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  1. Likely it is JP since these publishers like to cash grab these easy platinums as many regions as possible, then come back later and do a Physical release (at least they used to with Vita versions) after those happen.
  2. I have this same problem with some of my games that ported to PS5. I've had Plus since it started and still have 4 years worth on my account and still have some games that wouldn't save to the cloud. I've had my account as primary on my PS4 too so I don't know what happened. Like I had UC4 save but not Lost Legacy for some reason. Oh well I still have to get some trophies on UC4 due to not having all the save files but UC4 and LL are great games so no worries.
  3. Just found this game on PS5 in the AS (HK) store. It actually has a PS5 symbol on it and I already own it on the PS4 in that region so I think this is a new stack.
  4. That would make sites like these so unintelligible it would be pointless. If every region had it's own list on every single game the psn servers would be so overloaded it would take hours to sync your trophies.
  5. Thank all of you. I guess unless I can find someone in Japan then I wont be able to get the Bioshock 2 Remastered there since its digital only and a Mature rating. That sucks.
  6. Thank you. That's what I figured but I'd seen some posts that suggested NA didnt have a new list so wanted to make sure.
  7. I get that they rebranded the collection and now they read Bio1 Remastered and Bio 2 Remastered. However, what is the region for the standalone Bioshock 2: Remastered and as far as Bioshock 1: Remasteed, it has 3. 1 of them being the initial 2016 collection and 2 being the new standalone one. But what regions are the 2 new stacks? I want to buy these new stacks I just want to make sure that I buy from the correct regions and none of them are labeled yet.
  8. Yeah, i was thinking i would do the same. I just have about 500HKD and was hoping it would be as easy as a quick digital purchase rather than waiting for an import forever.
  9. Can anyone tell me when you say Asian version, can I buy this off the HK store and it be the same? or is this specifically for Korea and China stores? Just want to make sure as I have the WW and JP versions already and would like the final stack.
  10. What are the stacks? I only see it in the NA and HK stores. Anyone know?
  11. This does not surprise me. He did the same with my facebook message. It's just so frustrating to be that close to getting a platinum and so Did the same to me and its so infuriating. I'm going to keep trying but I'll be damned if I ever go for the stack on this. I cannot stand when developers have what seems to be such a simple fix but just completely washes their hands of the game and walks away. I will definitely be keeping this devs name in my list of game devs to NOT purchase. Not going to reward mediocrity.
  12. I know you posted this back in July but this is exactly the issue I'm having. Either the kills stop counting or the game glitches and no more enemies will spawn. The latter is the most common. When this happens its always around the 16-24 enemy mark with me. I can't seem to get past that amount of kills before the game just quits giving me enemies. It's so frustrating because the developer doesn't care about this game at all. I've sent him a message on facebook (where he gave me the code for the game to begin with to cover) and he just never replies. I simple update could solve this problem and make this game a common platinum and more people would buy the stack as well. Just wish I could get this final trophy done. Glad to hear that you finally did.
  13. I'm hoping to see more of them. I miss the PS3 days where we were called trophy whores for these. They need to make a comeback. Plus good games for little ones to watch and play.