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  1. Note to self : Flappy Goat will be the death of me.

    1. holland046


      lol.. it almost cost me a controller.. and with no controllers i'm death too.

  2. What are some games (other then the borderlands series) that you can get the platinum together in co-op?
  3. Add me on PSN RebelliousStorm. PS3,4,and vita.
  4. Just wondering on good ways to help me and my friends level up.
  5. I'm sticking it out and not worrying about. I don't care about what other people think, I never have and i never will. I was just exploring my options..
  6. I think im going to stick it out.
  7. My trophy goal has always been to have 100% game completion in trophies and well recently I don't think i'm going to be able to platinum Terraria, and Far Cry 2 so my question is should i keep going and and not play anything until I get 100%? Or should I start all over?
  8. Well I'm going to get it soon so if any of you want to boost with me let me know. Because im going to need people
  9. I really want to platinum all of the Far Cry games but I don't know if ill be able to get enough people for the multiplayer trophies. Should I try going for it? Is it even possible at this point?
  10. I just completed The Walking Dead Season 2 on Ps4 and I wish i could update my trophies.....
  11. Hey thanks everyone. Sadly i thought it was something else. oh well
  12. And is it on Psn store? Ive looked but had no luck.
  13. God damn it i was just about to go out and buy this game and go for the platinum. Im happy now i didnt,thanks for the info.
  14. I platinumed it!
  15. Hey thanks Zanzarro! I have been thinking about that part yellowwindow7. I think ill be ok past it.