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  1. i installed henkaku on my vita a few days ago. I've been paranoid about getting banned so i uninstalled it today. I thought i got banned right now but it's just a coincidence that the servers are down atm. MonkaS
  2. why not order one online?
  3. the glitch you're talking about allows you start new game plus on grounded difficulty without playing twice . you beat the game once without the glitch so the glitch is completely pointless. You'll have to beat the game a second time on grounded to get the new game plus trophy. edit: i see what you were saying. To answer your question, you were supposed to beat the game once on any difficulty for your first playthrough. Easy or normal would've been ideal for a smooth ride obviously. After your first playthrough, you would've needed to play the game on ng+ grounded difficulty for the rest of the difficulty trophies. You messed up by playing grounded difficulty first because now you'll have to play the game on grounded + for the grounded plus trophy.
  4. What the actual fuck.
  5. I got the trophy. I'll update soon
  6. You're missing the point Why do you want his real name
  7. Lol someone else did the same as me. Nice
  8. "Fuck You" is what I named mine.
  9. I'm close to getting 100% on this game. I hope my trophies don't glitch. I think the safe thing to do is backup your save before attempting to get the 1000 coconuts trophy. If it glitches then delete save data and try again.
  10. psn profiles is okay

  11. Hey nik if you get lbp on vita then I will get it too
  12. It's not 100% glitched. I know a few people who have the platinum for this game. I'm not sure why you're having a problem with it. I'm close to getting 780 weapons right now so I will confirm personally if the trophy unlocks or not. As of right now I will look deeper into the issue but until I get it myself I can't say anymore. I don't have the dlc weapons downloaded therefore my conclusion will based on a weapon list without the 8 dlc weapons.
  13. Persona 3 portable or fes Which one's better?

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      There is no definitive "better" version. They each have their own pros and cons. If you've never played it before, I'd recommend going with FES first as it's the the version closest to giving you the "proper" experience. I would absolutely recommend playing the female route in P3P at a later date, though. It's different enough to where it's almost an entirely new experience. Both are great.

    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      P3P into FES Answer :awesome:


      Depends. P3P has a big advantage. You can control your characters (which you cannot in both Journey and Answer of FES). On the other hand, FES has full 3D sprites everywhere while P3P only in the dungeon (you are changing locations just by selecting it, not by walking it as a sprite like in FES or P4G).

      Other than that, you have pretty much the same experience.

  14. Psn profiles is trash

    1. DaivRules


      Foggy, but still warm so I'll take it, even if old nut jobs keep confusing Indians for Muslims in their Duty to keep Murica safe!

  15. Did you download any dlc weapons from the store? You probably did so you really don't a have a complete weapon list. Subtract the number of dlc weapons you downloaded from the total and you will have the actual number. The trophy is not glitched. Here is a list of all the weapons for each class. Compare the lists to your list for each. You will find that indeed you are missing a few weapons.