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  1. That's exactly what I mean! I mean, I wasn't on PSN Profiles for a while, and now I got this flag. the person who flagged me - like you said - probably did not know about the character transfer and autopoppong trophies back then. Also, some singleplayer trophies ALSO naturally autopopped because of this. Nothing wrong on my side. That was way back in 2017. Edit: Also, If I remember correctly, there was a little delay in getting the Rank 100 Trophy to autopop after transfer. And others talked about that, too. I had to play a very short match of DM or something like that in GTA Online for that to trigger. My memory is a bit foggy, though. After all, I did this in February 2017. Please kindly lift that flag. I honestly did not do anything to deserve it.
  2. Reason: It is impossible to reach level 100 first and 8 minutes later to reach level 50. It is even impossible to climb 100 levels in GTA online in just 5 minutes. basically got flagged for fast achieving, but ALL I did was the 100% legal character transfer.
  3. Um, no? Did this way back when character transfer was still a thing. And entered GTA Online as fast as possibIe AFTER the introduction of the singleplayer. I actually got reported for achieving level for this. played the tutorial and loaded up GTA online then. I got actually this as a reason for being reported: Reason: It is impossible to reach level 100 first and 8 minutes later to reach level 50. It is even impossible to climb 100 levels in GTA online in just 5 minutes.
  4. Soldatenoberboss Grand Theft Auto V The trophy autopopped on the ps4 version. I received the rank properly on ps3 and transfered my character with all the proper stats over to PS4. Please help me out with this. I did not cheat in any way. Thanks.
  5. BOSS you trophy collection is sooooooooooooooooooo nice 😍

    1. Soldatenoberboss


      Thank you. 😋 And sorry for the late reply. You're welcome! 😎

  6. Would anyone be so kind and check out if Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4) and Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) are affected in any negative kind of way?
  7. Around 300 hours in total (60 hours was just me getting familiar with all the mechanics though), but with the current updates (chapter select, drop rate, auto-win online when achiving an S-Rank, etc) the platinum got a lot more enjoyable and much easier. When it comes to online, it is still a grind for coop-items and such nonetheless, but I've played MUCH worse games online with MUCH worse grinds. The playerbase is mostly doing well (especially on weekends) and the game is indeed fun. Play it slow, get ready for a rocky start, finish the story at your own pace. Grab a guide and checklist for the "Foodie" and "Collector" trophy. You can jump into coop whenever you feel like. If you wanna play a survival game with a nice adventure-feel in singleplayer and fun coop, the game is worth your time. It is all up to you. Just don't except it to be like any other Metal Gear game in terms of story or overall quality. It is it's own thing and despite all good I can say about the game (and all the fun I still have with it) it is obvious Konami made this game as a mere cashgrab. Still I'd say: I recommend this game
  8. Grindy, but I had fun with it. The game is not nearly as bad as some claim it to be, especially with the stuff Konami added to make the game more enjoyable. Still, it was a long grind and I am glad I got it done.
  9. Back on track! Feel free to sign me up for Naked again, please.
  10. Got the platinum for all of the required games and 100% on Ground Zeroes. Feel free to sign me up for Naked, please. ☺️
  11. Thank you for being so generous. My vote has been added, count me in! Also: Good luck to everybody else.
  12. My wishlist: Jaws Unleashed Shadow of Rome The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers The Lord of the Rings: The Return Of The King The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Peter Jackson's King Kong
  13. Neither. I'm kinda done with those franchises. Besides, preordering games isn't really my cup of tea.
  14. Yeah, but do game publishers really care? Still, good point.
  15. I agree: If Steam can do it, PSN can do it. It all depends on interest on Sony's side. All we as trophy-hunters and their customers can do is: wait, say some things here and there/now and then, hope they listen to us and see.