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  1. Mine is fixed. You can see my all dirty list I never hide any trophies ever again and hope you guys problem fixed soon Thanks for all who reported
  2. Today's fix is only fixed error code when somebody check your trophy list. Hidden games still unfixed
  3. So I updated fw 4.00 on my ps4. Then I go to change privacy settings. There is a new feature called ps4 hidden games or something. All my previously affected hidden games have check mark on it. I kinda happy for a while I thought unchecking them appear again. So I unchecked them. Then pop 1 trophy from INSIDE(this game was not hidden it was ok) synced trophy list. Nothing happened all my hidden games still there. Sorry for my bad english How did you appear 1 one again which game is it?
  4. I tried PSVita today so all my games was unhidden so there is nothing I can do now I tried every options and last contacted the SONY. They TOLD me restore default settings etc... and also said to me will make an investigation. Hope it gets fixed soon. DAMN I have 671 hidden trophies
  5. Yeah I don't have a vita so gonna use my friends vita with new cart. Thanks for the info
  6. I found my two games. It resident evil and dead or alive x3. RE is combined but doax3 is not. Also my bunch of unplatinumd games hidden like The last of us remastered, Dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin ps4 etc... over 50 games I checked from ps3 only Resident evil 1 was hidden. I unhidden it. But still not shown. I don't have a vita so hope it fix soon from sony
  7. Thats exactly what I did few minutes ago. It didn't work. I checked my privacy settings twice. Maybe first I need to find my lost 2 platinumd games and see what game it is.
  8. Hello everyone. When I today update my profile I saw that my lvl is 22. Actually my level is 23 and i had 63 plats and played 200 over games. I did not hide my trophies from my ps4 and ps3. But it somehow hidden. I checked my list private trophy settings from PS4. There is nothing hidden. All of them unchecked. I dont know what the problem is. Maybe SONY's side? Sorry my bad english & thank you
  9. I love Limbo played a lot. There is some challenging trophies in Limbo. But INSIDE?
  10. Seems I can't hide my all trophies anyway I changed private settings back to "public" decided to go with it. Updating also didn't work I definitely played DOA EXteme3, got some trophies & synced it . It isn't showing my last played games and trophies. There is a definitely some issues with site. Thank you for you all trying to help me. It would ok to mark as "ANSWERED" Sorry my bad english & HAPPY GAMING
  11. I think I tried every private options. It's in their code or maybe they focused on premium member or maybe I dunno... Other sites just fine
  12. I set my trophy settings to "no one" earned one trophy updated here doesn't work. It still shows my old info I have words Seriously you can't reverse this action? I can remember that 1 or 2 years ago it actually worked for me now it isn't. Need to fix this! Looks like I need to live with this trophy list forever YOU CAN'T HIDE ALL YOUR TROPHIES. ONCE IT'S LOADED ON PSNPROFILES.COM JUST LIVE WITH IT? NO IT ISN'T SADLY
  13. Ok lets see. You mean "only me" and "only friends" are different looks like I need to wait another one hour to update my profile I want hide all my trophies. I set to "Friends only" earned some trophies updated here it doesn't work. Now I'm going to try set "no one" But my guess is that it won't work either lets see
  14. Yeah changed it to "only friends". I don't want my old info at this moment. I set to my profile "only friends" and earned some trophies and updated it in psnprofiles. I just want to my profile like this
  15. Yeah I want to hide my all list for a while. I am just using my japanese account so psnprofiles doesn't allow hide all trophies? It said "success"