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  1. I tried to connect since I can see people have said it's working again, and it worked for like around 5+ minutes for me, I managed to look at the Wall. After finishing a singleplayer race it disconnected. Now every time I try to reconnect it says "you are not connected to the Autolog servers". EA and their shitty servers [shrugs] lol.
  2. This is 100% confirmed as dead then? I just moved house so I've had a lot of sh*t going on, but was planning on 'trying' to boost it soon. Literally just started trying to boost old PS3 stuff again. Weird because they notified about the closures for Undercover, Shift etc. and I managed to boost those 2. But then again this is EA so...[shrugs] lol.
  3. The original GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas releases on PSN. I had 'bank issues' days before they were going to be delisted so was unable to buy them. Sucks to be me lol. I do at least have the original PS2 copies though. It just would have been nice to replay the 'originals' on PS4, rather than the uncanny valley GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. Those character models lmao. 😬😱
  4. I started boosting the online before the announcement, and could hardly get enough together. Then the announcement came and it flooded the game. When we boosted there was absolutely no organisation to it whatsoever. People not taking turns, not knowing what to do, throwing tantrums, storming off and leaving the group, name calling etc. It wasn't a healthy boost at all. Then I had to grind all the way to level 50. By then I didn't feel like doing challenge mode at all, but did it anyway which p**sed me off even more with some of the stupid requirements. Thank god we don't have to get a platinum medal for each chapter for the trophy. So I've definitely had enough of MP3, probably won't return to it for years lmao.😝
  5. I'm completely done with all the online stuff, reached level 50 last week. Luckily I did heists for GTA V PS3 awhile ago. Also finished RDR1 awhile ago too (even though that isn't shutting down). Moving onto NFS Shift now which is a lot easier.
  6. I have to leave NYM and NYM Hardcore. I'm assuming both will be obtainable after closure. Doing the boost almost broke me so I need to move onto something different. 🤕
  7. Rockstar would be the best ones to ask what will happen. I've only seen a short statement saying that singleplayer will continue to work, but I didn't see them specifically state what modes that encompasses (ie like challenge mode for instance). If someone has already asked and its out there already that it won't be a mode that's accessible after closure, then fine the theory doesn't work. I was just reporting what I found to the original post. But like I originally stated I wouldn't want to risk it anyway even if there was a 50/50 chance of it working after closure. It's best to do it now while you know you have a 100% chance of getting it.
  8. Yes, 'signed into PSN' which you will still be able to do after the MP3 servers are closed. It may or may not work. I don't know how the servers closing will affect accessing challenge mode. It may not affect it at all and the mode will still be playable, or the servers closing may cause it to become unplayable somehow, like I originally stated. That's why I said if you don't want to risk not getting it, do it before the closure date.
  9. 1. First select challenge mode so you're in the chapter select part (while still signed in). 2. Then go to the XMB and go to the Account Management option/symbol. 3. Press triangle and select Sign Out. 4. The game didn't boot me out of the challenge mode chapter select, so you should be good.
  10. I played the last two chapters in challenge mode offline (signed out of PSN) and I earned It Looked Easy Enough, so based on that, in theory the 2 challenge mode trophies should still be obtainable. Unless, them shutting the servers down makes challenge mode inaccessible somehow (like some sort of bug or glitch), but I was able to play it while being signed out. If you really don't want to risk leaving it, I'd say do it before the closure just to be safe.
  11. Yeah basically if they were 'considering' shutting them down they should have notified about the closures way, way sooner. Like last year sooner. Since they didn't notify us, not even when the webstore was redesigned, the honest and decent thing to do was give everyone a years notice. 'Considering' means they've been thinking on this, possibly for awhile. Funny how they've had time to consider it, but they're giving us hardly any time to make purchases in the middle of a bloody pandemic, and lots of people are in financial difficulties. As for the Vita, I mean they never had any love for it. EVER. It's like a disowned child. They made it, promised us 'PS3 quality' games, then abandoned about a year or so after. Never seen a company disown a piece of hardware so quick. Then it turned into something else. While it does have some PS3 quality games on it (Killzone Mercenary is the best looking game on there) it became this portable indie machine (which could also play PS1 and PSP games), and I really liked that direction it went in. Even more so than what it was originally intended for. I really liked the indies I've played on it like Gunhouse for example. The PS3 closure is bad, I get that games/DLC will still be lost but quite a lot of PS3 games have been remastered/ported to PS4, and there's also PS Now (which isn't that great but at least it's something). With the Vita I think there's far more on there which is going to be lost. Yeah I feel sorry for the Vita developers, especially since they're indie developers, and not big developers with triple A budgets. People will probably be put off buying a Vita now. However there are still options, buy physical Vita games. I know a lot of indie games on the Vita have had Limited Run physical releases. The only problem here is you've got to have pretty deep pockets, especially with the Limited Run games which will skyrocket in value after this. The other option is to hack the Vita with custom firmware, which I'm definitely considering now. I am wondering about the cross-buy games with PS4 though. If you buy a PS4 game which could also be played on the Vita, will you be able to download it to the Vita or not after the closure? I don't know, since the email isn't even clear about how redownloading games will work on the Vita, since the Download List is in the Store.
  12. I'm definitely against this decision they've made. But okay they've decided to close them, I can't do anything about that. However what really irks me is the way this is being handled. For starters 3 months notice for PS3, and 5 months for the Vita is ridiculous. It should of been 'at least' a year, just like how PS+ games being stopped for PS3 and PS Vita was given a years notice. How they come up with 3 and 5 months is beyond me, especially when the world has just been through some really tough times. That's not going to be enough time for everyone to get everything they want. Not asking for a sale because I know there won't be one (although it would be a nice incentive). But they should of given us a decent amount of time to buy whatever we want, and a year would of been what was acceptable in my mind. The other thing is regarding the Vita, as there's no clarity in their email. They say we'll be able to re-download games via the Download Lists, but the Download List is inside the store on PS Vita so how is this going to work? The Vita closure surprises me the most here though, since the digital store for that has had a shorter lifespan than the PS3 and the PSP. Plus there are (or were) releases planned for the Vita in 2021, so I'm assuming whatever was to be released will be cancelled now. The Vita is essentially a digital indie machine which has plenty of unique games which aren't available on PS3, PS4 or PS Now. I guess I will have to try and get custom homebrew which I've always been wary of because of been banned. Since the system is literally dead though I guess that's very unlikely.
  13. Resistance 3 because the servers are now closed.
  14. Was going to say Bloodborne (or any Soulsboune game) as I find them anxiety inducing so don't play them, until I saw you have 100% in Uncharted 4. So the 100% for Uncharted 4, I still need to do those 2 hard Survival trophies but haven't been able to bring myself to do them yet lol.
  15. Mad Max - Looks like a decent game. But I don't own it, and I know one trophy is now unobtainable due to the servers been closed so I'll never play it as it will just be another unobtainable platinum on my profile and I have enough of those lol.