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  1. Same here. Level 13.
  2. Prices on Amazon 10 times cheaper. And you're practically a neighbour. :-)
  3. I'm interested in this! But the price is a bit steep in my country (Belgium, 51euros, paperback) Might wanna look for a digital version.
  4. I give it a 7/10. Played this together with my girlfriend. We both had some really scary moments. It does get a bit predictive as you get further in the game. But overall, pretty good horror game. Yesterday I let my father-in-law play but it was the mother-in-law who screamed the most.
  5. Are you both placing explosives? Perhaps his explosives triggered yours. This was posted in an earlier post. Maybe you did the same thing?
  6. Yep. Buzzkill. Another player, HampsireAle, convinced me this was good DLC to buy. :-)
  7. Don't think so. I am on this site almost daily. But if I come back after two or three days, then my profile isn't updated. I always have to do it manually. So 'regular members are updated every 24 hours' doesn't work for me. It's not that I hate to do it manually, but if the option is there for me, I'd rather have the site update me every 24 hours (or less )
  8. Last couple of weeks I noticed my profile doesn't update unless I do it manually. I thought it updated every 6 hours. Is this normal?
  9. I'd rather have nobody join than people joining but not showing up. At least you don't wait for them and waste time. I'll think I'll keep a notepad close and write them down. Thanks for your answers! Have a nice (boosting) weekend. :-)
  10. Hi, I've scanned the forum and didn't find a topic about this. So my problem is that some players join a gaming session but don't show up. I know anything can happen and even I have not made a session or two. But I always tell them beforehand. (you don't even have to be home for that thanks to the PS app) In the last 2 days I had 4 players not showing up and not texting me in advance or afterwards. I sent them a text and they did not respond to that either. How does the rest of PSNProfiles react to this? I would like your opinion about this. If there's already a thread about this, I'm sorry. Just point me in the right direction. :-)
  11. I want to go for platinum but I don't want to get stressed out too much. Is playing on Hard very doable or do you recommend to start on easy/medium and go for hard in New Game+?
  12. I started the game with 2 controllers already hooked up to my PS3. Trophy popped up as soon as the Prologue ended. :-) Easy.
  13. This definitely works! No need to play the (awful) game twice!
  14. Definitely an option and I'm looking more into this as we speak. But it's so complex. Or at least looks that way because I'm pretty new at this.
  15. Best way is to have a list. There are lots of them on the internet. Mark how you killed the boss and use chapter select to kill him the other way. But really use the list. Look for the words/10 000 bonus 'Overkill' death by your killer weapon and 'Rampage' boss kill while in rampage mode.