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  1. I went into settings to turn off the film grain option and I am unable to back out after turning it off, if I turn it back on I am able to back out using the circle button. its very strange to me that toggling settings disables the ability to back out of the setting menu.
  2. Same issue for me as well, its the last thing I have to do in Japantown.
  3. Did you find a fix? I this is the only thing left in Japantown for me and im certain its bugged...
  4. I'd recommend finding a boosting parter for the blackout characters and zombies trophies. I didn't find this game very difficult to get the platinum for but if I wasn't boosting than it probably would have taken me a few more weeks.
  5. Im currently going for the platinum so this will help for sure (:
  6. i was going to download this game earlier this year, makes me so happy i waited and just got the physical copy.
  7. Theres an amazing group on Facebook dedicated to collecting for vita its called "PlayStation Vita/PSP Collectors". Im currently 38 games away from a complete region 1 set with all cover art variants, i have a complete limited run games set, several copies of ar no surge plus, lots of imports and promo games and i own 5 vitas currently. I plan to complete my main set by the end of the year and than start collecting limited editions and imports more thoroughly. I would post a picture of my collection if i could figure out how to.
  8. I played all the way through to 100% after I reached 70% without turning off the game at all.
  9. I didn't know about the downgrade method that yuriG posted in his comment. If that works then there's a work around for the glitch.
  10. You have to play through it one in sitting all the way to 100% completion after you've reached 70% in game completion. Like yuriG said. There's no way to avoid the glitch. You also asked if this game was worth playing and I feel I answered that half of your question.
  11. There's no way to get past the glitch. It happens no matter what, but besides that glitch I recremend this game for sure, I had a blast playing it. The MP is easily boosted and the story is a blast. But, you do have to be prepared for the glitch if you're going for the 100%.
  12. For the simon says step, keep a boombox handy, theres also a fortune card called 'second wind' which will kill all the zombies around you during a near death experience and you get three uses out of one card. Perk insured and Reanimated cards as well as multiple wonder weapons is a must! I got to the boss and simon says part and died at least 8-10 times before i finally managed to complete the easter egg solo. Attempting this coop would be way more difficult than doing it solo because you will get multiple bosses.
  13. Moirtal kombat for ps3 had its server migrated when gamespy went down, unfortunately the vita version didn't get the same amount of love and support and the online has been shut down for it.
  14. Finally managed to complete the space land easter egg solo! (:

    1. DamagingRob


      Was there a lot of banging, crashing, and booming involved? ;P Nicely done. :)

  15. Well thats good to know, i won't be opening and playing my copy than.