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  1. No problem, had the exact same same problem when going for the trophy.Good luck getting the platinum.
  2. You have to be the person that activates all 4.
  3. Annihilator and war machine have hidden camos you need 150 with the annihilator and 300 with war machine, you need to finish level with final weapon for it to count. You unlock the camos but you can't personalise them which is bit stupid and sly on Treyarch. cheers Treyarch for letting me spend hours going crazy over what have I missed haha. Thanks to paulchaested on for pointing it out you saved me a lot of hassle.
  4. The patch fixed it today so I've got the camo for the rocket launcher and the medal for all accolades. Psnprofiles shows somenone getting it legit so either I'm missing something or it's a buggy medal.
  5. 1.03 patch has fixed gaining platinum as someones got it but I've done master of arms all guns, attachments and camos but nothing it wont give me the medal, I have even done the optics. Have I missed a a weapon somewhere there are 6 subs; 7 assaults, 4 shotguns, 4 lmg, 4 snipers, 4 pistols but only 3 need doing and finally the specials 3 but only 2 need to be done.
  6. The Beginning Of The End trophy can be done solo by round 6. If you want to unlock the the pack-a-punch part you just need to put one worm in at a time. Do the 1st ritual on round 1 in the opening area then make sure to go to the area with mystery box next so you can get a decent gun to make it easy, then just always keep 1 zombie alive so you only have to worry about the witches.
  7. Completed all Accolades for all missions got the calling card but no medal and the decorated calling card is at the same number before I completed it. The Trophy is at 0.1% on psn now so it may be buggy or Treyarch have fixed it and it was being tested.
  8. z-Blazee is an absolute Legend, helped me with the trophies I needed.
  9. Can someone please help me with the pet trophy as I have had no luck, I have probably put 100 hours with 3 other players and have only got 6 pets. Also if possible I need the Ice Golem chest piece, Tims hat and mining leg piece for all armour, the meat grinder for use every station and also to save me from the monotonous trophies that are corrupt and hallowed world. I thought black flags random trophies were annoying?
  10. For starters the games are part of a subscription service so you have every right to vent your frustration at Sony but I disagree with saying the size of a company doesn't have an affect on polish of a final product. Big companies have endless money and personnel to check every possible outcome of a game to check for glitches, where as a small company like White Paper Games can only do so much at once and if a company like Sony came along to give you a large sum of money which you could keep a company afloat and get you publicity for your company your going to take the deal. I don't think they released the game with the intention of it being broken that would be sheer stupidity on a companies longevity. They released a patch day one that fixed most problems and are fixing more as quickly as they can, as a small company they are normally in it for the passion of gaming as you can see in their twitter feed the developer is constantly answering quires not like big companies that have a dedicated social media guy who has no clue about the game. In my opinion Sony need to step up their game and create a more efficient way of releasing patches as most of the time it's Sony causing the delay e.g. the US still hasn't had the 1st patch but EU had it days ago, they need to relax the scrutiny of regulation of patches. You need to be more forgiving to smaller companies as they give you different experiences to a big company that only gives you sequels and if you keep going for the jugular every time they make a mistake the gaming horizon is going to be bleak and boring.
  11. Yeh took me ages to find the case safe code, if anyone is wondering the safe code number is in the school next to the hidden door you need a black light to see number. I'm not knocking the developers just wanted to point out glitches to prevent annoyance as the game itself is intriguing and enjoyable. I've been on the twitter feed the guy running it seems genuinely grateful for people pointing out glitches.
  12. I think it's a small team if not one person so it could take time for a patch. The problem isn't always the developer it's Sony as it takes ages for them to release the patch just like Apotheon which had an unachievable platinum, the guy fixed it within a week but it took Sony over a week to release it.
  13. Can't put items on back left middle shelf. I've played through whole game and 2 partials, opened safe in case and tried different objects but still no luck (maybe a puzzle but I think it's a glitch). For anyone playing through to prevent glitches as I had a few, I would wait for a new patch this current one prevents loss of projector fixes and items going missing on shelves as I found out 2 hours into 1st play through as update wasn't available at time but if you want to play it make sure to save before performing plaque animations as sometimes you can get stuck a blank space unable to go anywhere (I think I pressed triangle so don't do that). The other main one is Photography as the Pinwheel Industries only seems to allow you to go through the door once before the music player lid is shut again (you could try going back to first plaques to start up animation but didn't work for me). The music player is opened after your first use of the lantern (straight ahead) just save before as I got glitched in the plaque animation room 5 times it was a joke. Every ribbon room you have to take 4 pictures (you speed up once you've found them), to see if you have got them go downstairs in the case and there's 2 doors you must open to reach the photography room. Finally I think deja vu is missable it's when you have to destroy the blue crystal in reception, this is after you have gone through a ribbon door you will have an animation happen after returning from door you have destroy some crystal to make a path before you get to reception but then you just walk past it and ring bell. I wished I had stopped once the first glitch affected me and waited until a patch was available in insight but I'm glutton to punishment due to the you started a game you got to complete it damn you ocd.
  14. Sorry I misspelt, I was just referring to you because you said it would pop. Theirs multiple people that have it now so it must pop.