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  1. It is sad that devs do not understand that we can get to them by avoiding their games in the future. They will, Bad Karma is not kind.
  2. Nice job. Thanks for the guide approach. Getting ready to use this today.
  3. Thanks for the guide BD. You help a lot.
  4. Not sure about anyone else, but Time Trophies drive me nuts. Who is with me on this? Do like your idea glurak with pausing the game. Thanks!
  5. Twin Robots!!!! Love the twins.
  6. They know everything about all of the sites and us. Don't be fool by thinking anything is private at this point.
  7. Can you change the Japanese version to English?
  8. Has anyone played in co-op and both got the trophy? Curious if you need to be solo to get this.
  9. Helping another friend. It's available. Enjoy
  10. keep up the good work my old time 😁

    1. kfree7


      Thank you Omni!  Just enjoying the journey.


  11. Thanks for posting this. The game is on sale now for around $5. Be sure to check the sale out.
  12. Thanks for sharing this. Figured it out. It’s odd that Sony made things strict.
  13. Just got a ps5. My trophies are now not showing on this site. Can you tell me how to set it so they are visible?
  14. Interesting post. Had not thought of that. Thanks. Appreciate each of the comments here. It seems I can relate a bit to everyone.
  15. With the auto popping with just loading a game, some think this cheapens trophies. Someone told me that they are meaningless now. I wouldn't say meaningless, but I wonder if it will be "an exploit" that Sony will someday change. What is your opinion of the auto popping from having played the PS4 version of a game? Do you think this is permanent or will Sony change it at some point if people complain? Will Sony think nothing about it at all? Free