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  1. Lego Hobbit. Legos games are great even if you're up in age. Helps Free the mind.
  2. On the EU version you can buy the bundle. Not sure which one you are trying to use. See if you can buy the bundle on the store to get all the episodes.
  3. Very nice walkthrough. Thanks for the help to the plat chasers.
  4. Still wish these had a plat. They could have we know we all love plats.
  5. Thanks a bunch for this post. The game was glitchy as hell and this just helped me get the final trophies. We need posts like this to help each of us hunters from time to time. Enjoy the trophy journey.
  6. VR?

    This is one thing that is appreciated. Do it with a VR or not. It helps those that do not have a VR or makes them motion sick have the opportunity to play the game.
  7. We are fired up in Kansas City. We got a little help from the refs at the end but they were out of challenges. We have lost games just like that. The city is bleeding red. We may be a Mid Market team as they call us but we are a big heart city! Go Chiefs!
  8. Thanks, finally got it done.
  9. Love what I'm seeing you Bad. You rock. Really like the detail with the timestamps showing each trophy spots.
  10. This is insane. I've paid for the game and cannot get the trophies on my card.
  11. I have one of the final season games completed. I'm trying to finish the other ones and I thought I downloaded all of the episodes before they left the store. 2 of them are saying download the episodes and I cannot find them in the store. I bought the bundle and it's not giving me all the episodes. This is Crazy.
  12. Lego games are so fun regardless of age. As you get older some ppl forget to have fun gaming. Be sure to enjoy what you are playing.
  13. Just about done with MotoGP18. No glitches so far. They do have problems and I do not understand why someone would pay full price for one of their games when you can get it all done a year or longer later at a substantially reduced price. It's not like you have a tremendous amount of online trophies to get that require active servers. I do like that you can boost all the trophies with just one other player.
  14. They are not popping out of order but at the same time. I’ve seen the time attack trophies do this to others. The 5 popped with the 10. In the correct order but took more try’s to get it to pop. Are these still glitched as well? Still do not have the 20 and 30 objectives yet. Any idea how many attempts they will take?
  15. The trophy is popping at the same time the 10 is popping. It took more time than 10 to get both.