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  1. -

    ya it would PM me to get my skype name
  2. -

    PSNP??? and send me a message with your skype no one else who hunts for trophies uses it thst i know
  3. -

    haha very funny but like would people be interested in this ??
  4. Seems like a lot more work then using spreadsheet but looks nicer with the pictures If u have a chance could you look at this and give me your opinion
  5. Is Red Dead being Remastered ??
  6. this is sweet some people use Google Spreadsheet to make a list there, so how did you do this checklist ??
  7. I'm hoping to see newer games come to ps3 as well as ps4 and that platinum's get easier My goal for next year is to reach 15 platinum and reach level 15 or 16
  8. After PSN honestly went to shit over the holidays a man from Florida resorted to this
  9. Lets hope Uncharted doesnt get over hyped and that mirrors edge gets better because i legit liked the first
  10. Plan on picking up Wolfenstein : The new order and going that its easy to glitch
  11. A breaking bad one would be nice
  12. uncharted i think might flop as in the way Destiny did but hopefully not as its one of best ps3 exclusives The order will be good from what i see in the demos
  13. Seeing as 2014 is over in a matter of hours , post your most anticipated games of 2015 below HAPPY NEW YEAR