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  1. I simple type in global chat that I would give a divine for each voidstone carry
  2. I do appreciate they add New troohies left and right, this is by Far the best MMO of all times and was pretty Sad when still on PS4 there was no trophies for those huge dlc's back in the time. But that is true, we will never finish. But Ita like warframe, with more than 30 updates with troohies, its posseble, you Just gotta stick tô the game (and like It)
  3. I start from Scratch on New Forbidden Sanctum league. Completed atlas in 8 days as Its easier since they removed some maps. Also New endgame bosses was a carry cuz my build wasnt for this but people do that all the time, you pay 30 chãos they carry you. If you go for shaper, Uber Elder and Astrizsomething, this would take another week probably, but still, you can "buy a carry". So its not that complicated.
  4. Im currntly at 95%, missing less than 600 troohies, will try to 100% the next 6 months.
  5. 559, but rate is at 96%.
  6. Thanks. Will do next time!
  7. Skyforge, after 500 hours. Idk how to put the trophy imagens btw, srr
  8. I didnt knew about that event, but this year I got from 89% to close to 96% right now. Finished several MMORPG that was there for more than a year!
  9. I would say 5 way harder than 4. But you can actually do It legitimate if you practice, its nothing that will stain your profile.
  10. Im Willing to start It too. Was waiting for a sale, but psplus Deal was even Better. But glitched troohies até really Sad.
  11. Hello. I forgot to update here. Needed to watch last movie after final Mission.
  12. Another question. The last trophy from last DLC "Mission... accomplished?". It says to complete 2017 Season. I have all other characters and all other troohies. Did all missions with 8.0+ score. It didnt unlocked. What are the requirements for this?
  13. Thanks. Got both. btw if anyone need that information on the Future, you need to hold 200k points, so no spending.
  14. They stoped aendong itens from ticket requests in 10/01 sadly. But u can Farm them in daily livelyhood blessing. If you run you mau hey all five in one month.
  15. It must be stunned before you can use, otherwise It Hurts you. Use It before he goes flight between ok phases.