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  1. Champion star could be for reaching max rank online as the trophy follows the rank 10 and 25 in the trophy list
  2. I have a painted item Uncommon Trahere wheels for trade, all I ask in return is either one rare item or two uncommon items i also have a certified item uncommon derby topper but this is NOT veteran status because it's a juggler item so if you would like it make an offer I also have the Dominus GT:Unmasked rare decal for trade this is a tactician (centre balls) certified item for trade make an offer for this item as the car was only available as a reward for champion crate 1 so it's a rare decal to car on a rare car psn valenort46
  3. In hardcore mode when you die that's it, only way is to cloud save after 2-3 missions and then that data to make sure if you die you can have a backup to re-download and continue
  4. Plat 103: WRC 6

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      Congrats man 👍

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      Congrats! :D 

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      Nice job!

  5. This method work perfectly for me and after only 10 games I got the trophy
  6. The mystery of this trophy has been solved I did the first two weekly challenges as normal then though experimentation I created a second account and used local coop to bring in my main character. Once the mission was completed and you see the results screen the trophy unlocked for my main character
  7. Jak 2 Vita platinum, glad that it's over and done with

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      Wow congrats! I envy you haha xD

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      *pat* *pat* grats... Grats...

  8. Going to watch the Moto GP from silver stone tomorrow and I can't wait

  9. The developers have been made aware of the problem thanks to Elmo on the official project cars forum, it took 23 events for me to get my trophy and platinum and all people can do is to keep entering the events as the trophy will unlock eventually, on the known issues lust means it's been acknowledged as a fault and within reason a fix should be made
  10. Infamous first light plat, a gem of a game what second son should of been

  11. GTA V - PS4 is back to 100%

  12. Pure pool ps4 platinum 0.12% rarity

  13. I have done certain trophies as a milestone on my profile like: 1st Trophy penniless from Gran Turismo 5 because i had just bought the ps3 with gt5 I stopped playing penguins of madagascar so my 1000th trophy could be "Never Give Up" from Dead Nation and made sure that Dead Nation was my 25th Plat
  14. Contempt from Infamous Second Son