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  1. Still works! Thanks!!
  2. "are u silly" gives league champions and victorious starting from today. please leave club after you get the trophies!
  3. Looking to get these trophies done this weekend, have a strategy that takes 10min max, need 4 players min for it. Message me if interested -> psn djquest
  4. Argh, read on reddit forums that it works :/ will try to find the thread again and correct them..
  5. Draft champions master sets give u the trophy. Gotta grind 35 draft champions wins, that’s all it takes. Afaik u won’t get it with completing just one hero set but only with the jagr master one
  6. If you don’t have a master collectable from past timed set, you can still get the trophy completing the draft champions set or the heroes master set, the first being a bit easier and a lot cheaper
  7. Need new romulus 4.7 & 6.5 Can pay 6m EC eac
  8. Guys, when you join a club just to get a trophy, unjoin it afterwards so others can get it too!
  9. If anybody is still missing some of those EASHL trophies, join Playoff Trophy Team
  10. the strangest thing - I don't remember ever purchasing da vinci or playing it but yeah, after installing it, everything works. thanks!
  11. Hey, just picked up ACB after a couple of years, thought of cleaning up the trophies.. the multiplayer kind of works (when you can get a connection) but when I try to load the story, I get "Load failed. A required downloadable content is missing". I installed the Copernicus and Animus update 1.0 & 2.0 with the game and probably the latest patch is installed also. Has anyone else ran into this thing?