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  1. I did this last night and it only took me 24 minutes.
  2. Yes, your profile is good.
  3. Your progress doesn't carry over. You have to start the game from scratch when you boot up the other version.
  4. Save the explosive red barrels for when you get stuck.
  5. A remake isn't supposed to copy everything from the original exactly how it was. That's the whole point of a remake. They are remaking it so there will be new things included that weren't there in the original game.
  6. I bet she will be the Mayor's daughter like in the original RE2. We all know what happened to her in the end.
  7. Everyone knows about this.
  8. You can unlock unlimited ammo to help you get the trophies.
  9. Have you guys even played the game? You unlock the ability to change costumes after you beat the game.
  10. That's a really good idea. I might try that.
  11. You need a full party. Unless you know a way to kill your AI teammates and the enemy team?
  12. I can confirm this works. I got the "Bounty Hunter" trophy today.
  13. That's really good advice. I'll try it out sometime. Thanks!
  14. Can you post a screenshot of the conversation here please?
  15. Yes, but after looking at your timestamps I see you got one trophy in 2015 and then you took the game seriously in May, 2017 and finished the base game by December, 2017. Realistically, it would take someone 8 months to finish the base game.