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  1. Yikes. That's a bad sign.
  2. Man i missed this message for months lol sorry exams and such. But yeah i agree its really bizaare to me how they handled a lot of this. I do somewhat get why there isnt a boss mode because a lot of scenarios in hell mode involved needing the gauge up to a certain amount to survive. But well to begin with the whole thing is a mess. The fact that this game has no videos of hell mode hasn't helped.
  3. I'm thankful your still trying, i noticed a few people have platted it but i dont know if they were hacked or not hard to tell sometimes. I just dont get it though, there SHOULD be some way to beat it unless the devs legitimately didnt think it through.
  4. Its pretty disheartening that after over a few months since the game release no one can clear it because of this barrier. Like there are hard parts in other stages but without a concreate way to beat stage 1, Phase 7 without expending all your lives of doing a nigh perfect run before hand its a mess. My only hope right now is that as they are updating the game they come to their sense and make some fixes to the gameplay. So far in my runs of the battle the only way to reduce the strain it to lose a lot of lives in phase 7 as it will cause it to ease up on the bullets.
  5. @Rozalia1 I think posting tips regardless would be helpful. Considering the greatest hurdle is going to be the bosses. Even just sharing the info among those of us who have played can help little by little. For the time being this plat is looking kinda impossible for me on account of how i can't even clear the first stage on hell score attack let alone stage after it. With that in mind here are my tips for the first stage. 1st Stage Part 1: This one is the easiest so I doubt anyone will have trouble reaching the boss with practice. The best way to get through the stage is to kill every ship you see and get the binko for the extra life. 2 points to be careful of are the parts with giant ball shaped ships which appear near the middle and end. Their easy to avoid and kill on their own and are worth a lot of score. But the 2nd time they appear in a group of 2 you need to act fast and kill or their combined lasers will get ya. The 2nd major obstacle is the barrage or spinning enemies which blast at you while moving across the screen. Their easy to avoid and shoot until they fill the field with bullets, you need to find the small gaps to pass through to avoid death but it's reasonably simple when you get used to them. Typically if you didnt mess up you reach the boss with 100% gauge (or just barely less if you used the tracking laser shot generously). Also and this is kinda obvious remember to collect the power ups. What makes the 1st boss annoying is its time bombs, these explode when shot at enough or when they are on the lower end of the screen. If you leave them along and focus on the ship you may end up getting hit by stray shots later. The only viable strategy here is to spam the tracking laser shot while shooting (X not O). This drastically reduces the bullets you have to deal with but be sure to follow the moving boss so you deal max damage with minimal gauge usage. The 2nd part, is very easy. You just shoot at the barrier and if you want use laser if you have 100% you might as well a bit. Move your ship to the far end of either side of the screen and when the enemy starts backing up move around it towards the far end and then as it shoots rush to the opposite end. it can't follow you all the way. When it stops just move behind it and repeat till dead. The 3rd is just the same as the first 2 but the gimmicks are combined, the methods for both remain the same. Part 2. The 2nd part is in a way simpler and shorter. The hardest part is early on when more of those flyers appear and shoot at you, the yellow ones are bombs so you should try to shoot only a few of those at best but shoot the rest while avoiding. this can be an annoying way of losing your built up gauge from the last part if you screw up, though it can be recovered from. Aside from that the other major enemy are centipedes which only fire from the sides, so just shoot or laser their fronts and collect the Binko which shows up near the middle. The boss for this stage is much more frustrating, especially if you didn't reach it with a lot of built up gauge (over 70). This is also the first boss whose difficulty changes based on your performance. If you had lost a lot of lives on this stage (2-3 maybe), the boss's 1st and 3rd phases will be easier. For the 1st part the boss can only be damaged from it center area are where its main gun is. The wings don't take damage. The boss moves side to side while alternating between its wing guns and its main center guns. If you lost only a small amount of lives or none the wing guns will fire scattershots which you can only avoid (and fire at the same time) by being right in the face of the main gun and moving along with the boss. You will need to be careful not to be too close may take some getting used to but its doable. If you lost plenty of lives then the side wings only fire in front of them making them easy to avoid. The main gun is just the same purple laser from the 1st part boss (2nd and 3rd areas). The 2nd part of this boss can be very annoying if you have no gauge, well no it's probably impossible without. For this part it has a barrier so you don't need to aim at the center just any part of the barrier. The boss shoots missiles which release bullets on its sides, one at a time, this will be annoying if they fill the screen but then it also release large ball bullets, in patterns alongside them, on their own their avoidable but together not in the least. Your only way of overpowering this phase is shooting and spamming your tracking laser throughout until it is beaten. The final phase is even worse because its both 1st and 2nd phases combined. This includes the wing bullets, though this time the plane is immobile but its not any less annoying. The method is the same just keep firing at the plane with lasers to disrupt it and create openings until it dies. The last area is the shortest and the most difficult. I don't think i've cleared it once without losing 1 or more lives. The beginning portion has enemies popping in from the side to shoot at you. Their avoidable and shootable, but then mid way 3 spinning laser shooting enemies pop, you need to kill them IMMEDIATELY with lasers or your dead no question their shots are near impossible to avoid when their grouped up. Then you put up with the same thing repeated. The final part is the most difficult and requires quick action. Not 1 or 2 but 4 of the large ball shaped enemy from the 1st part will appear in succession, you need to kill them as they appear, with lasers, shots and everything, before they are too many to avoid. They are worth a lot of points if you manage it (which will be difficult regardless). And then we have the boss...................SIGH. I'll be honest i haven't been able to find any consistent way to deal with the first part yet. Without losing a ton of lives at least. Like the last boss this one changes its MO depending on the amoung of lives lost in the stage. For the first part it throws the same bombs from the 1st boss and AND extends one arm to unleash a bullet storm, made from large pink orbs and purple shots. This part gets easier the more lives you lost. For example if you lost at least 1 life the boss's purple orbs have a pattern and can be avoided by staying in the gaps (assuming the bombs dont get ya). But if you didn't their basically impossible to avoid from the front. The main way to avoid the arm that i can logically find is to move to the side making shoot difficult, you also have to put up with the bombs. The most lives you lose the easier this segment becomes, lowering the number of bullets and removing the purple ones entirely if you lose too many. The barrier phase is doable it's basically just swinging at you from one area at a time so it will take time depending on your power up status but it will go down. I dont remember the last phase but chances are since i only ever reached it with my last life it's not likely going to be useful for people aiming to clear Hell all score cuz having only 1 life less is the same as failure.
  6. while i agree the vita version is great its hardly going to be anything compared to what i have seen in the trailers and content for overdose as well as brief LPs. As far as bugs go at the very least there isnt one which will destroy every save file (has happened to me) the game will just have more in it as well as a better story and hopefully less ridiculous grinding. Also its not as though the save glitch is the vitas only problem ive has issues where enemies become stuck behind walls where i cant kill them and they cant move the vitaversion also crashed many times while i was playing meaning not saving wasnt a good idea (of course the glitch was still lurking make no mistake the vita version isnt bad but overdose isnt just some port its a complete remake and as for bugs we'll have to wait till march to see how bad those get
  7. This has been on my mind since i started playing the game and i want to fully understand how the game decides certain things for example anyone who has played through chapter 1 will know that in almost every path Haruto is killed by the dominator (i am currently only doing Nadeshiko's route) However i by accident found one route where he lives and is paralyzed and not killed by the dominator. There is really one path for this event to occur and you have to choose specific choices 1. Go with Akane 2. Go to Haruto's residence 3.Go to library 4. search any floor except the study room Now regardless of whether you have tsurugi shoot or do it yourself Haruto will live and Shiori will not become a latent criminal (though she still appears in chapter 3) and most game content will act as if Haruto is dead. Further more in chapter 2 regarding Kanae there are certain paths which when conducting an internal investigation upon finding her will lead to Tsurugi killing her with the dominator and Yuya becoming a latent criminal. I found a review online which stated that Nadeshiko could also be the one who killed her with her crime coefficient at over 300 but every time i do confront Kanae directly with Nadeshiko her crime coefficient is 213. There is also turning point checks twice during this confrontation So i want to know if anyone has encountered any other unique scenes or has come to grasp how the game's turning point or other UI systems work Please work with me to decode this damn thing Also this has nothing to do with trophies its just out of curiosity really. I have finished flow charts for the events in chapter 1 and chapter 2 up until Kanae's enforcement but i want to confirm whether anyone has encountered any different scenes while playing (Nadeshiko) I should also point out turning points do not affect Hues but are affected by them also if anyone knows what the notification which shows Nadeshiko's face on the side is that information would be greatly appreciated
  8. to those who are asking nope its not been patched however it isnt an absolute unsolvable problem if you have ps+ just back up your data regularly (after every successful save) Another less tedious option is to save in the entrances of a dungeon instead of the save points. Also to those who want to play it but dont have a vita or dont want to deal with this at all a ps4 remake will be released in japan soon so you can do this on the ps4 without all the glitchiness since i doubt it they'd leave such a major glitch in there in a remake plus ps4 has more manageable save options
  9. Since u will likely also want to know how to prevent it as well its pretty much the same as the above explanation but your opponent needs to send u flying with that combo and u need to press either L1 or R1 on time to prevent it try this on free battle
  10. This is a warning to anyone playing this game there is major bug which will delete all your save data in the game when u attempt to save at a certain save spot. Most players have reported it at Landmark tower areas last save point before the boss but some claim this happened at sea paraiso dungeon well i just had this happen to me at the worst time (i was so close to level 100) and it happened at frickin Papiko mall (the 2nd dungeon) do not play this game unless u have the means to back up your save data EVERYTIME YOU SAVE this error may be one that can randomly occur at several different save points or possibly all of them please be careful. As for me im done with this for a long time i may come back after a year when im bored
  11. i had the same problem you have to clear all other requests sub quests (that mishima gives you not the s links ones) and clear shido dungeon as in send calling card etc after that in a few days you should get a msg from mishima with a request
  12. If it isnt cumulative lines and is in fact unique line then i pretty sure its counting non battle lines as well which would make sense another possibility is that the 250 in the game description is wrong and the trophy pops earlier than that i mean it isnt the first time a trophy description has been outright wrong
  13. i was a little conflicted since i know that manga names are typically negated most times whenever a sequel or anime is released so i decided to go with Kuresu as the last name and Kaito as the first name since he's a phantom thief this way im both rejecting the name and not at the same time
  14. Actually i can speak from personal experience it definitely carried over
  15. if its anything like golden then it should carry over but considering how much easier it is it might not but if your are not too further it should be ok to try and get it naturally y shuffling party members but if your around the last two dungeons and akechi is no longer usable you should grind it out in mementos just think of which characters u used the least and have them in a party fight as many shadows as you can without worrying about what to kill and stat ailment hunting though normal difficulty is recommended alsoo if you die DO NOT RELOAD OR GO BACK TO TITLE SCREEN choose to previous safe room/waiting area that way you can get the death lines as well