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  1. lol 😂 One more weird thing is that I don't see a price when I choose the content..🤔
  2. Realy? I have to try this after work...😁
  3. Wtf i hope they fix the Problem...i need to buy a couple dlcs before the shutdown 😱
  4. Anyone here who can't buy anything? In the ps3 store there is no buy button anywhere? What's wrong with my store...
  5. Someone here who has done the level 50 grind on Gran Turismo Sport? Is that grind comparable? Or which one is more worse?
  6. I'm at 88,95% at the moment and that Game raised my completition massive down.
  7. Is there any Cod MW3 version with all DLCs on Disk? I will not spent 60$ for such an old game. That's absolut redicoulus. In total i'm round about on 260$. That's a real pain in the a**.
  8. Anybody know if the game has keyboard support? Maybe we could fix the return key, if this restarts the Race. Then run the blue moon bay with the mclaren f1 and fixed controller with rubberband can give 2640xp every 12 mins. That would be a nice afk method to earn level 50. I did something similar in GT5 and therefor it worked pretty nice.
  9. I'm absolutly of your opinion. I feld bad every time i hit another player. But that was the fastest way to drop the rank. I had to do this around every 10 races so that i still had a chance to win the races. I'm just done with it. Now i have to grind the last 3 Levels to level 50 🙄
  10. The fastet way how i do it is to run for the first Place. If you can't win the race end the race on the last place. That will drop you're DR. To Drop the SR the fastest way is crashing every car you can. That will drop you to D - E very fast.
  11. We need a damn search function to find the games faster. Something like that should be not that hard to implement i thnk..
  12. Hi! Just stumbled upon your profile and can't help but wonder: how come you complete games until you have all but one trophy? Any grand plan when to get all the Platinums?

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    2. ombowombo


      Crazy ^^ I could never wait for that!

    3. MaximumOverdrive


      @ombowombo Yeah. I think the longest I could go is 3 months. But I really don't like holing off plats, unless I'm saving them for a milestone. 

    4. ellileon


      Hey buddys. I'm reading this now.


      At the moment i'm at 127 Games. :D

      My Project has been running for almost 10 years now.


      So far, there is no end. I'm planning to do something like 150+ Games on one day! 😁