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  1. I want the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's platine, but i tried very time to go to the online servers and said error all the time. What i do to play online?
  2. This update bring new trophies?
  3. I need help. I'm in level 103 and my level 100 trophy didn´t pop up yet. What I need to do?
  4. When is delayed the yetis dlc?
  5. I was in level 99 and i won a race and i get level 100, but the trophy didn´t unlock. What I need to do?
  6. I made the Paleto Bay Heist and i didn´t win the Small Town, Big Job Trophy. So i did the mission twice without internet on, but also i didn't win the trophy. What do I need to do this trophy?
  7. Victory lies in preparation
  8. How can i see how many peeshooters or cactis or soldiers i miss to get the trophy?
  9. So, i only need to open the white chests. The yeloow and blue chests not, right?
  10. For this trophy, do i need to do the 200 laps at the same time or can i stop and restart from the lap where i staid?
  11. And the yellow chests are also need to get them?
  12. For this trophy, what chets i need to open? Only the normal chest or also the companion app chest?
  13. I paid all the café teatre renovations, but the trophy didn't appear. Why? Anyone can help me?
  14. To me the trophy is glitched.
  15. yes, i have just robe a shop. You are saying if i play gta offline i win enjoy your stay trophy? Sorry for my english, i am portuguese