I remember another game having to do that...It doesn't come to mind right now though
  15. Im worried that since the save is still there, if I make a new save it might still not be readable..btw I've also rebuilt database which I read works but it didn't work for me.