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  1. Super Meat Boy! Unlock all other trophies Yeah, I'm taking today off from any vidya so I can give my poor fingers some rest before they spontaneously combust.
  2. Don't give up now! I'd say if you're this close to the plat for SMB, difficult games ARE for you! There's only a difference of what, 30 people on this site between Girl and Impossible boy? If you can get Zombie Boy, you can get Impossible boy. They're very comparable in difficulty IMO, they're what make this game 10/10, whereas Demon and Girl boy are 8.5-9/10. You've got this!
  3. Despite the time differences between trophies, there were some days I didn't play in the past two weeks or so (school, Homework, smash bros with friends got in the way😁) after I picked it back up. Missile Boy was probably my hardest, since it's where I picked it back up, so I needed to get back into the feel. That took about 3 days, and I never liked Dark Salt before anyways.. All the rest I had left (Demon, Maggot, Zombie, Girl and Impossible) took about 2 days a piece. Probably about 5 hours each day that I played. Edit: Sorry, Impossible Boy was also a 3 day affair, I forgot I started practicing for a few hours on Saturday
  4. Just picked up my most treasured platinum...Only took 3 years 😂 I played it a bunch when it came out with my old roommate and just dropped it, decided to come back to finish it off a few weeks ago out of the blue. 12,553 deaths in total. Apparently that's pretty good, considering the game... I have to be honest, I found cotton alley dark to be a bit poorly designed in parts. 7-14x, 15x, 16x, 18x, 19x all felt like complete luck at times (19x less so, those final taps are just brutal is all) and to a lesser extent I struggled with 1x and 9x at times. BUT I AM DONE. BYE MEAT BOY, IT WAS FUN UP UNTIL THE LAST 2 DAYS OR SO! Onto finishing off Trackmania Turbo..
  5. Killed 4 at once in the fire of the gods or whatever weapon at the temple, but no pop. Or do these stage weapons not count?
  6. Last trophy was "No Point in Dying" for Limbo. The rarity of this trophy astounds me, as it took me maybe a few tries to get the whole game down. Due to the shortness of the game it only took me about 3 hours to get it. Just takes some platforming know how, it isn't Meat Boy.
  7. Not so much difficulty based as they are grind based. Should be a fun plat, probably anywhere between 50-80 hours?
  8. Yes. It only gave me the trophy for hard, so I was a little pissed and went to do an extra race, and as soon as I beat it, Hellcat popped. It was very strange. I heard from a friend that this didn't work for him, but it's worth a try.
  9. Note to everybody: Hellcat is glitched. If you beat the game on night mare mode, it may not pop up for you. It didn't for me...but, when I did a race for the chili trophy, it popped. Try it out.
  10. Hahaha, greattttt. So it won't be getting any better then. Phew. Getting S rank online is gonna be a test of patience. 3500 points in, however many more to go.
  11. Is anybody else having major lag and framerate dips online? And this is even if I'm able to match with a partner or opponents at all... It isn't my connection, all my other online games play well. Is Bandai housing some crappy servers or..?
  12. I'm totally gonna do this to get all the titles and icons that require x amount of wins with a character, because I only trust my skill with Tsuna and Luffy against actual players. So far anyways.
  13. Shadow of the colossus. Masterful experience. Challenging plat.
  14. Anybody else here think they're going to remaster the original trilogy for ps4? I never got around to playing them, and I think you can only get some trophies through boosting, which sounds like a hassle.
  15. Getting the plat for me was 2 things: First off, I have lots of experience with the series. Lots. I played the hell out of every one back in the day. Secondly, I set goals, and did it in increments. For example, the riku level trophy, 5 levels a day. It made it so I didn't burn out and stop. As for the difficulty trophies, I was able to run through sora's story in about 7 hours, and Riku's in 4 on the second and third playthroughs. Again, lots of experience and knowledge of the series. Most say the plat takes about 80-100 Hrs, it only took me about 65.