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  1. Damn. Was wondering why the new dlc section is literally nothing but Payday lol.
  2. The timestamps aren't legitimate and the proof is in the pudding. If you have something to prove it glitched then by all means feel free to post it. Otherwise complain all you like, there's no glitch that suddenly pop all hardest trophies in the game within seconds.
  3. Right, all of a sudden we start hearing of glitches we should've heard about years ago when the game was popular. I know there's glitches people don't report about, I get that, but when nearly everyone that's been flagged only then decides to speak up it makes me suspicious.
  4. The only thing that looks wrong is the challenge trophies. You earnt all of them besides "Freeflow Gold" within seconds. I've never heard of these trophies glitching on anyone as it registers as soon as you complete the challenge.. i'm not buying this. Can you link to where you read others having similar problems?
  5. I saw that too. But he didn't "earn" it so I never posted.
  6. Trophies pop instantly, stats don't save to servers instantly unless he performed an action of some sort. Usually every 5-10 minutes is an automatic save, then there's saves when you make a purchase, complete a job, finish a race etc. I don't think earning RP is a factor since you can get cruising RP and there's no auto save symbol when that happens. I'm not sure what he/she was doing at the time so I can't back them up. But I do know the servers don't save instantly. If they returned to single player after getting the trophies it would've saved too. Also to turn off your console to not pop trophies is a lot easier said than done. I'd like to know how the RP was put into his profile. If he just sat there and got it then he didn't do an action of any significance which could be why it might not have saved. Edit: Just realised the social club has a page specifically for trophies on the profile. So if he got the trophy then one would assume it would save to the servers at the same time.
  7. He said he tried his best to turn off the console before the trophies popped. Automatically this says to me the RP wouldn't have had any chance to save to his profile, which is why it shows as 30-31 and never updated to 100.
  8. I think the leaderboards update every 3 hours if I recall correctly. Give it some time and you'll be back on
  9. Currently Far Cry 2 and trying to 100% Nioh with my friend when he's online
  10. I like the idea. Will get a lot more professional replies too.
  11. You unlocked EVERY challenge trophy just seconds apart and in the wrong order. That's not possible unless you manipulated saves or used another persons save.
  12. Unlocking 100% 6 seconds after would've been completely fine if the predator challenges were the last thing he needed. Unfortunately they were not and he unlocked the trophy for solving all riddles way after.
  13. I also think this should be lifted for the same reason @MMDE stated. Played with him too and he's a pretty genuine guy
  14. Whoever flagged you for this was extremely picky. What you say is very possible as they're both paid DLC's and not a free update. Uncharted 3 should be lifted. Can't comment on Batman as I haven't played it.
  15. Exactly