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  1. Cool, Man. Count me on It
  2. That's the problem. Its not p2w. You can literally Farm the cash coin, the game itself give to you through challenges, so If u wanna buy stuff from cash shop, u do can without paying real money, the point is: It isnt necessary to play and bê good. Any MMO or "game as a service" use this modelo today. And it is mostly necessary on Skyforge cuz the game have rotational bosses and stuff, "invasions". Anyway, If u wanna take a feel kn the game, try to complete the campaing on a out-account.
  3. Not insulting, but yours comments take the desire from people to start the game. If u dont have will to plat Skyforge, dont defame the game to others. Btw I dont need help with Skyforge, I can stand for myself.
  4. Exactly. Go play Tera if you just do 1/10 easy games and wanna go MMO. I started playing playing 6-7 months ago and have 70% completed already. Its a long plat, not impossible.
  5. The game is good. Have some issues, that Will be adressed in no time, but is really Fun to play. Far the Best Marvel game ever. Its grind in the same mission, Just like any game like this (Destiny, Anthem, even Dauntless), but the gameplay is really Nice and the customization too.
  6. Yesterday my Black Widow bar reset, but I the rewards remaing. When I did challenges again, I got the 100 credits again, and it was added to me. Só, even If It glitches, we can at least farm cash
  7. Didnt read all comments, but Immortal: Unchained should be added to "soulslike" genre. Pretty cool game. Also, for Yakuza fans, Yakuza: Dead Souls is really Fun spinoff, If not already quoted.
  8. Totally agree with original PS3 NieR and X-men Origins: Wolverine. Would add Knight's Contract to the list, PS3 too.
  9. Omg...
  10. You can keep the autoaim. It happena If you start a New game in Explorer, then load crushing. Its prabaly a glitch.
  11. Where do I Go to see what I already read, and what I'm missing?
  12. Actually, it does. Made the test and it unlocked with everything done on crushing, even on chapter select.
  13. Hello! I was doing 2 separete saves, 1st on crushing, then a 2nd on Explorer to get Crushing trophy and speedrun a the same time. Them, when I load my crushing save, the game dificult was in Explorer and the game auto save my manual save. Question: If I go to chap select and re-do the chapter that the game turn to Explorer on crushing, and finish the game that way, the game will unlcok Crushing dificult for me?
  14. Hello! Need to know about the state of the game for newcomers. Which class and which build do you giga sugest to get the okay "esiest" possible. Thanks for answers and srr the bad english.
  15. Thanks for all the info. I'll probably Go with cyclone Slayer build. I dont know If the game supports guild system, but If it does, I would like to join one that is active. I play everyday and look for the growth of everyone. Thanks again.
  16. Hello. Since no one joined the Sessions I made, hopong to get help here. Need 3 people to get the crows Owner to appear and maybe some help with the duo, If I dont got it by myself yet to the time people Join. Thanks in advice.
  17. And How is necramcer builds for solo playing?
  18. I just got it and it was apparently glitched at first. The brick fell from the sky after activating some machine, and then wasnt there when I was take it. But then I activates the machine again and this time it was there. Make a back up sabe before going to explore "uncrossable jungle" área, the brick is there. If you got 100% on uncrossable jungle, you good to finish.
  19. Can someone confirm if this would work on PS4 solo?
  20. Thanks for all the answers. Did I need necromancer to plat? For the 60 mínions at once trophy? If not, which class should I do?
  21. So.... There's a lot. And the game is pretty bug, lots of glitches, If anyone wanna know.
  22. Hello, I'm going to start the game and can't find any information about it. Anyone that 100% can confirm? Thanks!
  23. My Mein Leben Trophy took one week trying. Around 15 tries I think. Memorized the whole game upside down. Worst part was dying in the small gap jump when you run up the elevator with Anya, in the last mission hahahaha
  24. To reach the sister you need to go to the second part of the dungeon, where it is upside down, then go through the entrance path (The one you come from when first entering this dungeon), there you will found the sister and give her the pic.
  25. Hello people. I want to start playing Skyforge, but I see it takes a looooot of time to get 100% trophies base game + Dlcs. So you guys that play a long time ago, think that the game will be shutdown anytime soon, the producers economy is good, etc.. ooor, the game dev is in Full speed, the game comunity is blá blá blá. Thanks for the replies.