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  1. yeah me too.. what's up with that..
  2. this is more of a joke post tbh. I enjoy the game, but the challenge is very much luck based. You could do everything right and then an NPC can mess your run up. It happens a lot, especially in longer races with turns in which you can't afford to compromise losing time to avoid a car. The game is fine, but there's certain things that don't work right which really stand out in a challenge like this where the details matter
  3. I think it might be healthy to have a thread where we can complain and curse at the game without being productive or actually giving constructive criticism. It's good for those of us currently working on this to get it all out. Anyways, I have the first 4 spike races gold and I've been stuck on the fifth for about 4 hours. Fuck the 5th race, it's bullshit. The game is a disgrace it barely works properly. Unresponsive piece of shit, the turns dont make sense I'm barely losing any speed and I'm still 2 seconds behind. There's a spot where there's a bump on the straight road and the NPCs are actual maniacs, I wish they had never released this mode.
  4. The soundtrack in this game is cool but we barely get to hear it because it's interrupted whenever a pursuit is initiated. There's no option to turn it off but there is a work around. Turn off the music volume in game and then play this playlist on spotify.
  5. The whole game is a disaster.. the only part I enjoyed and genuinely enjoy everytime are the zombies, but Firebase Z isn't that great. There's a lot of things they overlooked with DoA. It's standard Treyarch laziness like the rest of the game.
  6. that's nice.. I was trying to get it before season 2 because I thought they might remove it but they made it easier. I was stuck on the second to last area but the game mode just isn't fun or well made at all. I was forcing myself to play it so I gave up.. will revisit now
  7. Battlefield 1. The trophies you have left are easy and the campaign isn't so bad. It's in my backlog to complete as well
  8. If you look at some videos from the guide it might help you understand how to turn corners efficiently
  9. How is the platinum so common if there are no people playing it? There's a trophy that requires 8 players to meet in a stadium.. I'm not making a point, I'm genuinely wondering as I have just started this game and I'm worried I won't find 7 other people to get the trophy with
  10. is this actually beneficial? don't you miss out on the room of fate if you skip rounds??
  11. Thanks for the reply. I've been looking on ebay and I havent been able to find a listing that clearly states the region.. do you think I could just get the NA and JP versions from the store?
  12. Regarding the NA and JP versions, should I just make an account in those regions and buy the game there? Do I need to find discs on ebay?
  13. you get the same xp and bots are easier to fight than humans so I'd say do everything in bot games
  14. I'm grinding blastbeard to 100 because he seems to be the most powerful but more importantly he is the most fun for me. That's what you should ultimately do with your level 100 as you will get sick of the grind if you force yourself to play a character you dont like for so long. I usually pop the bubble with kayi and sit in it since the bubble gives your rockets better damage if they go through the bubble and you can be safe from enemy rockets as well. People are recommending mysteen but when playing against bots(which is an easier way to grind) it's more effective to go for high dps competitors instead. In pvp mysteen is probably very good.
  15. Blastbeard,topnotch and kayi are in the top 5. not sure who else i'd pick. Maybe izell and jayto?