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  1. Mirrors Edge Attain a Time Trial star rating of 90.
  2. First game Persona 4, the reason i bought the console 4 years ago First plat, Sly Cooper First and only physical game so far: Dragons crown i bought earlier this year.
  3. Many thanks, super exited now about starting up a second run of Origin, and if the Celeceta PS4 version comes to EU i will definitely play that as well.
  4. Absolutlely love the Ys games, at least the ones i played. Got all 3 plats of the games on the Vita and lately i have been wanting to start playing Origin on the Ps4. Its a bit grindy but such a lovely game. @Dragon-Archonif you would honor me with these badges i would super appreciate it. Celceta Karna, YsVIII Adol, Origin Hugo.
  5. Finally some Vita games on sale, so far bought Tales of hears R but will get more games later. Thinking about FFX/X2, any of the Kemco games.
  6. Never heard of this before but it sounds and looks really fun, will definitely get this on the vita.
  7. So which enemies are the Barragers? And also, in order to score 2mil, do you need to clear all the extra stages?
  8. Alot of the trophies seems to be glitched, Beat Col and Deadliest didnt pop for me. Edit: Beat Col popped the second time, scored first time 6mil and second time 5mil something, then it popped