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  1. Most fun platinums: 1 - Graveyard Keeper, very long game but I really enjoyed it. Similar feel to Stardew but with more corpses. 2 - Dark Souls Remastered, After playing Bloodborne I pretty much went straight into this and it was a blast. Some parts were sure challenging but I think some of the fun comes from beating those challenges. Later played it on the PS3 and had just as much fun. 3 - Witcher 3, one of the few games of this length to keep me interested for so long, even the random side quests tended to be interesting, and even when mundane tended to have interesting or funny characters. Honorable Mentions - Cat Quest and Subnautica, those games were more enjoyable than they had any right being. Most grindy platinums: 1 - 7 Days to Die, 2500 player kills with dead servers, big map, no friendly fire in coop, and without an exploit. Farming mats for 2500 pipebombs and making a rig to kill in coop at their bed each time i dropped a bomb worked though, albeit a grind. 2 - GTA 5, I didn't enjoy the multiplayer and got Rank 100 by soloing the same mission over and over, for I think 2 weeks. GTA:O used a system where your exp earned was tied to how long the mission took (getting 100% exp at 15 minutes, 50% at 7.5 minutes, etc), so I'd do a mission in two minutes, wait for 13 minute at the end point. 3 - Sims 3, most all of the trophies were tied to in-game achievements, and would pop when the achievement unlocked, but so many were glitched. If it glitched, you couldn't just retry it, since the game unlocked the in-game achievement, which was shared across saves, so you had to delete the system and save data, re-install, and download a backed up save file for EVERY attempt at EVERY bugged achievement, making it all very time consuming. Highest skill based platinums: 1 - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, the game has 3 main characters, and you have to beat every optional boss with all 3. One character is super slow, and another very frail, making each boss a trial. One boss has the ability to make around a half dozen copies of himself, as well as turn invisible, and his abilities stack. I remember fondly being juggled in the air by a small army of invisible bosses who can two shot me, only kept alive by the ability that makes it so you can't die via quick attacks (there has to be a brief pause between hits, which didn't happen when juggled). This is the only PS3 game I really wish had the PS4 screen record feature. 2 - Bloodborne, it was the first Soulsborne game I played and to get the platinum you have to fight a boss in an optional dungeon (that give you 50% max hp) that can often one shot you, and I swear the ceiling messes up his jump attacks (outside of that dungeon he doesn't have a ceiling in his arena, and his jumps felt a lot more predictable). On top of a tough game, that boss challenge requires perfect play. 3 - Dead Space 2, Hardcore mode was pretty brutal, good length game on a tough difficulty, where if you die the game deletes your save, which you only get 3 of throughout the playthrough. Part of the challenge was playing for so long without saving or stopping, but there were a few cheap deaths (wall tentacle) that mean you just need to be on your A game or lose hours of progress. Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - Assassin's Creed Origins, this is the game that made me vocally tell myself to never buy another AC game. The series has never been super, but good enough, and Origins killed me with boredom. The entire game is go to X place and look at a thing, maybe follow someone or kill a guy, but it's made worse for me by the fact that the actual gameplay when not doing missions feels like the best AC title I've played, but the gameplay in the story is so boring for me. After beating it, I made a word document of everything you do in each mission (literally read through guides to do this) and then wrote how long it took (time taken from video guides that didn't have any messing around in it). A mission of go to place and talk to a guy could take 40 minutes, it's wild. 2 - Far Cry 5, similar to AC:O but to a much less degree. Big fan of the series but I just found the game to be one note and dull. Gameplay wise one of the best FC game I've played, but the story made it drag. 3 - Prince of Persia, the game itself was just boring, but i'm happy I went back and got the platinum. Gameplay was dull and bosses were either disguised quick time events or used cheap shots for the illusion of difficulty. Honorable Mentions to every LEGO game, they always bore me but are enchanting enough to buy for 5$ on sale, and Dark Souls 2 which somehow made Soulsborne boring for me. Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - Stardew Valley, Only missing 2 trophies but I suck at twinstick shooters 2 - Yakuza 0, Awesome game, enjoyed 100% playthru and Legend Difficulty, but Climax battles make me sad. This would be my #1 most enjoyed platinum if I had it, even spending like 120 hours getting 100% campaign was enjoyable. 3 - Prototype, Getting Platinum Medals in all events is too rough for me, requires perfect timing while the controls aren't ideal (2009 game)
  2. I ended up with two groupings of platinums, happily too is that Nier Automata is in one of the groups. I've really only timed platinums with trophy number milestones (ie, X000th trophy) so the change in level scheme didn't mess with me at all in that regard.
  3. I went down over 1100 lol, guessing it needs some time to regulate. I saw my level was crazy but assumed it was a bug since I didn't hear about the change lol
  4. My favorite was during my run on the higher difficulty, I wanted to do it quick and I found a great way to rack up the You-Can-Play-The-Story-Now meter was to destroy the towers/silos/etc in each area. So I would spawn in a helicopter with missiles and do drive-bys, until suddenly one of the hunters shot me with a drug arrow while I was IN THE HELICOPTER and I watched as I slowly drifted asleep in the middle of a falling helicopter, only to awake in a den to "Cull the herd."
  5. Arcade trophies weren't bed tbh, Me and a buddy goofed off on some maps and it took less than a day. Some trophies only require you to play X number of maps, not win, so you can suicide and quit which makes it easier with some of the player made content.
  6. For me at least, the Mars DLC was basic but worked well enough, Hurk was funny and the new enemies were interesting enough to fight for the short length of the DLC. I've never played L4D so I can't compare it to that. I didn't mind the structure of the DLC, mostly the enemies felt good in concept but annoying in play, but to each their own 😄
  7. I stopped playing the Zombies DLC and started my infamous NG+, definitely tough but yeah some of those Mars weapons are way to OP, and I got Cheeseburger as by brute and Boomer scouting enemies for me 😁
  8. I thought the Vietnam and Mars DLCs were pretty good, but Zombies seem more annoying than fun. The idea is good, but I wish it took more of an Undead Nightmare from RDR approach than the fire-spewing rage hordes Getting dragged off in my opinion was more cumbersome than anything, because it always happened when I was invested in a series of side quests or taking over a base. I don't think it would bother me if I had the option to do the story mission and if I didn't it dragged me to it, but having to mess around to fill a bar so I can do a story seemed faulty. That might also be because I wasn't super invested in the story, since the four baddies were all dullish religious folk. They just didn't strike me like Vaas and Citra, or Pagan Min
  9. I like Far Cry as a series, it's a fun game to just run around a get into gun fights, take over a base or do some side missions. The DLC for these games are always weirder, but that's a part of their charm for me, going from "look out for bears" to "look out for yetis" was pretty fun. Far Cry 5 as a whole never thrilled me as much as the others to be fair, mostly because of the story structure. Essentially being told to "faff about" enough before the story comes and gets me isn't my kind of thing, If I want to do the story, I have to mess around, if I want to do side missions, I get dragged away, it's always against that I want to be doing. Sometimes this is really funny, like when I did a side quest to learn how to fish and this angered the zealot of that region so much he sent hunters after me to drag me away into a story mission, but usually it's just annoying. As for the DLC, when you get rid of the story structure it seemed pretty good. Hours of Darkness was pretty cool, I liked the focus on stealth, the game did that well. I found it annoying the game tells you your friends have permadeath as they're dying as oppose to when they tell you to save them, but a quick reload and the more you know. Also weird that you can just sprint to the end, but it made the 3 required playthroughs easy, so no complaint. All in all, not bad! Lost on Mars was pretty good too, I didn't feel like Nick was a great player character, but the PC in the main game didn't even talk so I guess it's an improvement (besides, it's Hurk who steals the show there). Go around, collect stuff, take over bases towers, a good Far Cry experience with a quirky DLC twist, pretty good! I hated Dead Living Zombies. I'm still going through it for trophies, but I actually hate it. I knew of the zombie enemies from playing the ARCADE mode, and I didn't like them there either. They don't seem to fit the gameplay well, and most of the zombie mechanics seem designed to be annoying. You walk into a room, thirty zombies spawn and sprint at you, and when they're close you can't even see them as they press against you. They tank hits except headshots, but headshots on an uncommon number of them spew fire which makes the tiny corridors a hazard. Melee attacks stun single enemies but deal little to no damage, and a core gameplay mechanic is destroying machines that are immune to all damage but bullets (melee and explosives do nothing to them). It could easily be me, but the zombies are the worst thing in a Far Cry game, I'd rather fight the eagles from FC4 and that's saying something.
  10. I can't get the trophy to pop either. I've never had an issue with new expansions, been using the same world since the base game, and even got all other DLC trophies without an issue. For some reason the new Nether Biomes aren't registering, despite repeatedly finding each biome multiple times in one world, and even started a new world and found them there with no luck. Edit: Like MrBeens said, I deleted all my save data (after cloud saving it), and uninstalled and reinstalled the game, then on a fresh world I tried again and it ping'd 🙂
  11. I played without VR
  12. I just finished playing through the core game and the two DLCs, and the only glitch I encountered was there was once at the start of the ICJ DLC where the first telepad didn't work, though a quick quit and reload fixed it. Additionally I had read the collect all Power Babies trophy was buggy in the final level, so I collected all 10 before leaving, and then the trophy only popped when I deposited them in the Telepod. Other than that it was glitch-free and generally a fun game 🙂
  13. Big Yikes, I'm super newbish at the forums and viewed the wrong person's profile when reading your comment (I think they quoted you).Sorry about that, that's 100% on me. I suppose it is just an agree to disagree thing on the topic of Trophy Hunters, since I view that kind of hunter simply as one who likes the quantity over quality, but ultimately I still see them as trophy hunters since they are hunting trophies lol
  14. I don't know if I would call it flawed, but it is changing, mostly towards being more like XBox Achievements. I wouldn't really call it better or worse, just different. I don't really see the hate on how someone peruses their hobby. Some people would rather mass hundred of one day Platinums rather than spend that time on a smaller more time consuming ones, but either way I would consider them a trophy hunter if they're buying/playing games to collect trophies. I suppose my train of thought is that it's strange to say a person who hunts ducks a flock at a time isn't a hunter because they don't exclusively hunt deer. Big or small games, they're hunting. Personally, I like the easy games as a bit of fluff, sometimes I don't want to have a three week gap in Platinums while I play games like Bloodborne, Witcher 3, GTA 5, and an easy hour plat is just what I want to not only help pad my trophies, but also to take a break from the harder or longer Platinums. In all honestly though, I have to assume you're either a troll or a hypocrite. You have 658 Platinums, your most recent (as of writing) is one you got in under four minutes. Sure you have some difficult ones done recently, but a lot are the quick and easy ones you hated one. You have 6 Platinums in "Sound Shapes", across three consoles and four languages with two of them literally obtained in 22 SECONDS. I suppose what it comes down to is if you're a Trophy Hunter or not, because to quote you, "youre really not!... you can proudly boast/brag and somehow feel good about your 12 minute, 5$ cross buy pointless platinum nobody gives a fuck about"
  15. Cabela's North American Adventures. I playes one other Cabela's game and it was awesome, but this one was so much less than expected it fell into a half-decade long backlog :/