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    Favourite gaming series: Dead Space, God Of War, Hitman, Grand Theft Auto, The Evil Within and Uncharted.
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  1. ICO - You Were There. One of my all time favourite songs in one of my all time favourite games. This song with the final scenes, make it one of the best (and most emotional) final sequences in a game.
  2. Hey, how's it hanging? Been awhile since I checked here lol.
  3. Undoubtedly Hitman: Absolution, because 1. I'm a huge fan of Hitman, and 2, because there is a trophy in it which is unobtainable due to them 'temporarily' closing the servers. Despite saying they would come back eventually, they never have. So the platinum is unobtainable. 🙄 😩
  4. Dead Space 2. One of my favourite horror games of the PS3 generation. You're literally there, just need to do the Hard Core setting.
  5. Has to be Hitman Absolution for PS3 since the online aspect was temporarily removed, but has never come back despite the fact it was supposedly 'temporary'. Edit: sorry but the formatting has screwed up, ended up quoting someone else by accident somehow and can't delete it.
  6. I did some solo boosting for this awhile ago as I have a PS3 and PS Vita. So tedious though lol. Need to get back to it, currently finishing something else.
  7. Haven't been on for awhile due to being ill. I've put yes by everything on the main page except for Overseer and Collector. If you want me to put your ID's next to the ones you personally earned could you list who earned them just so it makes it easier for me so I don't have to look through previous posts. Or I could just put both of your ID's next to each one if you want.
  8. Yes that's what I've been trying to say. The treasures never drop in the competitive modes, so it's completely unobtainable.
  9. Killzone 3 - while I can still get platinum for it, I'll never be able to get 100% for it.
  10. Watched the video. I use Wi-Fi for both my PC and PS3, I no longer use an Ethernet cable. So is it impossible to do this without an Ethernet cable?
  11. The online servers closed on the 3rd September 2019. It sounds like you're trying to play online, because that's the message you will get if you try to connect. This post is for discussing which trophies are still possible to get post-shutdown, using offline split screen mode (you will need a physical GOTY Edition for this, digital version is now useless) or LAN using a program called XLINK (again digital version is useless). It seems all co op trophies are still obtainable (the ones which have been confirmed are on the first page). Some of these are really difficult, nigh impossible to get on your own though so you need a physical partner to play in split screen with you, or play in LAN using XLINKAI (I've never used this though yet so someone else will have to explain it). It's worth mentioning that levelling up your offline split screen profile so you get access to the weapon upgrades and better perks will make it easier to get some of the more 'challenging' co op trophies like We Can Kill It. That reminds me, I forgot to update the main list. I'll do it later.
  12. Yeah I'm confusing the two lol. I haven't played U3 for over a month now so I'm gradually forgetting stuff. Collector is the one we are unsure about. Hoarder is the one I'm convinced is unobtainable. Fantastic!!! So basically what you're saying is when you use this XLINKAI thing, that only the host in LAN gets the trophy not the the other two players who have joined. So you have to repeat it two more times if they need it. I'm down for trying this if anyone else still needs All Together Now/Triumvirate and Look Out Below. However, someone is going to have to explain how I use this XLINKAI programme as I'm not aware how it works. It would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Collector is definitely unobtainable because treasures won't drop in offline split screen for PvP matches like deathmatch. You can't level up in them either, because once I finished a match my level was reset. Even though I haven't personally tested it, from what I've read online I'm pretty sure the same will apply to LAN regarding Collector. As for Hoarder though I'm not entirely sure. Since I never invested any time doing them while the servers were still up I don't have any experience if treasures obtained on Hard are rarer, I would think they are. I'm guess I'm not the best person to ask because I completely ignored the treasures, as I thought it was a hard enough boost with grinding the kills and getting things like Overseer etc. I would like 100% confirmation if Triumvirate or Look Out Below are obtainable in LAN or not, as those were the only other trophies I wanted to get but ran out of time for. If they are I would look into using this XLINKAI thing.
  14. Yep you can get duplicates. So you could be looking for hours what you want and it won't drop. This is because it's RNG based. The drops are completely random. For this reason alone I thought "fuck it, I'm not even going to bother to try get these before the shut down".😎 If Collector turns out to be obtainable in split screen co op I may attempt it some time in the future.
  15. I'll update the main one on the first page. These new ones were obtained in offline split screen right? Not LAN.