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  1. Platinum #13: Rogue Legacy I loved every single bit of this game. The game was geniunely hard for me, at first. The tight controls told me that every single one of these deaths were my fault. So, I kept dying over and over. I could feel myself becoming better at the game every day. Eventually, the main game was doable even easy if I got the barbarian class. Then I moved on the the remix bosses. Man. Despite, three of the remix bosses taking me 5 hours a piece over two days, I still had a great time. Beating them was euphoric. The last couple dozen attempts where you are getting close are an emotional rollercoaster. It was awesome. Enjoyment: 10 Difficulty: 6
  2. It has got to be an actual set of equipment. As in, they'll all have the same name.
  3. Grinding rifts in Diablo 3 to get the all classes level 70 trophy. Four down, two to go. Also, on the side, I'm slowly working through South Park again for the equipment trophies. Finished the game, got all other trophies realized I missed ONE piece of equipment.
  4. Just got the level 70 Hardcore trophy for Diablo 3: RoS. It was mildly stressful because I was getting impatient and playing on higher difficulties. Overall, was fun, though.
  5. I'm currently sitting at rank 80 and I have my bronze leaderboard medal thing in game but no trophy. Anybody have something similar happen to them? Edit: Played a match and it popped afterward.
  6. Don't start Star Ocean as your first. I started achievement hunting back when I had an Xbox 360 and that game made me decide hunting wasn't for me. Then I played Bully for fun and realized I could 100% it and that got me back into. Anyway, save Star Ocean if you want that platinum attained feeling. Otherwise, you won't see it for hundreds of in game hours. Then after you got the addiction, go for it. Oh yeah, and welcome.
  7. Castlestorm. Got on the leaderboards, too, somehow.
  8. I felt the same way in the middle of the grind for Ni No Kuni but after finishing and watching the plat pop, I felt super happy that I was able to plat such a great game. My emotions were as followed: Liked it (slow start), loved it (main game), hate it (grinding materials), really loved it (finishing and starting new game). If you think it's going to ruin the experience, just stop. Although, I feel afterwards, you won't regret grinding it out.
  9. Wait for a higher memory Ps4 to drop, buy 500GB Ps4, replace harddrive with 2TB, and win. Also, keep the Ps3. Game prices will drop and you have almost a limitless library of games.
  10. I like the ratings system although I feel it's too vague and harsh on some games. I play every game my 8 year old plays and many, many T or M games are suitable for him. Games like Halo get an unnecessary M rating, in my opinion. Skyrim doesn't deserve the M rating. Anything beyond the violence is over his head. Fighting, blood, even people getting shot isn't necessarily mature. Violence is so common that easing him into games and movies with blood and minor violence is good for him. Minor cussing and even nudity isn't even too much for children, in my opinion. I've explained to him that he can't say words because people will get upset but that I think curse words are silly and as long as you aren't hurting anyone then words aren't bad. Not censoring him from nudity is an attempt to prevent him from thinking nudity is embarrassing or bad. With that said, I do keep him from excessive gore and sex and words aside from general curse words like damn and ass, etc. While I am lenient he isn't quite ready for that. Anyway, point is, the ratings are too harsh for 2015. Times change and censoring children too much can have negative consequences, in my opinion.
  11. So, assuming the free digital version works the same as the disc version, if I purchase the DLCs separately it might not glitch? Just making sure I'm understanding. I might just be the scapegoat and give it a shot.
  12. Unfortunate. Thanks for the reply and link to back it up. If anyone has had any positive results with the DLC, let us know. Also, I noticed someone has completed the 100% pretty recently but some of the DLC trophies he earned last year or so. So I'm still wary. He earned the newest release of DLC recently so those aren't glitched. Or maybe it's just luck if they're glitched or not? I don't know.
  13. I'm not worried about difficulty. If I can't get them, I can't get them. I just don't want any that are downright unobtainable.
  14. So, I've seen some people on my list playing this game. I'm aware it got subpar reviews but I've downloaded all free games (even shitty Spartacus) to get the trophies. Well, also, free game, can't complain too much. My question is are the DLC trophies still glitched? From what I've read, a lot of people experienced the glitch but this was all from early 2014. I couldn't find confirmation either way closer to the current date.
  15. Platinum #11: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch  This game. Man, did I love this game. It's flaws are obvious but vastly overshadowed by what it does right. The wonky AI and hand holding through story quests aside, this game was near perfect. Just all around great game. The cleanup trophies drove me crazy, though. Easily tacked on an extra 20 hours of repetitive grinding. Curse of a trophy hunter, I suppose. Pros: Great story Great art style Great pokemon style leveling and evolving system Didn't get boring until post game trophy grinding Cons: Your teammates AI is poop Holds your hand throughout quests Mildly repetitive story quests Overall, I give it an 8/10. Difficulty wise, if you don't count the extreme grinding as difficulty, it's only a 2/10.