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  1. Yep, ps5 version. It is the trio only. The trophy didnt progress if u do with Vergil.
  2. Yeah, probably. I just completed all secret missions as Vergil and the trophy didnt pop. Shit, playing Dante os fking hard x.x
  3. Would like to know if anyone tested this on PS4 or ps5. Doing all missions just as Vergil unlocks trophy.
  4. I liked the game. If u play the PS3 prequel "Mars: warlogs" or something like that, the story geta even better. And I like the way you can custumize tour skills.
  5. How does the trophy for "craft the ultra expensive spaceship" works?
  6. I'm currently AR 47 and you SHOULD wait till AR 45 to do Domains, u always got até least one 5* Artifact. Happens to come 3 in only one sometimes, but its rare. It Will be a time saber later tô upgrade and get the gear u need cuz Artifacts is your main source on build. Talents and weapon buff dosent so importante as Artifacts, and to run abyss 11/12 u need everyone with good rolls on 5* Artifacts. So wait till AR 45.
  7. Hello everyone! Wanting to start, just would like to know about the "Sesseoned Leader" trophy, about winning 10 Battlefield battles. Anyone has any info on that? Battlefields already happened on the game? I'm Just asking cuz it is one of the few trophies at 0.0% that the description didnt means grind like reach lvl40 etc. Thanks for any reply about it.
  8. Patch 1.11/1.12 brings, besides other things, cosmic gear. On the "news", it says the cosmic gear can be "special Storm Gear". Anyone has info on that? I already got a few cosmic stuff, but dont know about the storm part.
  9. Cant logging on website with psn account. Cant redeem that code?
  10. Thanks for the info. I'm doing all that, just feeling its like 4 times to get a level now.
  11. I'm currently AR 27, but not much to do now, did all Quests, all waypoints, etc, etc.. there's a way to farm besides cheats and stuff that include usage of original resina (and commissions, of course)? Thanks for all replies and srr for bad english.
  12. That's right. Whatever the trophies, If its not abusive in any way, the gameplay is fun and thats It. R the servers up already? Trying to download It now, but cant load the page.
  13. Cool, Man. Count me on It
  14. That's the problem. Its not p2w. You can literally Farm the cash coin, the game itself give to you through challenges, so If u wanna buy stuff from cash shop, u do can without paying real money, the point is: It isnt necessary to play and bê good. Any MMO or "game as a service" use this modelo today. And it is mostly necessary on Skyforge cuz the game have rotational bosses and stuff, "invasions". Anyway, If u wanna take a feel kn the game, try to complete the campaing on a out-account.
  15. Not insulting, but yours comments take the desire from people to start the game. If u dont have will to plat Skyforge, dont defame the game to others. Btw I dont need help with Skyforge, I can stand for myself.