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  1. thank you for your reply and help =)
  2. intresting...
  3. Whats going on devs ? can't make a simple game pop 13 trophies correct. can't reply to a simple message i send you ? can't develop an un glitched games on xbox either. team trash you need to give up with games. you have no people skills either. you could avoid this situation and bad rep with some communication, before people like me slay you. i have been patient, waited 4 months. i sent team trash a message saying no one will buy your game if no body on the leaderboard has 100%. the next day, it showed 1 person has 100% lol frauds. click on who has 100% and no one shows up. 4 months later i try this game again from fresh and now the trophy for beat 10 challenges is unobtainable lol good job. avoid like the motherfcuking plague
  4. fenix furia US, fenix furia EU, boiling bolt. thanks for the info, but there is no other version like limited run or physical released for both these games. buying different region games from china, germany etc seems like too much hard work in my quest for 100%.
  5. i thought this would be a refreshing topic to read, but defiantly not lol, i can tell you no nothing about trophy Completionists. i am a completionist, I'm also a weak trophy hunter. you can really only be one, either a completionist or a trophy hunter. i guess everyone is different, and i agree with what you say about trophy hunters. but your view on completionists is so off and funny i had to take the time to post something. Completionists Tend to explore every aspect of a game, far beyond the platinum where applicable (only 100% in trophies matter) Go for a "perfect save" and a complete trophy list is a part of that journey (only 100% in trophies matter) The game isn’t over when the platinum dings (most of the time) (only 100% in trophies matter) If you like a game, instead of spending money buying region/platform stacks (excluding remasters), you keep playing the exact same game using the non-defective copy you already own (this and the 3 comments above sound like someone who plays for fun, not trophies. completion is completion, what region of game does not matter) Tend not to shy away from difficult trophies as trophies/day ratio is largely irrelevant. The satisfaction of working on a challenge and overcoming it is far greater (completionists tend to go for easier games or they won't be completionists anymore) Have the fortitude to tackle and endure most grinds (obviously or no 100%, so trophy day ratio is irrelevant) Will rarely let a trophy list influence your choice in playing a game (well, if the trophies sound hard, and they are ultra rare then we will be very cautious) Happy to play on any platform e.g. PC/Xbox/PS for the most optimal experience depending on the game e.g. Playing Cities Skylines on PC with access to 1000s of custom workshop content that adds a lot to the experience, not to mention far superior performance Only buy games that appear fun to you, but will endure the bad eggs through to the end too completion is completion, fun or not. also, if all i care about is 100% trophies, i sure won't be starting another profile on steam and xbox and making more accounts to obsess over) i guess you were close, we related on 1 out of 8 points lol
  6. im kinda thru with caring to be honest after fenix furia. so easy for the developers too fix that and they did nothing. 1 of the 3 versions work, they just have to follow that script and done. their active, making games and money, so i expected more from them. i guess theres hope with boiling bolt as there has been 1 patch released already. so hopefully ill hear something soon.
  7. yeah, that gave me hope so i tried loading my save a few days later. but nothing. before i played the game i seen on the playstation that someone had that trophy. i guessing it was a tester or something. its glitched on xbox as well. unfortunatley i found that out after it was on my account. next time ill check xbox first.
  8. was fun, i was tricked into thinking i was going to be first too 100% lol and i dont usualy care or rush these things. but being a shmup, i got excited. bitch of a game would not let me play off line. got 90% on my spare account and thought, lets just go on my main. bye bye 100% =(
  9. great thread. 3 games you can add to your list. fenix furia EU - 10000 deaths trophy & platnium fenix furia US - 10000 deaths trophy & platnium first games to ruin my 100%. as usual, i play the japanese version first offline. got the platinum. then synced all 3 to find the EU & US versions are glitched. to make things worse, people have 100%. no patch has been released messing up the trophies, but no one since 2016 has managed to get them. i have made 50 blank accounts and tried many different ways over 200 hours of game play. no luck boiling bolt - beat all challenges glitched - beat the game twice, backed up my save etc, no joy. second game to catch me out, cant play offline, so got 90% of the trophies on my spare account. jumped on my main, only to find out the 1 trophy i left out, was the 1 trophy thats glitched. great. and happens to be glitched on xbox also. good bye 100% =(
  10. glitched, just emailed the developers. so hopefully i hear back something soon
  11. most trophies are easy, as with many of these games. and its a great compilation, 10 times better than midway arcade origins that just had me pissed off all the time. the only tough trophy in the game is tempest, level select lv 81 and good luck. i would say thats 9/10. on the plus side of things, it only takes about 45 seconds to do. next up is yars revenge, i had never played it before and was worried i might not be able for it. i watched youtube videos, guys had double my scores at half way thru the game which made no sense. i kept going. took me 4 hrs too beat. as i suck, ill go with 8/10 warlords was enoying, can be done with multiple pads, still tricky tho. probably the best way to make this easy would be online multiplayer, everyone hold on to a flame, making this easy as pie =)
  12. great games, defiantly worth 20$ each, fun and very rewarding trophies.
  13. trophy will only unlock taking the left route, for anyone else wondering =)
  14. they work great, 1 or 2 early easy drifts also work. the rest has to be done legit. that sounds hard, but easy next to the dlc stars for checkpoints and overtaking
  15. i found this 100% real hard, i was expecting fun and easy, instead i got crap. terrible ai, and every course was a struggle.