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  1. Yeah i think i should do it soon
  2. Nothing because there is no possibility with a 100 % Account 😅😅
  3. Lol i solved my Problem through just deleting campaign 1 andcampaign 2 add ons and the Game started
  4. I allready tried this dont work thanks for the answer I will try this maybe this will work because i have only 25 GB free Space. I thought that maybe that is the issue why i cant load up anymore then im just finishing Chivalry 2 to delete and then will see if it works thanks for the answer
  5. My Game does not load up anymore since the patch yesterday it doesnt even go to that menu where it would connect to the Servers it just stuck at that picture at the Beginning when the Game starts (PS5 Version )
  6. Are okay thank you for the answer so i still have to play a few times cragmire andnever to get the Trophy. Can i see somewhere if it is a epic Dungeon or are these Dungeons allways epic? And sorry for late response
  7. Oh i just mean a few Trophies for the Stranger Things Chapter which is now called Chapter 13 ☺
  8. Its not glitched you have to do this with hex totems not normal ones... There are not every Game Hex Totems available;) Its also 0.1% on PSN
  9. They changed the requirements for the Trophy and a few others Now i can finally do that Trophy by myself and earn Platinum in the PS5 Version aswell^^
  10. Answer is easy you are not able to start a online match /private just with bots.. You need at least two real players but i thunk maybe its possible to invite dummy acc and then leave and you are private alone with bots??
  11. Seems that they hopefully will change their mind about solo Progression we'll see
  12. Dead Space 2 Great Plat Definitely my favourite Horror Game and for me one of the best in Genre
  13. Yes so thanks for the replies i agree really shite that they did this... But at least we can do a private lobby with 2 Players I was just hoping i can do the recruit difficulty campaign run solo for knowledge of the levels and getting trophies along the way 😅 But it is like it is so then online
  14. Are we not able to unlock Trophies in Solo campaign ? I tried playin Solo campaign but after 1 hour still no Trophy... So i jumped online from the beginning an then trophies were unlocking after required actions
  15. So update: Ive done now 25 Advanced Dungeons but still no Trophy... I saw that both of you have the dungeon master Trophy now....How did you guys get it???