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  1. Tales of Zestiria Wow, what can I say?! I can't believe I finally got this one! This was one of my many white whales I'd thought I never get. After watching some of the Tales Zestiria X anime I got motivated to see this through to the very end after putting it away once I got to the end the first time. While it's true, it's not THAT hard of a plat I did find it very time consuming and super grindy, while I was not in a rush to play anything else I decided to make the most of it and prepare, if not over prepare my party for what's to come. I basically brute forced my way through the difficulty trophies by herb farming and equipment fusing. I basically had little to no op skill gear (I tried farming it but gave up) so stat building was the next option and have I to say, it worked! After many hours I finally understood how the fusing system works, minus predicting what skill is generated next when you fuse 2 skills together. It's powerful and exploitable if you get the correct drops which is manipulate-able to a degree with Normin and the correct level enemy. I exploited the shop talent to get the items I wanted for fusing but not for skills. All said and done at level 160 with 207+ hours on the first single playthrough and less than 2 hours on the second playthrough for that last trophy. Longest plat to date for me but not the hardest and actually aside from sweet 16 not all that stressful. Props to everyone else that did this and did it better/faster!
  2. Level 370 Tales of Zestiria A Life Torn Between Order and Chaos I prepared a lot to get this one. Never thought I'd get it to be honest.
  3. Midland Traveler Resident Evil Revelations This is before I joined psnprofiles and if I knew this was such a thing I would be more careful about what these milestone trophies would be
  4. Too many E rank games, that's what dragging down your completion rate. F ranks don't except on the stats page under average. 6/10, alot of clean up required but you'll get there. I was low 50's and it took me 3 years to get where I am working strictly on clean up and plats that I could confidentially do.
  5. 9/10 Need higher completion rate and more S (with dlc) and A ranks (without dlc)
  6. God of War Ascension
  7. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Wow, what an amazing journey! This has to be the best and most enjoyable RPG's I've played in the past 10 years. While it's not perfect, so many things were done well and there a few things that were not. Trophy pacing is spot on and nothing seems unreachable but instead a matter of time. Total plat time was over 103 hours and aside from the level 99 trophies I did not find Dragon Quest 11 particularly grindy, which made this quite enjoyable. If you're thorough with exploration and complete most of the quests and save your forging materials for the cosmetic equipment there is very little farming required. I was expecting this to be a farming/grind fest but it turned out it hardly was except for a few post-game items. The graphics are absolutely beautiful and puts unreal 4 engine to great use. The world is colourful, bright and the art style matches Dragon Quest perfectly in full 3D. The texture detail on the characters clothing is a marvel to look at close up. The soundtrack while still good and classic dragon quest, isn't full of variety and may get repetitive. The story will take a while to get going and the English voice acting with the accents are perfect match for Dragon Quest. Very impressed with how polished the final game is.
  8. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... Finished the speedrun in less than 6 hours on 6th playthrough. Farming materials for weapon upgrades may seem hopeless at times but it's no where near as bad as FFXIII's grind as some have compared this too. Remaster runs great on PS4. This platinum will test your patience more than anything.
  9. As far speed run trophies go, is this pretty stress free? Play on easy, skip all scenes, non-perfect play, semi-optimal pathing.
  10. since the time limit is increased in the ps4 version, does that mean the ps3 version is harder?
  11. Got the intruder, deterrence and disarmament trophies all online. I waited out the last 5 minutes of the nuke at motherbase. Soon as the nuke was finished I disarmed it so it couldn't be stolen since I did it online. I recommend doing the nuke trophy online because grinding resources offline will take absolutely forever and the timer is only active while your playing. It takes a little more than 24 hours, the timer for me was 27 real hours to build the nuke online. The timer will continue ticking even if you're not playing if you used online resources but at the risk of getting it stolen. The trophy didn't pop immediately soon as the nuke was finished and neither did deterrence. Known issue with PS3 trophies in general but did pop several seconds later.
  12. I got the intruder trophy. Can deterrence and disarmament be done offline?
  13. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  14. Tomb Raider: Legend