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  1. Yes, that is a drag that this wasn't added. Some devs are nice. Some are not. Like the game though. Nice walkthroughs are available.
  2. Yes, I am here. Let's party. Thanks for noticing.
  3. Daggerhood was was one of my favs. You should give that one a shot. It has a few challenging spots but not of the charts.
  4. The ability to "resign from race" is outstanding (See guide on doing this). Makes the game quite quick compared to some of the other motorcycle plats. Enjoy your racing.
  5. Post your indie game plats here. Love this area that has been expanded for us to see some classic games and some new ones as well.
  6. Thanks for posting this as well as the edit. This will help the other members. Cheers
  7. That looks outstanding AJ! Nice job. Very details with descriptions as well a nice pictures. Thanks.
  8. You a You are a legend. I do not believe I've ever seen that response. Please know that type of thing is impressive and helps all of us. Let's give him the ups on his site reputation!!!!
  9. I started paying for extra storage at $0.99 USD per month. Now it is $2.99 per month. Get ready for the fees to increase for storage. Get ready to pay to play. Make notes on the things you do not like and flood Sony with emails and letters. You can send the same letter over and over. They are likely to get to different ppl anyway. If we all band together, things get done. Look at the vita and ps3 store. We hit them with complaints beyond comprehension. Let get on it now.
  10. This was one of my favorite plats when it came out. Thankfully there are many games because we cannot all like the same one. This one was epic. My wife watched me play it. She was so intrigued.
  11. Very good video here!
  12. It is sad that devs do not understand that we can get to them by avoiding their games in the future. They will, Bad Karma is not kind.
  13. Nice job. Thanks for the guide approach. Getting ready to use this today.
  14. Thanks for the guide BD. You help a lot.