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  1. Vulcan unleashed weekly challenge Gold 1- 60 points
  2. Yes your trophy won’t unlock until the current season ends and you receive your reward on the 1st October
  3. The wrc 9 collector guide should be up by tonight, the joys of playing wrc 9 and project cars 3 at the same time
  4. Each crew member has a colour on their card you need orange for 4 crew members all in the active crew to get your troohy here is a guide from wrc 8, same rules apply in wrc 9 but the colour of the legendary crew has changed in wrc 9
  5. my stats say 2 online races and the trophy only unlocked after the second race and that was a win so has it been programmed to a win rather than complete?
  6. Money only appears when you level up I’m currently driver level 7 and I get 15,000 for each time I I level up each chevron
  7. Do we know the exact races that you Need to get challenge objectives done?
  8. Go to your driver card then choose the accolades tab and finally look for the accolade task master mine said 98 I then got 2 more objectives and the objectively brilliant unlocked I think objectives earned in championship races don’t count
  9. Go into the rivals screen and in the top right hand corner it will inform you how many days are left in the current season, below that is the points you have scored
  10. A players trophy stats update regularly, a games stats seems to only update every 24 hours so this time tomorrow it will have more accurate stats
  11. Don’t think it would be a wrc trophy list if it was not bugged in some way or another, took me 3 online stages to get the challenger trophy
  12. Here is a trophy guide for wrc 9 most of the trophies are duplicates from wrc 8
  13. So the August season has reached its conclusion and I secured a total of 290 points but still got my trophy, so treat this as a heads up that you can get the trophy for scoring less than the required 300 points, hopefully others have got their trophies this way
  14. Just like PC1 with the community events so we need a patch to fix this issue
  15. I won the road e World Series and it did not unlock the invitational event that goes with winning that championship so some core game algorithms might be a bit off