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  1. I just beat the game, I didn't get my Faction trophies back in the blue did I not get the "Turning the Tide" trophy??, this is the first time I get cheated by a game, bad luck :/
  2. Unfortunately my last save is way ahead of the last faction trophy I earned...and for some reason I didn't use the Cloud for this game :/
  3. Hello, I lost some of my trophies today thanks to a "hard reset" to my PS3 while playing, I just re-sync and I got most of the trophies back, some were lost, but for example: The "Find 100 Locations" trophy was lost, to solve this, I just found a new location and the trophy pop-up once again but, anybody know if I can re-earn the faction trophies without starting a new game?? I still have left the "House of Sorrow" faction trophy, the other faction trophies are lost and I have all the missions marked as Complete. I hope I don't have to play another PT though. Anybody has experience something like this??
  4. The gameplay is great, but in terms of story and lenght it falls IMO. It's a fun game, with excellent gameplay and combat system, the combos you can do are insane but that's it for me, I was kinda dissapointed, but if you hated the first 4 games, I don't know maybe you can try the demo first.
  5. WWE 2K14 and a few others like Rainbow Moon, RDR
  6. WWE 2K14 and Rainbow Moon, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne from time to time lol....cant wait for my semester to end and finally play some of the games in my backlog
  7. As much as I would like to, Im not, Im gonna wait till next year when Watch Dogs and MGS V hits the market, plus I have a huge backlog in PS3 and some games that I still want to get like South Park or Castlevania
  8. Resident Evil 5 This was my first 'big' game on PS3, and my first plat, glad that after this the list as grown so much with the likes of MGS 4, MGS HD, Uncharted Series, LBP Series, Naruto STORM Series, RDR, Ratcher and Clank Series, Borderlands, GTA, my god i love my PS3
  9. For this gen: WWE 2K14 South Park The Stick of Truth Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2/Mirror of Fate Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Saint Seiya Battle Sanctuary Batman Arkham Origins I don't know if get these on PS3 or wait for PS4 MGS V Watch_Dogs Still pretty much for PS3
  10. FF XIII that trophy for all weapons, keeping me away from this plat :/
  11. As much as i love God of War, man, i don't know about God of War IV because of the story, to me Kratos is done...but that doesn't mean we can't get another great game, there is so much to tell from Kratos ready for Ascension, im warning you!
  12. #61 Top of Your Game Collect all trophies Woow, I can't believe how much I liked this game, I haven't played any of the Hitman games before and I definetely loved Absolution. Great game, great story, great gameplay, I did have some hard times in a few levels but it was fun, very fun. It was an EASY Platinum, I think I may check the HD Collection some day...
  13. PS4 after a few months, i have never been interested in any of the MS consoles, the only thing they have is FPS, every AAA game that i like are on both consoles and the exclusives are with Sony so...easy choise, PS4
  14. #47 RESIDENT EVIL 6 Platinum Trophy Congratulations! You've overcome all your fears in RESIDENT EVIL 6! Good game, but not great sadly. It was a little boring trying to get the medals, I really enjoyed the story specially Ada's and Leon's. I really hope that Capcom returns to the times of real 'Survival-Horror' for the next game, Im planning on buying Revelations.
  15. Yes, after i finish my first playthrough, mostly for collectibles