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  1. Its not possible anymore with mutators on, i tried it out when i was on my plat journey and it doesnt work, so i did it normal way
  2. We have managed to invite each other so topic can be closed.
  3. Im playin in PS Now (PS5) and a friend of mine on PS3, how does it work to invite or join each other ??
  4. My first PS5 Platinum i thougt it us Watch Dogs Legion or Valhalla... But now it is sending my PS5 to Sony because its broken ^^ πŸ˜†
  5. So gut my platinum today and can confirm that the dronemaster abd to buy all his perks is also needed for plat 😁
  6. Is it still possible to get Trophies in Arcade Quickplay classic at the moment? I get some Trophies back in may in this mode. But i wanna know that to not waste my TimeπŸ˜… Okay figured it out, its still possible got 2 Trophies today
  7. Yes we will see i have only two trophies left on Mission on Insane and buy all Perks😁 But i think the Drone Master Class will be needed too for the Trophy but thats 60 k currency away πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Can confirm that Classic Bullpup and the new rank 3 Rifle must leveld up 4 this trophy.... The Revolver and Shotgun for me they were not needed.... I Got the Trophy few minutes ago
  9. Can confirm that trophies do unlock in Arcade Quickplay Classic just get Ana trophy a few minutes ago... Hope that helps anybody
  10. Does anyone know when this game release?
  11. My plat goal is to reach 150 and getting near the 200
  12. Thats not the right Trophy List for FIFA 19
  13. Hello Feel free to add me: psn DaniDa1985 HR 19 at the moment, for the Guild Cards and so