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  1. Bin off Kolasinac and Mustafi for a start
  2. Please don't spread false information. The multiplayer will still be available, it's only the competitive matchmaking that is *rumoured* to be shutting down.
  3. Yeah, because normal people working for Konami deserve to be out of a job, just because of executives and higher ups decisions. Grow the fuck up.
  4. Christmas has come early! Been begging for the Third to be remastered for years!
  5. Seems like this is based off the mobile game, New Star Soccer. An absolutely elite game a few years ago, very excited for this.
  6. Imagine caring this much about a pixelated icon that pops up on screen in a box for 2-3 seconds. Better yet, imagine caring how people play their games. Here's another that will blow your mind! Imagine caring how people spend their money. Some play ezpz, some play hard games. Why the personal attacks and hate boners? If a quick plat gets you this mad, go see a shrink. Hope this helps.
  7. I lose braincells coming back to this thread. Lots of very impatient people.
  8. Are you still crying about the wait to update?
  9. Personally, I love the name of the game. No idea why.