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  1. you guys can figure it out. I'm out
  2. You can get 200 platinums from easy $1 games. Those games made platinums worthless. For example before having 50 plats was pretty impressive. But now those 50 plats mean absolutely nothing because some kid with 200 plats from 1 dollar games makes your collection look like participation awards. I literally got 3 platinums in less than an hour a couple weeks ago from these 1 dollar games. I remember how I used to think how it would be an achievement if I got 100 plats on my profile. It would've been an achievement back then when you didn't get platinums literally given to you. You had to put in a considerable amount of time and effort to get any Platinum Trophy. It actually felt like a feat you accomplished, a sense that you actually earned it. Trophies actually never meant anything tho and I always knew that. However, its hard to even get that same feeling of accomplishment from a game with a hard platinum when you think about how some chump can earn a Platinum Trophy with a bag of doritos on his mom's couch without even trying. Anyway I lost interest in trophy hunting years ago right around the time these easy plat games starting. Not just trophy hunting, but with gaming in general. I realized there's so much more to life than a lame ass video game. But yeah I think easy plats ruined the trophy hunting hobby. It's just not what it was years ago. People who are still passionate about hunting trophies have are very justified to be upset
  3. I'm glad it got ported to ps4. Really enjoyed it on the ps3 too
  4. i installed henkaku on my vita a few days ago. I've been paranoid about getting banned so i uninstalled it today. I thought i got banned right now but it's just a coincidence that the servers are down atm. MonkaS
  5. why not order one online?
  6. the glitch you're talking about allows you start new game plus on grounded difficulty without playing twice . you beat the game once without the glitch so the glitch is completely pointless. You'll have to beat the game a second time on grounded to get the new game plus trophy. edit: i see what you were saying. To answer your question, you were supposed to beat the game once on any difficulty for your first playthrough. Easy or normal would've been ideal for a smooth ride obviously. After your first playthrough, you would've needed to play the game on ng+ grounded difficulty for the rest of the difficulty trophies. You messed up by playing grounded difficulty first because now you'll have to play the game on grounded + for the grounded plus trophy.
  7. What the actual fuck.
  8. I got the trophy. I'll update soon
  9. You're missing the point Why do you want his real name
  10. Lol someone else did the same as me. Nice
  11. "Fuck You" is what I named mine.
  12. I'm close to getting 100% on this game. I hope my trophies don't glitch. I think the safe thing to do is backup your save before attempting to get the 1000 coconuts trophy. If it glitches then delete save data and try again.
  13. psn profiles is okay

  14. Hey nik if you get lbp on vita then I will get it too