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  1. Watching some of the YouTube videos just before the World Cup update went live people who were invited to play the word cup mode were getting trophies for completing SBC challenges within the World Cup menu so I would say yes you can get the master builder trophy
  2. @FilmFanatic I played project cars from day one and it took me 23 events to get the community ambassador as it was some what glitched when originally released a patch released tried to fix the problem so hopefully it works now and you get the trophy after 20 events, looking st the event schedule it seems they have re-released old events
  3. Play the game naturally you will reach 2000 miles before the platinum so no need to grind any miles
  4. I had got stuck on the touchscreen trophy defend spargus from attack, so I entered the code on my vita, I could not get the 2nd part of the code to work After looking at the cutscene that follows the above trophy I got nothing so I watched a couple scenes and the only trophy I could unlock was the final boss trophy i have since beat the touchscreen trophies and got the platinum so debug mode works on the vita but does not systematically unlock trophies like the PS4 version
  5. Let me put a call of duty timeline in for you 2008 zombies - treyarch 2009 special ops - infinity ward 2010 zombies - treyarch 2011 special and survival ops - infinity ward 2012 zombies - treyarch 2013 extinction - infinity ward 2014 zombies - sledgehammer 2015 zombies - treyarch 2016 zombies - infinity ward 2017 zombies - sledgehammer 2018 zombies - treyarch so yes treyarch did create zombies and yes it’s popular amongst the call of duty community but they are just releasing the same concept every year hence no originality on what they release now, they have a budget why not bring out something new alongside zombies in bo4?
  6. Zombie chronicles was announced in may and released in June so a one month timescale is more than feasible
  7. I would certainly buy the game because infinity ward tried to do something different in their games with special ops/survival ops and extinction mode rather than treyarch cashing in on zombies (time to say sorry because all treyarch seem to do is black ops and zombies which is no originality in my opinion) To play special ops again I think would hook more players into the series that in one way or another did not play the game on original release back in 2009
  8. I like cake as long as it's Black Forest gateaux 😎
  9. Do I get the bonus prize for platting the hardest game?
  10. Over 300 points is great for just one game but now I need a break from ultra rare plats so on,y easier games fir the next few weeks
  11. GT Sport Platinum is done rarity 0.64%
  12. GT Sport platinum

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    2. dermarx


      Congrats :yay:

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  13. Im having the same problem with GT Sport, I'm on a roll for poles and wins and can't break away from the game when I'm getting close to some of those rare gold trophies, seems Dr Mayus will win after the plat rain day they had
  14. Sounds like a good contest is building up so please count me in