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  1. Oh! You have such a perfect life, don't you?
  2. I've seen someone fall off the edge of the map and it spawned them back into the game and they had to escape through the exit again.
  3. Yes, it's happened to me before. To fix it, you run back to the exit and it'll count as you escaping.
  4. I would like to see a more comprehensive tutorial that teaches survivors and killers everything they need to know before they go online. What I mean by this is a tutorial on how to use every perk effectively and a practice mode against bots. This tutorial can vary from beginner to advanced and it gets more detailed the more time you spend practising. I always thought it would be a good idea to explain perks like 'Borrowed Time' to new players or teach specific builds that you can use. Also, a story mode would be cool. I always imagined it being a single player experience with AI teammates that you'd have to work with and objectives that you'd have to complete like 'Escape the match with everyone alive.' It could be like you have to help Laurie Strode escape from Michael Myers on Haddonfield. Your objective would be to make sure she survives the trial. If she dies, you fail or something like that.
  5. You're forgetting about tier 3 Unbreakable, which increases your recovery time by 25%. Unbreakable complements Flip-Flop and you could use Tenacity to crawl away from a hook if you're in a bad position while you recover at the same time.
  6. There's only three islands though.
  7. Thank you for saying that. It's so reassuring.
  8. I did this last night and it only took me 24 minutes.
  9. Yes, your profile is good.
  10. Your progress doesn't carry over. You have to start the game from scratch when you boot up the other version.
  11. Save the explosive red barrels for when you get stuck.
  12. A remake isn't supposed to copy everything from the original exactly how it was. That's the whole point of a remake. They are remaking it so there will be new things included that weren't there in the original game.
  13. I bet she will be the Mayor's daughter like in the original RE2. We all know what happened to her in the end.
  14. Everyone knows about this.
  15. You can unlock unlimited ammo to help you get the trophies.