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  1. Where can i see these stats in the Game ? πŸ€”
  2. So this means i have just to buy the isle of siptah DLC to get the Trophies done?
  3. Im not sure i beated all storys on Hardcore it is not really hard at all took me around 5 or 6 Hours. Maybe you start doin it like this and then just mob the Rest when it dont work?
  4. Im working at the Moment on more Games 1. Fall Guys 2. Warface 3. The Crew 2 4. Rust when it come out on Friday And on Rainbow Six Siege from time to time
  5. How long did it take until they answer ? I didnt mention that i play on PS5 did the Big tease Trophy yesterday twice.... And then wrote support... Im only missing this Trophy and 6 Episode Wins for Platinum
  6. Oh nice to know i will try if it works with the Emote Trophy. And also want to know like ImStylinOnYaBro if it must be Squad ModeπŸ€”
  7. Hard to find somethin on your List so God of War Ascension just to say something
  8. 7 Also The Crew 2 had no DLC Trophies with the Season Pass there are more Ubi Games without i think....
  9. Maybe it drops tommorow because you can see it since the Update in Game too. But not sure
  10. Idk if someone mentioned it before But the two Bioshock Remastered Games (PS4) have also all DLCs included....
  11. Its not possible anymore with mutators on, i tried it out when i was on my plat journey and it doesnt work, so i did it normal way
  12. We have managed to invite each other so topic can be closed.
  13. Im playin in PS Now (PS5) and a friend of mine on PS3, how does it work to invite or join each other ??
  14. My first PS5 Platinum i thougt it us Watch Dogs Legion or Valhalla... But now it is sending my PS5 to Sony because its broken ^^ πŸ˜†
  15. So gut my platinum today and can confirm that the dronemaster abd to buy all his perks is also needed for plat 😁