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  1. Bravo on the video. Excellent. Epic old school game.
  2. Agree with this thought process. Competition is good for the consumer. We do not want Sony and MS to own all the devs. It will just let them charge more for games and it's already about to get out of control with $70-$100 USD game prices. Bigger is not always better. I believe Sony should focus on making their own games but they do not have to go out and spend Billions to do this then pass that cost onto us. Think about that. Do we want to be paying $70 plus for games? Thanks for the comments Spaz. A bigger business is not what we gamers want. We want the best consoles. Read it again. We want the best consoles. Sony needs to focus on that and we will all enjoy ourselves. There will be plenty of games to play.
  3. Should Sony consider buying one or more software companies? Do they even need to? Reddit: Companies Sony could buy:
  4. Just got FullBlast jp complete. That is all of the FullBlast games. Really enjoy this little game. Would enjoy more like it.
  5. 903 completed with 913 total played. Enjoyed a couple of games in the last few days.
  6. 899 completed with 909 total played. Getting excited about the next 91 for the big total.
  7. Hey man, I see you managed to jump over to psnprofiles. I still remember you from playstationtrophies, good to have you here 😀

  8. 896 games played with 886 completed. Enjoy your journey.
  9. k is the first letter of my name. Free is for freedom and I like free stuff. 7 is the lucky number 7.
  10. Very nice job mind!
  11. Like the line at the end. Trophies are a journey. Just enjoy the journey. 879 played with 869 completed.
  12. 863 completed now with 873 played. Have a couple of vita that it's time to knock out.
  13. Smash posted the besting link for a truly quicker experience to the plat. Thanks.
  14. This is an on going thread that will allow you to post your activity for games completed. I'm currently at 859 games completed with 869 games played. Been gaming awile. How many games have you finished vs how many you have played? It's easy to see on the main page on your PSN Profile near the top left. Free
  15. So it's finally coming out. Just about a year late.