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  1. Arkham Knight
  2. Fidget has made me lol a bunch. The writing and voice acting has surprised me by how good it is. I still need to go back and finish it as well. I plan to grab the plat but other games have pulled me away since I started.
  3. Wdjat is clearly a dedicated PS fan completing games across PS3, VITA and PS4. He completes lots of games that don't have plats and the genres run the gamut focusing mostly on J-RPGs, Adventure and Puzzle.
  4. We are united in shame. Take heart though my friend, one day we shall emerge from the depths in glorious victory.
  5. My first was Shadow of Mordor, which I finished only recently. Newly released DLC has taken the 100% back from me but I still have the plat. I'll eventually reacquire 100%, after I get a few more plats down.
  6. I agree with those saying its a bit personal. I certainly consider difficulty more respectable than rarity, but what I find respectable are the plats achieved in games I think are great. Everyone has game franchises and genres they love and some they don't care much for. Some of my personal favorites are Metal Gear, Final Fantasy and Infamous. If I see that someone played those games and played them well, then I respect that, with consideration also given to difficulty.
  7. Presently going for Geometry Wars plat which is probably going to take some time. I loved Infamous First Light so much that I bought Second Son. I'll start pursuing that plat soon. I'll eventually have to circle back to Shadow of Mordor to snag the trophies added with the new DLC to reacquire 100%, since I previously scored the plat. Cheers and good luck to all in your pursuits!