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  1. Get some really good friends and you can have a field day with this game. Not hard, just a grind for some of the trophies.
  2. Being and old gamer from the Atari days, I'm wondering WTF, when does this end. I've loved the game but it's time to move on. Can we agree on this?
  3. No luck getting the meatball to spawn for a friend tonight. Crazy rare.
  4. Just got my 10th in a Gambit match. Another friend of mine said he god one in Gambit as well Shaves. Best of luck with the emphasis on luck.
  5. Sure would have thought I'd have more of these with all of the gaming done on the game even before Forsaken.
  6. The Destination Seal seems to be the go to. Has anyone gotten or know someone that has gotten another seal? Have a friend that is going for the Gambit seal.
  7. Great to know that you can do something like this that is not as well known a game and still get credit for the trophies.
  8. iPhone 7 128gig. You cannot have too many songs or movies on your phone. 😎
  9. Whatsapp is fantastic for texting and calling from anywhere. No cost phone calls all over the world to my gaming friends is a wonderful feature.
  10. Nice to see you again Sergen. You have helped me before. I find these comments interesting and thought-provoking. With Destiny 2, I had a group to work with but I had to actually do work to get the raid trophy. You could, however, get carried in CoD easter eggs. It makes me sick that people think they are special because of "their card". I loved gaming before cards and before trophies. Trophies are cool though. In 1977 when my family got an Atari, we didn't give a care about anything but trying to do our best and enjoy the ride. Get back to enjoying gaming because it's a game. A game that is fun is something you can get lost in and forget everything else. I'm not any bettter and anyone. Someone that has more trophies or plats is not any better than me or you. Be a gaming and enjoy our favorite pastime.
  11. My profile is on other sites and is viewed frequently because of being a completionist. I'd like to move into retirement and some point and still be able to have access to all the data. At almost 50, I've been an avid gamer for over 40 years and someday I'd like to be able to look at my profile yet not have it in the public eye. I'm traveling and enjoying my life now. It's ok to be a casual gamer and I've never been that. I've plowed through almost 400 plats and it's time to relax at some point. The ability to do this is something that I never thought of until the thread popped up. Thank you and enjoy your gaming journey.
  12. This is a feature that I'd love to use. Has it been added?
  13. Bought Prototype Bundle. Which rocks!
  14. Thanks. That's a good idea.
  15. Trying to figure out how you got the card bonus up to 475%. Are their players that you would recommend on the leaderboards that have a nice set up without grip and no death? Thanks.