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  1. Thanks for the answerns, guys!
  2. Goddess Helena and Erza are the two Bosses only that drops exclusive gear. I'm at ng+++ and my last playthrough. I have all set but Helena Goddess Head gear. She's really tall and I believe Just drone attacks can reach her head. I will try some strategy here, but If someone Else knows how to stop her head, pls Tell me.
  3. You can kill him at entrance. Just shoot him with drone. Btw, theres 5 snipers. 2 downtown, after you got starfish. 3° one next to a.i.d. outpost, in the "ruins", low part of the street. Last 2 in cathedral, kill both just at the entrance, with drone.
  4. I found 5, 3 downtown, 2 Cathedral. The last one I killed with the drone, so I don't know if it void the trophy, or I really missed someone.
  5. You can cancel, but will need to beat the last Boss again to go to ng+.
  6. Hi, just brought the game and lokking for some one to do the endurance co-op trophies. So, i never played the game, just Tomb Raider Definitive ideition, actualy plat it, and going for the Rise of (...) right now. So, if anyone are up to gimme a hand I swear not to noob and finish every co-op trophy in less than 3 hours (looking for doing them in one sit, if possibly). Sooo, again, if anyway can lend a hand, I would apreciate a looot! Thanks, and sorry for bad english. =D Sorry, forget to say the PSN ID (don't know if it's necessary). It's GardenOfSouls!