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  1. If they removed the option to struggle while on the hook then that would render the perk 'Deliverance' useless and it would negate some of the trophies where you have to unhook yourself and escape.
  2. I've been in and out of sleep over the death of Kobe Bryant.
  3. Your progress is saved on their server so your stats carry over to the different version you play. Thus, unlocking trophies automatically as you've already met the requirements.
  4. Crash Bandicoot has already made a comeback. Not suited for PS5? Explain.
  5. Tombi/Tomba or Bust a Groove. (PS1)
  6. This game died years ago.
  7. As long as you complete each chapter with that difficulty.
  8. I've had that corrupt error happen with me but with Dead by Daylight. I had to delete the entire game and download everything again from scratch.
  9. Check to see if you have enough space on your PS4 to download. Requires double the amount of space of the game or you'll get an error message.
  10. That's it. The game saves the platinum from the challenges but doesn't register that you've completed them but this only happens when the servers are acting up.
  11. Did you guys know you can exploit the broken servers and complete your dailies multiple times over? That's what I did to get the last few DLC operations I needed without having to do months of grinding.
  12. I can't think of anyone who is well known for trophy hunting.
  13. It's easier to find killer games than it is to find survivor games in AU/NZ region.
  14. That's easy for you to say since you're from Europe. The game is dead in my part of the world. (Australia)
  15. It's going to be really difficult to complete the list for a third time since no one plays this anymore.