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  1. It's been a month since you left us Free, and your presence in the community will never be replicated or forgotten. You were a real gentleman and will be missed always. Rest In Paradise, my friend. <3

    1. MidnightDragon


      He's still on my friends list, though I know he's not coming back.

  2. Rest easy friend.

    1. AJ_Radio


      Definitely not the kind of person I would expect would be a trophy hunter on this website who is among a select few ranked high on the leaderboards. His appearance definitely doesn't suggest so, he looked like a very handsome, very kind and warm hearted middle aged man who would be into more hands on work than playing video games.


      Just goes to show you don't, and should never judge a person like a cover on a book. Seeing his photograph on the link you posted brought tears to my eyes. Would of loved to hang out with him and have a few beers, because I would of spent hours talking trophies with him.

  3. Buddy.... I just heard the devastating news. 


    I always tried to return it back to you, but still wanted to say out loud that I very much appreciated your positivity and encouragement that you extended to anyone and everyone.  The online gaming community won't be the same without you.


    Much love to you bro.  You unquestionably touched alot of stranger's lives digitally without hesitation in such a positive way, and in a world with alot of negativity in it that was incredibly refreshing and spoke volumes to your integrity and character.


    Rest easy friend, there better be a massive life platinum up there ready to pop for you, you've earned it more then most.


    My deepest and most sincere condolences to everyone that knew him, and especially to all the friends and family.  <3

  4. Free,


    I've already said the same on .org, but know how you got involved over here at PSNP.


    Its sad to know he won't be about, posting his good will comments and phrases he did in his own little way anymore. He had a way of making light of most situ's even if he felt he was getting some flack or stick himself.


    Free, I enjoyed our chats on PSN, PSN messages and in recent years and only less than a month ago on Discord.


    You will be missed mate. Your enthusiasm, energy and positivity in life and certainly in gaming was infectious and unique. The party chats you crashed were a laugh and the one a few years back with me, Sellers, Krid and yourself will always be one I will remember. (There were a few).


    If any of your family see this, I send my condolences and prayers of strength to you all in that you get through this difficult time and be there for each other.


    A big loss to your family/friends and your gaming family, especially those of us here at PST.


    Rest easy pal, one of lifes good uns, you'll be missed mate.


    God bless. 😕

    1. AJ_Radio


      I feel really bad now for even talking back to him regarding a game I was curious about last year (Gravel).


      Very big loss indeed. He shall be remembered.

    2. Ashbo


      I wouldn't worry too much about this mate. One of free's unique abilitites was that differences aside, I can guarantee he would still be praising you for achieving something in a game, or spurring you on to do something good. Failing that he may have just wished you good day or well in something.


      Pound to a penny if he was here right now, he'd probably tell you not to worry, be happy and enjoy gaming. 👍

  5. I finally managed to actually type some words, I've gotten too upset every other time I tried but please know you've been constantly in my thoughts.


    I have no idea what to really say, no words feel like they'll justify the sorrow and sadness I feel. I hope there's some way, somewhere you're reading this. If not then hopefully your family will see this profile one day and they can find comfort knowing how much you were loved by everyone here.


    There's so much more I want to say, but not sure I could do it justice right now. Maybe in the future I will. For now, I just want to say thank you for all of the messages over the years, whether that's on PST, PSN, Whatsapp or Discord. I can't believe we chatted just four days ago on there, I just wish I'd stayed up later knowing it would be the last time we would talk.


    Most of all, I miss you jumping into our party chats at the most random times imaginable, attempting ridiculous British accents and singing our football  ('not that soccer bullshit'! 😂) chants and just generally making us all laugh. You were such a positive and irreplacable presence.


    I'm glad you posted so often on various trophy sites, because it means there'll be so much of you left in future when we look back at all those threads. Even earlier today I stumbled upon a thread I hadn't seen before where you said you were looking forward to meeting up with me to go to an F1 race. I'm devastated that will never happen as it had been planned for years (damn Covid) and I was going to come and see the Chiefs too.


    You were one of the most selfless, upbeat and kindest people I've ever encountered. You'd stop at nothing to help someone even at the expense of yourself and the world is an immeasurably poorer place without you in it. I will miss you for as long as I live.


    Be Free.




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    2. Darth_Krid


      Don’t beat yourself up about it mate, it’s the internet and everyone has disagreements!

      Free didn’t have a single bad or begrudging bone in his body, he won’t have felt any ill will at all towards you and he’d hate thinking you were feeling down in yourself because of an argument about games.


      He’d want you to play what you enjoy and be happy, and most of all, make friends while doing it!

    3. AJ_Radio


      We came to a little compromise, but I never talked to him after that.


      He was a veteran, admitted to being almost 20 years older than me and he started back in the old Atari days. Loved the trophy hunting hobby, his passion and the work he did on his account proves it.


      A very big loss. It's going to take a little time for this wound to heal.

    4. Destructor-8


      I'm glad you wrote what you did as it shows much much Free meant to you & the response of the trophy community has been pretty amazing. I honestly think Free was one of those that everyone just knew as he was pretty much everywhere. The affect he had has pretty much brought everyone together & says a lot about a legacy left behind.


      That was also a pretty great read about as UC3 since it took a lot of dedication to do. It's great that you played UC3 with Free & created some amazing memories. I know how much he enjoyed co op, it was the most important part of any game.


      I also agree that I wouldn't worry about it at all as Free was always about helping others & as the others mentioned he would put others first every time.


      The most important thing is that this hobby of ours that we all share has honestly created so many friendships & experiences for everyone. 

  6. You will be missed, Kevin. I didn't know you personally, but judging by the huge amount of people here you were truly loved and important.  Your last time here was friday so it really shocks me that you probably passed away the day of my birthday. Your journey continues in the other side and you will always be remembered by your family and loved ones. Requiescat in Pace❤️❤️

  7. Very sad news to hear. My condolences and respect to his friends and family. Game on in Heaven my friend.

  8. I really have no words

    My condolences to the family

    1. Kimura Shikichi

      Kimura Shikichi

      Sorry for your lost.

  9. We spoke very little, but you proved to be an excellent person, I even almost sent you a friend request. ps3t will miss you, may you be in a better place.

  10. R.I.Paradise kfree7. Never got a chance to talk to you on PSN but we interacted a few times back in the day on .org and you saluted my Mafia 3 workaround two years ago.


    Sending my condolences to your Family & Friends 💚



  11. I'll miss you a ton Kfree7! You'll be missed by a lot of people!

  12. KFree you will be missed buddy

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      It might be better to ask in a PM what happened instead of asking here.


      Regardless, my best wishes for him and his family.

    3. Deceptrox


      Despite not knowing him since I never talked to him or interacted with him, I hope he can rest in peace. 


      It's sad when a fellow trophy hunter finds their demise, especially when they are great persons. I have a few of friends that have not been active on PSN for more than a year or even years and I'm thinking the worst happened. I hope I'm wrong.

    4. jmac92123
  13. Winner! Train Time
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