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  1. someone had problems getting the first two trophies history of the first dlc of ac origins?

  2.  Ac origins. Bug trophy storyline dlc. 

    Is there a way to not start the game?

  3. boost neverwinter??

  4. boost neverwinter ??

  5. boost neverwinter??

  6. boost neverwinter??

  7. boost neverwinter??

  8. platino her majesty's spiffing,  easy

  9. platino her majesty's spiffing,  easy

  10. Is it really so hard neverwinter?

  11. prox platino her majesty's spiffing

  12. platino !!!!! gem smasher !!! very easy

  13. adventure capitalist  very easy

  14. I remember having trouble with 3 trophies in this game. Years have passed, but I remember having done many times history and reloading old savers because they did not give me some trophies. The game removed from my list. I still apologize for my bad English
  15. stessofuturo Kingdom Hearts By the way, I'm not aware of how it might have happened. If I was told it's right that I hide the game in question. I apologize for my bad English