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  1. You are right there, but I was thinking in the way of enjoyong the game and looking for a nice build, not just doing trophies. Ganyu may be harder to build then Xiao cuz her best set, wanderer's troupe, cant be farmed in domains, just drop from Bosses, so it may be annoying to get a good set.
  2. Zhongli may not be the must here If you wanna 36* the abyss. His supports with low sub dps compared to Xingqiu or Albedo. Between Xiao or Ganyu is really hard to decide. They are top dps units but since Xiao comming first I wouls suggest newcomers to try getting him and Ganyu next. Zhongli just If u already got those 2 and have decent weapons for both. But that just my opnion as someone that 100% abyss status without Zhongli.
  3. I started the ps5 version after almost a year from release and my 100% progress carried completly, just missing the last DLC added to ps5 only. So, for players that started the ps5 version on release, dont lose hope, they will work it out sooner or later.
  4. One month after release still my Profile didnt show up on 100% club list. Any other resolution for this?
  5. Thanks. Hope they do. Would be nice to have this on my showcase.
  6. I'm sure I would be on some position on Genshin ps5 cuz I'm one of those that got Platinum as soon as I login. But I'm not showing. Any guess why this ia happening?
  7. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the reply everyone. How do I check about the Code? Btw USA and Canada share the same stuff, cuz the account I can buy ia from Canada.
  9. I live in Brazil and we dont have Epilogue in the psstore here. Only chance to play it os buying it in NA/Canada store. But can I play it on my Main Brasilian Account 🤔? Thanks!
  10. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Dont know, guys. I got all story-relates First try. I play NA version. Actually no trophy bugged on me and I finished pretty fast. But dont know if theres some situation that causes the game tô glitch on trophies. During the story u have to make some decisions that will set the ending. Just dont chosse the same option 2 times. And u need all 3 endings on same save. Which means last playthrough os NG++ where they broken the last mission and will be really hard if not prepared.
  12. No glitches, just missables if u repeat as ending
  13. Yep, ps5 version. It is the trio only. The trophy didnt progress if u do with Vergil.
  14. Yeah, probably. I just completed all secret missions as Vergil and the trophy didnt pop. Shit, playing Dante os fking hard x.x
  15. Would like to know if anyone tested this on PS4 or ps5. Doing all missions just as Vergil unlocks trophy.