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  1. yeah, just sucks when you want a game and you cant get it. i guess ill have to be happy with the 5 remaining versions haha
  2. That sucks, great game, i knew one day i would want to buy the japanese version and nows its gone. The eu, usa, and hk versions are still available, i dont know whats up with the japanese version.
  3. Didn't see anyway to retry the bounty. I just starting again. I spent hours reading threads, watching videos, retrying levels like 15 times. Then did all gold medals and nothing. Removed the patch and my save file could not be read. So started again.
  4. Iv tried all methods but nothing. I did this mission before and failed a few times because I did not no how to beat it, no trophy. And now reading this I can't re do that bounty and try again. I avoided this trophy so I could chill and have fun on my first run noing I can easily glitch it after and now it's left me having to play from scratch again. I'm so excited. All good, I don't quit, I endure the pain. Haha
  5. ps4 version is harder. ps3 you just had to beat the base game, not bother with the harder dlc. the ps4 version, the dlc golds have to be gotten in order to get platinum as far as iv read. just playing the game myself now. apart from that i dont notice anything else that makes this version easier or harder.
  6. personally, noing this trophy can glitch. i would advise anyone to aim for this trophy first before having fun with community levels.
  7. i have allways felt that way. would be so fun to play what you want and if you ever decide to call it a day then delete. id even pay for that service ha. i was getting achievements on my ipad on some service called openfeint or something. any game with trophies can become fun. any game that seemed too hard, glitched or whatever you could actually delete them. so cool
  8. well the death trophies unlock instantly on the japanese version. i have even died 100,000 times on 1 save and nothing, played for hours, tried 2 different ps4s. 3 years later and i still try. my blue star glitched, and i redid it for the trophy, so found that soultion. i have also unlocked the death trophies many times, but only 100, 1000 etc haha. if no one has unlocked the trophies in 3 years and many of us try, id sway towards them being unobtainable personally.
  9. i played 20+ free prize levels, so probally played everyones. i was just being lazy, last trophy for my plat and i got excited. i have stared again from scratch. i just made this post to make sure people dont follow my steps. if you do want to try for yourself at least have a backup save. at least i have found a method to mess up your save and void uber prize collector. thank you for your reply.
  10. i had 80% prize bubbles, got the last 20% in community levels. im now at 100% prize bubbles, but my pins say 80%. i have collected prizes i have not collected before and my pin is stuck on 80%. i guess my save is dead and i need to start again ? why do i keep finding glitches in games that no one else talks about. there should be a warning on the guide.
  11. i made a thread on to avoid this game. no one has got those death trophies since the end of 2016. im the only person since then who at least has the 5k trophy. its messed up, there has been no update that has broke these trophies. i have no ideas how anyone has 100%. backing up your save for god mode does not work, i have done this, no trophy. to get this trophy i quit the game every 5-10 levels, or after playing for so long to refresh the game. this game crashes and you get suck and have to quit the game. this is the problem that breaks this trophy. im 99% sure. as for the death trophies, im still wasting my time to find a solution. after 300 hours or new profiles, loading saves, 100k deaths i realise that dont work. its like your save is corrupt from the start, and no messing around, loading saves, more deaths or keep playing will work. my last solution when i find the patience is get 10-12k deaths, if i dont get the trophy. delete save and try again over and over. maybe then just that 1 time i wont start with a corrupt save. this is how i got 5k a few times after trying 40 new saves. i finished the level, quit to menu and beat another level. the trophy is suppose to pop straight away on the level clear screen. good luck, let me no how you get on.
  12. just hearted you guys, levels also. i need help also please.
  13. great stuff, thanks for the help. this game is on sale now, 100Y =)
  14. thank you for your reply and help =)
  15. intresting...