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  1. does anyone know if you have the trophy on ps4 version does it autopop on ps5 version or you still have to be on div4 to get it? Im asking because after i got the trophy on ps4 i played an extra game and it put me on div5 before i had a ps5. can someone confirm if i play a game on rivals on Div5 does trophy pop or i have to get back to div4? Thanks in advance
  2. does anyone know if FUT 21 trophies autopop on ps5 if you already obtained them on ps4 ie like divisve figure?
  3. Yeah i even posted few years ago on gaming trades' thread but no one replied. let me know if you find someone who wants to share willing to buy.
  4. Thanks for the info. Do you know which DLCs are included?
  5. Im trying to figure out if the TWS 2020 Deluxe Edition comes with all DLCs or you still need to buy extra Routes/Vehicles?
  6. Looking for Angry birds DLCs for PS3. Will pay good money for it. Please let me know.
  7. Thanks for sharing this, just learned something new.
  8. There you go title fixed and i can assure you it fully works. I was just sharing some info that might be beneficial as i see dozens of forums players asking where to find proper PS3 controller. If sharing something that works is clickbait for you then dont read it.
  9. There is a way to make DS4 controller to be fully functional on PS3. By functional i mean ps button working and operating XMB, rumble and possibly ALL ps3 games. For those players that don't have and can't find genuine DS3 controller this will work perfectly but of course it comes with a price. To make DS4 controller work with PS3 you will need to buy Titan One device (i don't know if Cronus Max or Titan Two supports this) which is about $60 to buy and it has to be wired all the time. You dont need to download any script for it work it all just plug and play. Disclaimer: This content in this post is for general information only, I am not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed, or in any way officially connected with any adapter, controller or any device making company. If you think this is click bait then you have every right to ignore it. If you are offended by this post then please consult with a therapist.
  10. Does it use cards or dice?
  11. Nice, i used to play Euro truck simulator on PC Many years ago. It looks similar with better graphics and hopefully more fun.
  12. As an important tip no one mentioned is to be ready and have a good team before you start Rivals matches as you have a chance to get it from the get go when playing placement matches and try your best to win all or most. I hot burned as i thought placement matches reset on weekly basis and had a crappy team which i ended up with only 960 points. I have to grind a lot of matches for this.
  13. Im new to these kind of challenges, is this to motivate clearing backlogs or theres something else to it?
  14. I had same issue, i was doing a2a kills on dogfight tdm mode and probably did almost a 1000 extra kills. Then i changed to ctf mode and got it on forst match without getting any extra kills.
  15. Can anyone confirm that server shutdown is 25th October instead 15th or we have to wait and see?