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  1. The last patch temporarily enabled the feature and EA asked for feedback on the mode so hopefully it gets fixed
  2. The mode does work and the trophy unlocks but it’s cam be tricky getting a match
  3. Move the ball away from the goal then make the pass, the guide below shows you how to perfect it
  4. This guide will help you find the correct settings screen
  5. You need an online connection for 3 trophies which are challenging the best Clan leader It’s the taking part that counts
  6. Here is a collector guide which should clear up any issues you have with getting those 4 legendary crew
  7. Based on how career mode works you will make natural progress towards level 80 as you progress into the wrc class, all activities you participate in give XP, here is a wrc 10 guide
  8. Fastest way would be social play with no qualifying session but you can help yourself with progress towards qualifying master and tracked addiction by doing it in ranked lobbies and when you consider you have to rack up 50 hours track time any progress is helpful
  9. I got it via league and ranked , if like 2020 merely touching kerbs can negate it
  10. That’s good to hear that some of the online content can be done in coop, I assumed you could not based of the trophy descriptions
  11. You can make some trophy progress in a coop season like positive vibes, go easy on them, R&D lover, but online only trophies like 5 wins, 10 clean races etc will not unlock
  12. Here is a guide for remembering your roots
  13. A guide has already been created for f1 2021 courtesy of griffins gaming guides , looks easier than previous games but this list looks more grindy
  14. You could alter your region by pressing triangle in the multiplayer menu, you may get a better connection to a region with less players connecting to the servers
  15. Like all gear in borderlands 3 it can be sold to and bought bank from a vendor but sell it and leave the map and it’s gone for good here is a guide for might beyond sight and this run can be done with no encounters