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  1. In honor of Halloween Overtime at the Morgue Outriders
  2. Yes, Bio would be one for sure. Very good one there Viper.
  3. Speedrunner Golden Nugget
  4. Outriders Hard Bargainer Multitasking
  5. It's sad that it was so buggy at release, but I've been having a blast as well. Nice to see you enjoyed it as well, SIDHEAG.
  6. Appreciate this info regarding weapons and stealth. Thanks you Mat.
  7. Wanted to personally thank you for these posts, Steven. You have likely helped a number of people with these 2 posts. Much appreciate you taking the time to put this up. I'm going to clean this game up at some point. Also, need to do both the EU and NA versions.
  8. Perfect scare for Halloween. Several jump scares and it's a little creepy.
  9. Outriders Fatherhood Ain't Easy, Boss One Way Ride
  10. It’s not that hard compared to Sniper Elite 3 and 4. Also, wouldn’t be harder than Max Payne 3 or Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier. I loved each of those. Excellent. Thanks Mat. Good post Helyx. Thanks Thank for the opinions. Seems like it’s time to make a purchase. get excited about it!!
  11. What the difficulty of the remastered since the guide considers the mp? Get excited about this game!!! 👏👏😎
  12. Get excited about Judgement. Heard it was excellent Ilzaki.
  13. World Champion!!! Become MotoGP champion in MotoGP Career Mode
  14. Thank you for mentioning the end boss Sh4d0wzcs. I've enjoyed playing the game in co-op but the other guys cannot be on much at the same time. I can confirm once you have your character upgrades, you can beast this game. Really enjoy it. Didn't get it on day 1 but got it for half price during a sale and love it. Thanks again Sh4d0wzcs for your help.