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  1. Finally we have the achievements for borderlands 3 so it’s safe to say this will be the trophy list as well
  2. For the uk prices range from £35-£40 so with each new edition which basically includes a new season the price tag keeps going up so an easy plat but a very expensive one
  3. In an age that trophy hunters want easy plats this certainly has to be top of the list and the release of this new title will keep many happy, I have yet to play the final season so I certainly would like to know how it all ends so a purchase from me is on the cards
  4. I think it’s affecting everyone as I have received no exp for 2 weeks
  5. Thanks for your kind comment, for years I have looked at used other people’s guides as a way of getting games complete but then thought it’s time to give back to the community. the thread now has 4 video guides up and more will be added, yes most are easily to obtain and most will know how to get the majority but this is for new players who have not yet entered the world of final fantasy viii
  6. Hi all the release day of final fantasy 8 remaster has finally arrived, for those who have not played this game before your in for a real treat To help those who are unsure I will add video guides below so we can all get those trophies done and out the way as quick as possible Here we have the magician guide where you have to draw magic from enemies 100 times Next up we have the siren troohy where you unlock the guardian force siren Another guardian force Diablos Next up is the guardian force brothers Find all 12 timber maniacs magazines and earn a gold trophy in the process
  7. Qualifying for me was key to gaining points because front 2 row starts means you can avoid the carnage. Yes you need luck on turn 1 of most circuits but with a clean getaway you can hold decent places, most of the time you will have faster drivers pass you but I say let them past without fighting them. i say that because so many times I would let one past and a few corners later would see them crash into someone who won’t give up the place. This is s long trophy so take breaks to not burn yourself out and most importantly no matter how bad a start never rage quit because your points drop worse than finishing in last
  8. The trophies/achievements have been revealed for final fantasy VIII remastered. I’m looking for to this game massively, what do you think about the trophies?
  9. For me I got cool and calm after the Monza race season 2, what seemed to help was the F2 rivals Lukas and Butler were always front row after qualifying and on the podium after the race. This meant in the interview I was asked how I felt about sharing the front row/podium with the former F2 rival enabling me to give the “I’m thrilled answer” and thus increasing my sportsman rating quite easily. I was still asked about upgrade department questions which I always answers because I think giving no comment can and did end the interview abruptly so as a result I was not asked the subsequent questions that can upgrade your rating
  10. The only bit of good news is the trophy will unlock once you win a custom event driving the correct car
  11. Could not agree more I was 1950 and in a lobby of 6 winning and my points did not alter, finally after the lobby reached 10 did I start to gain points, you need guaranteed points for podium finishes in a future patch thankfully I have now got the trophy done and out the way, the best way to get this trophy is podium in big lobbies and try to maintain a minimum safety rating of B to aid a cleaner race
  12. Patch 1.05 has been released it fixed the first ten down trophy amongst other things its 2.5gb
  13. If like f1 2018 which had the glitched skill rsting trophy when the patch releases to fix the trophy it should unlock after one race
  14. I had 1800 skill points and on pole for Australia, got deliberately taken out st the first corner by someone who simple did not break ine DNF and my skill points dropped to 1662 and this was an A rated safety lobby
  15. You cable breathe a sigh of relief that it’s not one of the many glitched trophies, I know codemasters will patch those that don’t work but please test it so this kind of thing does not happen