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  1. The issues with watch the delta and living the dream have been around since launch Patch 1.06 was meant to fix it but I think more trophy unlocking difficulties have re-surfaced since the Colin McRae dlc was realised in march. From various sources the following trophies are currently buggy and best known solutions Living the dream - keep buying all the different cars until it unlocks, cars can be sold to make some money back watch the delta - same as living the dream keep Buying all cars until it unlocks and again cars can be sold to make money back wheel spin - can’t be done in career mode or historic championship mode so do it in a custom championship some minor wear and tear - dlc car purchases don’t count so buy base game cars Rocky road - does not always unlock on exactly 10 stages so just keep completing stages That’s dedication - need to reach the finish line in all stages of the 3 weekly events, promo and special events don’t count Upgraded- does not always unlock on maximum upgrade for 5th car so downgrade engine then upgrade again sadly I’m sure the game probably has more than the list above and also the list above is not a 100% working fix for the trophies, these are the best known solutions One day codemasters might finally fix all these issues
  2. It’s been made by the UK bank NatWest to teach children how to earn and save money, all part of its moneysense programme it rolled out earlier this year
  3. 2 new group b 4wd daily challenges appeared today These are the details- Argentina- Camino de acantilados y rocas 3.29 miles long, dry surface, midday New Zealand- ocean beach spring forward 4.11 miles, dry surface, midday With that information a dummy run can be done in custom championship which will get you ready for the real run
  4. it will unlock on completion of the 3rd and final event
  5. this guide seems to be the most accurate as In the audio it says to reach top tier depends on the length of the stage rather than saying you need top 10% you need to be about 20 seconds off a 3 mile stage, about 40 seconds off a 4-5 mile stage and 1 min off top time for a 6+ mile stage
  6. I know for sure others will feel the same, but don’t get down over this run the event will appear again and you can take your revenge on this challenge next time Always take note of the positives like you said you were o seconds off well next time others might have a more flawed race, anyone who gets top tier probably won’t tackle the challenge again meaning the top tier should be easier to reach
  7. The MG Metro is a group b car but you won’t be able to enter the Quattro into that event so no it won’t get you the trophy, sorry to be the bearer of bad news
  8. you can use this one as it covers all the info you need to obtain a platinum
  9. The cars you buy are all assigned to your online save so cloud save won’t eork ypu can get the trophy your after and sell the cars but you willl only get about 70% of the money back
  10. A group b (4wd event (Quattro trophy) has appeared today Friday 17th April but it’s a bonus event so to participate you need to own the Finland rally it has been a week now since a standard daily challenge went live so are codemasters trying to tempt ps plus owners into a making additional purchases to get this trophy done and out the way?
  11. After you set the time with the Quattro and are returned back to the events menu you can press r1 (I think) to get a rough idea of your time compared to others and this will give you a rough idea of your finishing tier This updates as more times are set so it’s not 100% guess work, as most guides suggest a faultless run should see you in for top tier and the trophy 👍
  12. the group b daily community event normally appears about once a week, when the game first came out the trophy was glitched and it took codemasters 6 weeks to release a patch that fixed it the power of the car is savage but that’s how it was back then so I think codemasters have done a good job In accurately replicating this car
  13. Nearly every codemasters game has a win or at least compete with all assists turned off trophy The best way around this is to run a stage in Spain called subida por carrefera it’s a very short stage at less than 3 miles in length and only has a couple of really heaving braking points, no hairpins and been tarmac the H1 cars are easy to control the AI will set a time of around 3.15-3.20 and this stage can be done in under 3 mins Take your time to learn the stage and the heavy braking points and soon enough you will set fast times even with no assists this video guide shows the course in action
  14. this guide shows you that even in a short stage you can be over 15’sefpnds quicker and make mistakes
  15. This guide has much more depth and gives car values for the purchase trophies