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  1. I’ll start a new campaign on the base game. Thanks, hopefully that’ll work 🤞
  2. I have the collectors edition of xcom 2, which gives me the option to play the base game or WOTC expansion with all the dlc. I’ve completed the game a couple of times now, and I’m trying to get the alien hunter trophies. Playing on commander difficulty I’m at the last mission, advent network tower with fully upgraded armour and weapons, defeated the 3 chosen, sabotaged all available facilities and the avatar project has no red blocks. So why won’t this mission start? I searched the locator beacon and reserved the dlc weapons on Sep 5th 2036 and now I’ve reached Mar 9th 2037 (in game clock) and still nothing. I played shens last gift dlc earlier in my play through and that worked fine. Although it was pretty easy with fully powered weapons. Have I done something wrong? Or have I left the alien hunter dlc to late? If anyone has any info about this please tell me
  3. Thanks for the info guys 👍
  4. I bought the hitman definitive edition, and played as far as Paris. In the main menu there’s a free goty legacy pack download tab. That says “the locations and missions have been remastered and enhanced to support the new hitman 2 features”. Is this legacy pack worth it? Does it improve the game much? Does it make it easier to play? If I don’t like the improvements could I delete the pack and just have the definitive edition? I’m enjoying the game as it is, and don’t know if I want to change any of the systems
  5. The idea of them is cool, but for people like me that are late to the game miss out. Which is a shame. Thanks
  6. I bought the definitive edition of hitman and start playing it earlier this week. Working on ICA FACILITY getting all the challenges, tried playing a few contracts, enjoying it so far. Now I’ve loaded the game again, and all my elusive targets have gone from the main menu? I got to the career tab, elusive targets, and they all have missed written on them. Why has this happened? I clicked on 1 (the entertainer) to watch his intro, but it was only that elusive target, not all of them. Is there any way of resetting this? Maybe deleting my saved data and restarting?
  7. macritchie Batman: Arkham City I'm a 30 year old man who enjoys playing games, I may use guides or look up tips for certain problems (or trophies) I may be stuck with. I definatly am not a cheater that glitches his way to the end, I don't even no how to do anything like that. It took me over 10 months to platinum the game, so I don't understand it when you say "obtained to early"