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  1. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix I found the plat really stressful with some of the side content. I tried the the 1 playthrough method and failed and ended up doing the 2 playthrough way and completed it. Really enjoyed the gummi ship stuff, more so than the actual game itself. The end game content I did not enjoy, KH2 is too technical of a game for me and I didn't want to invest the time to master it. I brute forced anything and everything on beginner and got through it. For what it's worth I did everything on critical except 2 trophies which I did on beginner.
  2. Devil May Cry 4
  3. Got the plat! Disconnected only once through entire playthrough but didn't have any negative affects. All trophies popped as said.
  4. I lost connection just before sending a strike team on a mission. I lost the mission but it didn't count as a failure. All because PSN sent me a message of having a 50% off sale. Reconnected PERFECTLY fine after and reloaded an old save. Gained nothing but wasted time.
  5. So I started it a few days ago. Is the main menu the only place you can check if your connected?
  6. I haven't played this yet but will "soon", is it autosave, manual save, both? Do you get notified when you lose connection? Can you manually reconnect? Is there any way to track saves that had a persistent connection?
  7. I have the ME3 trophy already by playing that galactic war mobile game. Sounds like ME:A could be a potentially stressful run. So if things go awry do you have to restart from a brand new game? Thanks about the DA games, nothing to worry about that then.
  8. Is this the only ME game that requires you to be connected EA servers for the trophies? (not the MP one) Does ME1-3 require EA server connection for trophies, again not the MP ones? What about the 3 DA games?
  9. If I have this correct, deleting trophies only deletes it online but not offline as it's stored locally. You have to delete your profile and then re-sync to get it cleared. It should be deleted permanently both ways.
  10. SoulCalibur V SoulCal V still holds up well after all these years. Great graphics, epic music, speedy load times. Controls have pretty strict timing but it's a fighting game after all. The only thing that stood in my way to platinum was the quick battles, including Harada Tekken. I tried many different characters and my main, Hilde and got close a few times but could never get the third win. So I decided, lets learn how to play Natsu and wow what a game changer for me. I didn't really learn how to play her and "git gud" but learnt enough just how to beat the AI. After over 50 quick battle wins with Natsu I gave Harada Tekken a try and beat him the first try this time around. After the moment of glory started to wane I then realized the platinum was within reach and achievable. Surprising or not surprising Harada Tekken is not the hardest quick battle but one of the hardest so I knew I was still in for more punishment. Going forward from this point on, none of the Devil Jin style AI quick battle characters gave me any trouble but many others did though. The AI that gave me the most trouble was the constant side stepping ones and charge/grab spamming ones. The AI is mostly consistent on each difficulty, beginner, intermediate and advanced, however every now and then the AI will go completely berserk and wreck you. The good thing is once in a while, even the hardest AI will go docile periodically so this is your chance! To my surprise it didn't take as long as I thought it would to go through all 240 quick battles. I only had 145 battles left to go and did it in half a weekend. I am far from good at SoulCal but didn't lose very much thanks to Natsu so that was a huge time saver and stress reliever. I highly recommend to play safe and smart on the harder AI opponents. Don't play too risky or get greedy or you'll get punished. Very rewarding platinum for me.
  11. ICO for me. That cursed' speedrun trophy.
  12. Tomb Raider: Underworld (Trilogy Collection) This was surprisingly a pretty good Tomb Raider game but marred with a ton of flaws. I didn't care for the story but it's typical pre-reboot Tomb Raider, filled with a lot of nonsense that doesn't really quite make sense. Frame rate is inconsistent ranging anywhere from 30fps to sub 30fps. It gets really bad when it's raining and near the end of the game when you get swarmed by enemies. Collision and grab detection is iffy, especially for a puzzle platformer. The platforming itself wasn't too difficult but there a few frustrating parts. The last relic needs to be done deathless. The glyphs reset if you die and if you make it to the other side and it auto saves the checkpoint you'll need to reload a previous save as there is no way to activate the reset glyphs on the other side. If the platforming frustrates you, learn Lara's moves. Learn how she behaves in a neutral position (no left stick) and a non-neutral position (with left stick). It makes the game so much less frustrating. The game is unpredictably buggy with bugged trophies but none of them bugged out on me. Not sure if it matters that I played the trilogy version. I had the game freeze three separate times and I narrowed down two of them due to using a super overpowered weapon. It's not required but I stopped using it. The one thing I did find outstanding was the underwater environment. It's the first game that I experienced while underwater, the distance objects are blurry and slowly come into focus as you approach it. I thought this was extremely well done and the underwater gameplay isn't filter heavy. While there isn't a lot of music in the game, when there is it sounds good. Very movie like but too heavy on the low bass side. This game was the perfect length and didn't wear out it's welcome too early but just on time. Overall not a difficult game, even on the hardest difficulty and no speed run trophies but there is three speed trophies that are all easy. Worrying about glitchy trophies and improperly followed progress and having to re-do parts for times sake is more worrisome than how hard the game is. Completed it in 10 hours game time but it doesn't include re-loading and restarting the first area twice and the last area twice, so maybe 13-15 hours total. Luckily I didn't lose collection progress restarting the first area. Easy, quick plat but not stress free.
  13. Metal Gear Solid 4 It's a great vita title. Another vanillaware staple with beautiful 2D graphics. I recommend playing this on pstv with a controller (PS4 or PS3) because Fury mode can be infuriating. Both controllers are fully compatible on pstv. The game works perfect on pstv, just make sure to update then install the dlc.
  14. Horizon: Zero Dawn