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  1. Here is footage for the executive decision so you know what your looking for on the department event it’s potentially missable if you decline to answer the questions
  2. For visual reference here is a link to YouTube
  3. With the objectives complete the actual event is located in the semi pro career under grid challenges you need to win with 33% health remaining then with that done the troohy should unlock
  4. It’s a glitch that’s been present since the game launched, you have to keep doing leagues until the trophy unlocks and for me it took 3 attempts
  5. Here is a link to braking points for each corner, it’s a test that is hard at first but learn the dry line and you can shave seconds off the gold time with a bit of confidence
  6. This issue has arrived thanks to the 2.00 patch which unfortunately has caused more problems than solutions i have the platinum and according to my game I still have not completed 3 of the sponsor objectives so we can only hope a future patch can sort it out once and for all
  7. In the current gaming climate a hard list won’t sell extra copies of games beyond the fan base the goes for all games from all genres, black ops cons war gas s much higher platinum rate than 4 or 3 fifa 22 is the easiest Fifa in years hopefully this trend changes but why would a developer create something difficult when they can cash in on easy
  8. Today is gran turismo 7 platinum day for most people and it’s all thanks to @SiC for the dedication of this thread
  9. I got lucky and got the trophy on the night the mode went live, all 4 players connect to each other over the matchmaking so unless all 4 players need to be in the same territory to get the best possible chance of the mode working
  10. In coop you both play as the host team so if the trophy was to unlock it would only do so for the host but I can’t confirm the method works I can confirm you can get the trophy if the opponent rage quits
  11. Fifa 22 is the easiest Fifa in years but that does not stop it from having points of difficulty spikes especially in multiplayer matches that lead to those trophies pro clubs is easy as long as the club you join os willing to work as a team, the win streak can be moderately frustrating but you won’t face a Fifa elite player as you don’t have relegation in this years division rivals so the sooner you can do it the better as you won’t move up the divisions, other trophies require certain moves to be done like bicycle kicks and back heel passes but these can be done versus the AI here is an alternate guide with video links to show you exactly what you need to do in Fifa 22
  12. That was done with the Ford mark IV race car and did not give the trophy so you have to buy all 3 cars
  13. In a word practice is the only way to secure gold in all license tests, learning the car and test is vital to been able to go faster, The less assists you have enabled the quicker you will go, here is a link for visual reference on driving lives for the national B license And a YouTube guide on golfing all license tests
  14. Community members put a lot of thought and positivity into trying to figure out a confusing trophy description and they deserve the plaudits for never giving up, and you repay them by saying you forced me into wasting money buying these cars well shame on you
  15. Like most I don’t agree with micro transactions but the overall fact is you don’t have to buy them just because they are in the game