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  1. Digger Hero Boom Level 3
  2. Love these fun trophy tiles!
  3. Sign a contract to enter MotoGP championship! Like the giant pen. Must have been a big-money contract!
  4. Thanks for your wealth of knowledge. I had no idea they had co op trophies with servers on any Lego games. So if I understand you these could someday be unobtainable just as the complete saga is?
  5. A Champion of the Past
  6. Master Talent The Fortress of Dawn Gadgets Galore Arms Merchant
  7. Master Talent I call Shotgun Like the above one. Cool play on words. Sniper Ace Pistol Whipped
  8. One of the Best Once upon a Time The Last one of the Season Halfway Through
  9. Time is not a limit Win all the Beat The Time events Milan - Valencia one way Accumulate a total of 1335 Km - 830 mi ridden
  10. Fireball Fury
  11. Street Hero Freedom Act Raging Mode
  12. Oh yes! I wanted to play this. Congrats to you! Very cool plat!
  13. Smasher King Hunter Spinning Wheel