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  1. Really? I just got the 20M tonight 🤯😂
  2. Great method, definetely the best one for farming zeni 😀 Like Atooya said, once you learned how the enemies AI works and a couple of easy combos, you can beat one tournament in 4 minutes or less. At the moment i'm getting 1.5 million zeni in 2 hours and 30 minutes, on average. It's still a long way though, i need 12M more 🙃
  3. Who is this? :awesome: 

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      Yeah i know ;)

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      @Atoya9 Hey man, he was joking. We actually know each other and we’ve been friends for years ahah 😂


      But yes, it’s me, the mad scientisto 😁

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      No problem💚

  4. Resident Evil 4: Hearing the regenerators breathe while they're slowly coming at you was probably the scariest thing in the entire game 😖
  5. Attempt 4: Chapter 6 I died at the second wave of enemies in the servers room. I got reckless and wanted to rush down the first 9 chapters, but i underestimated the number of enemies in the room. One of them shot me but i didn't see who. All i know is that he immediately ducked behind cover after that, and while in LMS, i killed everyone but him. Those 9 letters again ( YOU FAILED ). Attempt 5: SUCCESS! 😁 I did it in 2 sittings while playing offline. The tips you gave me saved my life in the last battle. I've finished the story at least ten times, and i have always thought Becker would randomly shoot the granades, but thanks to you, i managed to shoot all of them without getting hit. Thank you 🙏 3 hours and 30 minutes of tension and concentration, but the satisfaction of beating this mode is immense ✌️
  6. Attempt 1: Chapter 5 I failed right at the end of the level, i accidentally shot Fabiana during the bullet time. I'm sure i wasn't aiming at her, but apperently i did. Attempt 2: Chapter 3 There's a small section where Max and Passos have to run inside a room, while they're being shot at by a sniper. The bastard got me,but i blame Max's weird movements when he gets out of cover. He stumbled for a moment, giving the sniper enough time to shoot him in the head. Attempt 3: Chapter 13 I died right after you blow up the light armored tank. One of the UFE guys shot me while being in cover behind a wall. The last stand was useless, i desperately shot every bullet i had but there was nothing i could do. That big "You Failed" on screen killed me inside. I was so close.
  7. Still have a lot of games to play on it, but these are my favorite PS3 games so far (not in order): - Mirror's Edge ; - Uncharted 2 ; - NieR ; - Portal 2 ; - Dead Space (1 and 2); - The Last of Us; - Max Payne 3; - Catherine ; - Bioshock / Bioshock Infinite.
  8. Okarin22 - The nightmares have just begun... (Catherine) Oh
  9. Battlefield 3 I loved that game, it was my very first battlefield and one of the few games where i spent a lot of time in multiplayer ( 500 hours on my old account).
  10. Overwatch: Origins Nice profile btw
  11. Great tips man, even though i still haven't succeeded to beat it yet. I've been trying for hours but i keep on failing the "6+1" notes, and it's probably due to the pause in between that i can't get it right (if you have suggestions they would really help me). I'm not giving up, the only thing to do is to practice more and more until i finally get it right. EDIT: I finally did it!! I've picked up the game again a couple of days ago, and after a few tries, i was able to complete the song and beat the boss. Man, what a relief! One thing that i would like to suggest to anyone who is still struggling against this boss, is to use this video guide instead (it worked for me):