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  1. Thanks for this, I just bought a PS4 a few days ago. I've only got GTA V for it at the moment, but I will most likely be getting Wolfenstein at some point as I've noticed its really cheap!
  2. I only got 2 free days of PS plus so I'd keep an eye on ya budget if you wanna play online.
  3. Yeah I'm up for this. I'm currently on my 2nd playthrough on Survivor difficulty where I'm kinda struggling with Peach Wilkins. As much as I love this game, unfortunately I'll have to do a 3rd playthrough because one of the audio diaries disappeared in Steinman's lab. WARNING: DO NOT USE TELEKENIS ON THE CORPSE WHEN FIGHTING DR STEINMAN BEFORE LOOTING THE AUDIO DIARY OFF OF IT AS IT WILL MOST LIKELY DISAPPEAR!
  4. The problem with killing good NPC'S is that you get XP for it and therefore rank up before changing karma status. I'm naturally an evil player so I had to donate to the preacher in Megaton to gain positive karma. If I was good I would just log in and out of someone's computer for a few minutes and usually drop at least one karma status and wouldn't gain any XP from it. That way you're safe from ranking up unintentionally.
  5. I will always go back to The Walking Dead as you get the plat with just a single playthrough. It deserves at least 2.
  6. I just hope it works as well on PS4 as it does Xbox One. Even now when I play I get constant lag and freeze at least once a session. Whereas for Xbox the loading times are quicker and I don't have any of the issues I get on PS3 and I think the DLC came out earlier for Xbox at the time. Typing this is giving me the shivers.
  7. Would be very painful but funny if they made it exclusive to Xbox.
  8. 44.. yuk
  9. Great game but make sure you play it in bursts, no marathons.
  10. Trophies are my main source of replayability so there aren't many, then again I only have 5 platinum's. So to answer your question, The Walking Dead S1...
  11. My DP suggests Two and a Half Men.
  12. Still only 31-50%.. I'm gonna try and change that though!
  13. Batman: Arkham Knight Bloodborne FIFA 16 (obviously) Just Cause 3 Mortal Kombat X No Mans Sky ...and a ps4
  14. #5: Ratchet Gladiator. This game gave me a lot of nostalgic pleasure as it was one of my go-to games on the PS2. The game itself is extremely fun and easy and it shouldn't take anyone long to plat. Grabbing every single skill point does become a bit tedious but that's probably because I'm a very impatient gamer. So yeah, worth a buy, especially if you're a fan of the series.
  15. Physical. Like to show off my games on the shelf.