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  1. Yeah that's me 🙃
  2. Yes 😁
  3. Revolver, Hunting Rifle, Bow and 9mm all do more damage on enemies on Grounded. Revolver, Hunting Rifle and Bow kill human enemies in 1 hit (unless they have armor, even though a bow headshot still kills in 1 hit) so you can try to make use of that to save ammo.
  4. A Remake isn't even confirmed yet and I'm like 99% sure if there'd be a Remake it wouldn't have MP. And even IF a Remake will come out and IF there's a MP the trophies might be different since it's a new game.
  5. It is still possible. Doing everything solo might seem hard, and can be at some points, but you will get into it and it's fun. IIRC I did it with this guide https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/211428-final-fantasy-xv-multiplayer-expansion-comrades/faqs/77190/walkthrough
  6. No the case doesn't say anything about a Ps4 version.
  7. There wasn't and when I check out the PSN store they want to charge me 70€ for the Ps5/Ps4 version.
  8. Hey, so I've bought the Ps5 Disc Version of this game and got the platinum. Does anyone know a way to get the Ps4 trophies without buying the game again?
  9. IIRC all the DLC are on the disc since the Royal Edition includes all of them (except Episode Ardyn). But I'm not 100% sure.
  10. I mean it's up to you. It's definitely possible to get all the trophies.
  11. The matchmaking fills in CPU to the matches when there aren't enough real players, but I don't understand why you see this as a problem (for the trophies)? The trophies are pretty tough to get iirc. Especially the trophy for getting all the different titles was tough since you're missing all the singleplayer titles since the Free Edition doesn't have a singleplayer. Edit: After writing this I realized there's some kind of trick to manipulate the connection so you can always play against CPU, but I don't remember how to do it.
  12. So out of the games you've named, FF8 & FF9 are the oldest ones and they originally were Ps1 games so they have fixed cameras and ATB combat (kinda turn-based combat). They are really good games (FF9 probably is my fav FF). FF10 is the first Ps2 FF game and many people say it's one of the best choices for a "First FF game". It can feel a bit old but especially with the remaster it looks beautiful at the same time. FF10 also has fixed cameras and turn-based combat. FF12 is the first one (of the singleplayer FFs) where you can move the camera. Personally I love FF12 but there are many people who don't, I guess you need to find it out by yourself whether you like it or not. FF7 Remake is an amazing game with modern action-combat and insane graphics. I think FF7R would be a really cool game for a first FF. I wouldn't start with Crystal Chronicles tbh, even though I liked it, but for me it's more like a side-game.
  13. From Shadowbringers on you can do dungeons with NPCs but iirc you can't use Trusts for trials so you'd still have to do a few trials with other players. Also for starting Shadowbringers you need to complete the 3x ARR Crystal Tower raids if you haven't done them yet and these have to be done with other players as well.
  14. You don't need the disc version. Digital version works fine as well.
  15. You can play the multiplayer entirely solo and I really like it. I like the gameplay, the story, the atmosphere, etc. There are actually some really good guides on it so you can play through the multiplayer solo and without big problems, it's very enjoyable.